Ray Rice will Cure all the Household Violence

ryrcI am having a real difficult time with this one. Should this be like religion and politics and considered off limits.   First off domestic violence is getting a bit off the Richter scale. Let’s start with the definition. It now includes physical and emotional damage. Is there any couple out there who has not caused any emotional distress on their loved one or two. And they found Rice guilty of aggravated assault. That means he intended to cause bodily harm. This was a grand jury finding, which seemed to be awfully bias. By the way, initially the fiancée was also charged with assault.

As Hillary and the liberals say, what happens in private between couples is their own business. In other words no matter how many girl friends Billy Bob has it is ok with Hillary. It is no one else’s business.

Well let’s look at the video. I had 2 young folks in the office today and they saw Ray hit Mrs. Rice. Well I looked very carefully and I can’t see it. Now maybe the jury had better pictures but there is no way you can see 2 punches in the elevator. And you can see as she is going down and she does appear to be under the influence, she hit her head severely on the railing of the elevator. That alone would knock anyone out.

But it really doesn’t matter. Because it was a private matter and what privacy laws were broken to publicize this private affair?

Also if you look at the clock, from the time that Mrs. Rice hits him outside the elevator and she hits him at least once or twice in the elevator and then she hit the floor like a sack of potatoes, about 20 seconds has elapsed. And within less then 30 seconds she was up on her knees. It would have been interesting to have sound. And he did not drag her, he picked her up. It appears that she was conscious at that time and was in the process of getting up. Without sound who knows. Now the prosecutor would say she was beat up, dragged across the elevator floor and left lying on the lobby floor. Obviously Ray was well trained, he made sure he saved her shoe from the elevator abyss.

To say Ray attacked his wife is like saying Stewart murdered the guy standing in the track. If you look closely at the video you will see Ray backing away until he hit the wall of the elevator. Once he backed into the wall that is when he wife started going down. If he attacked her, he would have been moving toward her, not away.

And judging by his reaction, he was shocked that she was laying on the floor and he had no clue what to do. Maybe he was a bit under the influence as well.

So enough of the story. They were childhood sweethearts, maybe. He married her and fathered a child with her. And since it is a private matter, shouldn’t we have let it go. 

Well the feminists would say no. Here is a black guy with a lot of money. He must be punished. And when you look for stats they don’t exist. Like the economy stats it is only an estimate. But if we include emotional abuse in the mix, there is domestic violence everywhere all the time. Physical abuse both by males and females in most cases is the spur of the moment event except on Jerry Springer.

I don’t believe that there are too many spouses who go to the bar and before they leave they inform the bar tender that he or she is going home to beat up his spouse. Today, in some states we can hold the barkeep responsible for the abuse.

Since I am involved in renting apartments there was a young couple and they had a young child. And the man was in the habit of beating up on the mother of his child. She left him and moved in with her mother. That is a normal response. You take the kid and move out. There was another couple actually the same apartment and another tenant called the police on them because she thought the male was beating up on the female. It ended up he did not touch her but was beating the apartment with a bat. The police thought that was ok. A short time later they ended up in the pokey allegedly for drug selling.

I recall another incident many years ago when a couple had a fight on opening day of the Yankees season, One of them broke the other’s front tooth. At the time I didn’t even know opening day was such a big event. Wonder if alcohol was involved?

So can we assume that most abuse is the spur of the moment. It usually involves alcohol, drugs, money issues or jealously. And once in a while it ends in death. So some how the NFL and the feminists are going to get rid of this abuse by kicking Ray Rice out of the NFL. If you really believe that then you probably think Obama is the best president and not the worse president in history.

The weird part is that the NFL has a monopoly on football. They control the media and the market. So are you saying if the NFL does not come down hard on these players, women will stop watching football! What happened when the Eagles hired Vick. There were some protests. But within a few weeks in a dog eat dog world, there were only a handful of protestors at the Eagles’ home games. Are there any protestors at the Jet games now? They were actually chanting to put Vick in!

Now Mrs. Ray has come out and said paraphrase, leave us alone.

It amazes me that it has gone this far. Now they are going to suspend any player for 6 games for domestic violence. Are we going to set any parameters. Do we need to see bruises. Will hurt feelings suffice. It seems that the NFL and the feminists want to get involved. We are talking about a millionaire and his wife. Now we have a very unhappy, unemployed and an embarrassed couple. That’s going to end well! 

All that this will accomplish is folks hiding their domestic disputes because they will be afraid that they can lose their jobs. The next time Ray will just throw her over his shoulder and carry her to their room and no one will be the wiser. Is that what the bleeding hearts want?

Some will argue that Vick paid for his crime. Well so did Rice. He agreed to counseling, but didn’t his under the influence wife throw the first punch? I know that doesn’t count because she didn’t hurt him. Do we have proof that he hurt her irreversibly or otherwise?

It would seem to me that we need some parameters in this new make-believe law. Murder is very distinct. Of course the liberals have clouded the water with conspiracy and hate crimes. But domestic violence can’t be used to cover everything. These are two consenting adults just like Bill and Hillary’s adultery. Do we really want the liberal media in the elevator and any where that we have the big brother’s camera!

It won’t be long if you and your mate have words, some idiot will consider that domestic violence. Violence to me is intentional bodily harm. It seems the prosecutors want to include hurt feelings as well.

If the bleeding hearts really want to help these folks, then teach people not just sex education, but to have the pride to bed down with someone who is worth having a child with. Counsel these folks on how to spend and save money. And counsel these folks on how to handle alcohol, drugs and gambling. Sex ed is the least of their problems! They all seem to know how to have sex, they just can’t seem to pick a compatible mate!   Also better teach them that the grass is usually not any greener on the other side of the fence! Maybe they should look in the mirror first!

This abuse is brought on by the liberal policies that are making it difficult to find adequate jobs. It is brought on by all the money that cities and municipalities suck out of family incomes due to fines, tolls, fees and taxes. They call that progressivism! I call it communism.

It kind of makes sense to legalize drugs. Just one more thing that will lead to more domestic violence. Let’s leave the Rices alone and in peace. They have been through enough. Would you like to go through that? If so you belong on Springer and Judge Judy.

Life is too short to waste our time on all this garbage just so some aggressive prosecutors can extract their pound of flesh. There are bad people out there, but it is probably not Ray Rice and his lovely wife.

If the standard is to fire someone for domestic violence/abuse, people will begin to hide their problems instead of seeking counseling and professional help! If this is what the liberals want, or are they looking for another axe to grind to show they have make-believe influence! Domestic violence can not be helped by limitless laws. It can only be helped by conservative coaching and morality! And last but not least some level of pride with who you bed down with! If they don’t have a job today, they probably won’t have one tomorrow when you want them to pay for your bastard child! If they ain’t going to commit to marriage, odds are against them paying for child support.

Keep voting for the jokers that make more laws and entitlements and want to destroy the sanctity of the family!

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