Random Thoughts on the Coronavirus Part Two: Not forsaking fellowship

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As I am writing this, two senior pastors in America to the best of my knowledge are going to defy the suggestions and mandatory lock downs, and open their respected churches and have services for people to worship in the respective buildings that they pastor. Cary Gordon who’s church is built like a megachurch, but not quite their in the heartland town of Sioux City, Iowa; and Steve Camp who at one time was a popular Contemporary Christian singer who used his music to preach certain truths in God’s word, is challenging the lock down in his state of Florida where he pastors in a little known community called Palm City in Martin County, north of West Palm Beach. They are willing to put their lives, their freedom and yes America’s founding on the line as they protest what they feel is a bit of an extreme in these honest troubling times. Both of these states have Republican governors.

While radio talk show host Shannon Joy may or may not be familiar with these pastors, the statements she has made recently regarding the social distancing and lock downs on her personal Facebook page would tell me (and you) that if she was really close friends of these two pastors…she would approve of what they are doing.

Most other leaders of faith however have been in support of this lock down. When I told Donald Armstrong, who is a rector at a Anglican church in Colorado that this lock down might last longer than what government officials are saying, he said;

The whole point of social distancing, not gathering in groups for worship, is not so much about ourselves but who might catch this and die if we unknowingly become or have already become carriers…like many in just about any church who have underlying health issues such exposure would compromise their possible survival. This is part of giving up to gain, loosing our lives to save them, so we willing give up for the sake of those who otherwise might be tempted to come to church, even going against the wisdom of the medical community, which is one of God’s answers to our prayers in this time of distress.

Father Don makes some great points about losing ourselves to save our fellow neighbors for the greater good of others. Here is the $64,000 Question however. Will our leaders use this power wisely or do they see an opportunity to change America forever? I am not alone in this kind of thinking. We have done what the medical experts have asked. We have shut down public gatherings, we have distanced ourselves, and yet according to recent numbers, the cases are still going up and are expected to keep going up.

I am one of few people who strongly believe that this shut down is going longer than what experts are saying.

I think the lock down will extended much longer and I think that lockdown will extend way clear into early to mid autumn…not all at once. I agree with Ben Shaprio that America will take a fatal hit in this (as stated on his Daily Wire podcast on Friday), but I see certain governors sizing an opportunity they just can’t pass up…absolute power and should this crisis pass are they willing to give up their extended power? I say not a ghost of chance. Most demagogues and tyrants to be will take any easy path to become the masters of us all. I also agree with Shaprio that we need an alternative to these shuts downs or at least shut down the most infected areas of our nation like the major inner cities. The United Kingdom so far has handled the crisis in a way that allows commerce to continue without grinding their economy to almost a complete halt. You grind an economy for too long, and you will kill it…even if it was honestly for the greater good.

I will support what Gordon and Camp are trying to do, it is their way of declaring that an extended lockdown can’t go on for the long term coupled with defending the principles found in our U.S. Constitution. Yes, the cases are climbing and I honestly think those numbers are not going to descend anytime soon. Who knows if China is on the decline or just lying like they always did.

I will end this piece with a prayer from Father Don Armstrong:

In Time of Great Sickness and Mortality.
O MOST mighty and merciful God, in this time of grievous sickness, we flee unto thee for succour. Deliver us, we beseech thee, from our peril; give strength and skill to all those who minister to the sick; prosper the means made use of for their cure; and grant that, perceiving how frail and uncertain our life is, we may apply our hearts unto that heavenly wisdom which leadeth to eternal life; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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