Random Thoughts on the Coronavirus

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This may be the first in a series of these pieces so bare with me.

I do not want America to collapse, and nor to I want to see long term displacement. I am with President Donald Trump that we will get stronger. My concerns however is that liberty and freedom are also being put on the line as the leftist progressives look to take advantage of this crisis, and by golly it is a crisis.

Most of our state governors, have put a 30 day moratorium on places of large gatherings including restaurants, bars, places of worship and concert venues. Now at first it may be the right thing to do, but on the flipside it can also be used as a weapon to grid the economy to almost complete halt. Most of these bans have been implement by mostly progressive mayors and Democrat Governors with the exception being Ron DeSantis of Florida and Kim Reynolds of Iowa who are both Republicans. Greg Abbott who is the Governor of Texas and Brad Little who is the Governor of Idaho both have decided to buck this trend, and I respect them for it. I am all for social distancing during a time of crisis but how far is too far when it comes to this?

My greatest fear is that most of these Governors (especially those in Blue states like mine) and other major city progressive will use this to acquire more power and steal more of people liberties, freedoms and even certain private property, especially their guns and even their families. Only someone that has more power than they have who calls their bluff can put a stop to their tyranny.

As far as the mass gathering shutdown goes in these states, I expect at a minim for this to last at least until June or July…May if we are lucky. The worst case is that these shutdown last clear way into the fall say September to October. Independent business are likely to shutter for good and never recover and their will be certain fatalities for these kinds of business. Those who have the deep pockets will quickly get back on their feet. Others will taken out because of this unforeseen event. We need to prepare for the worst, and frankly 2020 is likely to be a very unhappy and miserable year.

These are just my opinions and right now, people do not want to hear the worst cases. Still don’t panic if you believe me or not. This is just my opinion and mine alone. Don’t take it as the Gospel Truth…at least not yet. Stay claim and work through this. I am going to make a lot of enemies because of my worldview and my outlook, but I am not going to back down. Try to keep clean and wash your hands. Enjoy your time with your family, cry to God for his mercy, pray for a revival, pray for repentance, keep moving forward, keep yourself healthy.

Also keep connected to DNM’s World for my comments, and news and commentary links pertaining to the Coronavirus.

First appeared in DNM’s World.

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