Random Thoughts on the Coronavirus Part Four: “Imagine” is the anthem of the modern Progressive movement

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Thanks to the Gal Gadot Singers, this video that they decided to put out should show to everyone who is clinging on to their computers with their lives what their worldview really is. John Lennon’s iconic hit Imagine is not just a song for the Marxist Communist Statists and/or the Secular Humanists, but an anthem for the overall modern day Progressive movement.

I really recognize this when I attended a concert with Karla Bonoff back in 2018. Bonoff’s first and self-titled album back in 1977 was certified Gold by the RIAA, while her follow up album two years later Restless Nights was her best selling album peaking at #31 on the Billboard 200. She had only one top 40 hit on the pop charts in 1982 called Personally which was not penned by her but rather Paul Kelly. Years later she recorded one of my favorite arrangements of the Christmas Carol The First Noel. While she and her skeleton band of sorts did not come across overtly political, I did get the kind of anti-Trump vibe from them, especially when they did an instrumental arrangement of Imagine and allowing the audience to sing the lyrics.

It was then I got an epiphany on the progressive mind set. They are quite passionate about creating their utopia on Earth and trying to prove to God that they do not need him or his law to save them. They just want to prove that they are truly good people and not the depraved souls as God says they are. The push for equality and to make everyone comfortable in their dysfunctions seems to among the goals of the progressive left and they seek those goals even in this hour of need right now? I would love to ask them, what will Joe Biden do for our country and why is the Democratic Party; the party the claims to be for the worker class and the common people but really is a a party is truly for the rich and allows certain people to get rich and yet those very are allowed to be admired by the progressive master minds and elite of our country if not the world. Coupled with their love of any tyrant who followed in the foot steps of Karl Marx.

Hearing the Gal Gadot Singers as I affectionately called them, only reminded me about the Bonoff concert, and truly understanding who the progressives are more/less and what they envision for middle America as they continue in their materialistic ways not worrying about the blood and sweat many in the heartland have to muddle through day after day…or even those in the entertainment business who don’t make the money like they do. Ask just about anyone who did a stint as a Power Ranger, or those who are stuck doing guest start roles.

I think their hated of Donald Trump comes down to one thing. The fact that he has gone rouge, just like Ronald Reagan did many years ago. Trump was a creation of the media and the Hollywood machine, and he like any other creation Trump was to support the agenda of the progressive mob. He went rouge and successful connected with middle America and defeated the Progressives chosen candidate Hillary Clinton who wanted her to become “Queen” for so long after her husband Bill Clinton become the 42nd President of the United States.

Trump is no Reagan by any means. He will never have the class that Reagan had. Like Reagan however, he could stand up to the progressive elites and call their bluff. The progressives are still desperate to create their utopia as promised in Lennon’s iconic hit. No Heaven or Hell, just sky and earth. No possessions (expect for our Lords and Masters that we must submit to), and we will be all equal and live as one.

Elvis Costello is a progressive himself, but in his 1991 song The Other Side of Summer which dealt with the homeless overall, Costello calls out Lennon in his song reminding the listeners that this famous Beatle was himself a millionaire and well off. On a side note, Summer also takes a jab at Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters and his protest against the UK Public School system (Another Brick In the Wall Part Two) and the bad experiences growing up in it (“We Don’t Need No Lessons,” quoting Costello). In a way I just love it when the progressives try to eat other…especially the one who don’t have the money that the surviving members of Pink Floyd and the Beatles have…and then some.

When I think I finally understand the progressive elites and their whole hearted support of the Democratic Party and other progressive causes, their double standards and cult like thinking only deliver me more questions. Are they willing to bring self-destruction on themselves and elect a president who might be unfit to lead health wise. On the other hand the Hollywood elite still has the back of disgraced U.S. Senator Al Franken who started out in the entertainment business but specialized in political satire.

One thing for sure, they HATE you and me and truly look down upon us believing that we need to be controlled by them, their politicians and their wicked worldview, and that we must worship their greatness.

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