Random Thoughts on the Coronavirus Part Three: Democrats use the Crisis to Restructure and Transform America

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Well last night the Democrats decided to delay if not kill a bill in the Senate that might be helpful to the American people, and they are still at today as I write this.

They talk about extended protections, but is enough or they just want stuff that will get people on some kind of welfare and make them comfortable enough so that the Democratic Party as always can buy votes and seek permanent power over America as they have desired since that respected political party’s founding.

Let me say this to you; I have problem with both major parties, but the blasted Democratic Party does not care about people at all. They only care about acquiring and keeping power. If they really cared about people, they would oppose abortion and realize that even the preborn are just as human as they are and the rest of us. But they don’t and their true feelings on free love and sexual liberation coupled with eugenics eventually come out.

Of course Pelosi and the Democrats will have their own bill and will Mitch and company the Republican party roll over and give the Democrat party all that they want. If they do one of biggest things on their list likely will be element student loan debt so that college students no longer have to worry about paying back their student loans ever again….rather than delaying the payment until this crisis is over and they are able to take a job once more. I am sure their is funding for Planned Parenthood tucked away in there…just like the Dems attempt to sneak into the bill before like a poison pill. Also the Democrats are seeking a backdoor to Universal Income by calling it unemployment insurance and/or keep people employed no matter what happens in the future. This is not affordable kids and will bankrupt business as the Democrats promise to “take care of you” until the day you die. But hey you can still buy votes and encourage people to never work again. Also what the Democrats propose will in the long enable our government to take private property as they see fit.

Rahm Emanuel said it best; Never let a crisis go to waste, and the Democrat leadership is taking it to heart. They do their damnest to get people comfortable in their dysfunctions, get them on welfare, get them dependent on government so that the Democrat can forever buy votes from them.

Meanwhile the Democrats continue to steal more of our liberties and freedoms and their end goal of stealing America as we know it, and putting us all on some kind of plantation and/or reservation. Those goals have not changed during this coronavirus crisis at all. In fact their love affair with multiculturalism and being critical of those who call it the Wuhan virus named after the ground zero location in which the coronavirus is named for.

The white liberal does not have honest guilt. They are trying to get all the minorities into a stew pot of sorts to vote Democratic. Nothing more and nothing less as they make the “White Man” the mean old conservative and/or Republican. That game has not changed during the crisis, and neither has creating a permanent underclass. Majority Whip James Clyburn said it best when he said; “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

If the Democrats truly admire someone like Xi Jinping and I believe they do; it is because their inner desire to become Lords, Masters and above all; gods above us. They demand they we renounce the True God who in this pie in the sky and who may or might not be up their. In China, President Xi indeed a god, just like chairman Mao Zedong before him. The Democrats are really determined to make China became what their beloved Soviet Union failed to be. The number one superpower in the world, and that superpower under a tyranny.

American Patriots, be vigilant now more than ever. War Is The Answer. The War to push back against the Corona/Wuhan virus and the never ending war against the tyrants within our country.

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