Red Lines and Agreements

It appears Obama has a challenge with red lines. We all know of the one in Syria and their use of chemical weapons on its own people. And as we learned later, Obama, according to him never set a red line, but the world did. We were told to believe what we are told and not what we see and hear. Like lapdogs the mainstream media agreed, and glossed over the fact that once again, Obama lied to the American people.
In the deal made with Iran, numerous red lines were supposedly set, or at least that is what the people of the country were told. When the negotiations were started we were told that Iran would be made to stop enriching uranium, or that there would be consequences. What those consequences may be no one knew, and the American people have concluded that those consequences are indeed moot.

Iran, according to this agreement will continue to enrich nuclear material, and the basic nuclear infrastructure that has been built in Iran, against all UN resolutions and to the anxiety of its neighbors will continue. There is mp mention of any nuclear facilities being removed, or even shut down, and although cutting the number of centrifuges is part of the deal, 6,000 will still be in service. The rest will be disconnected, but not taken out or destroyed. It was Obama and his administration that allows Iran the ability to restart its nuclear program, and to give Iran relief from economic sanctions. Iran says the sanctions are to be stopped immediately, while Obama states they will be phased in when Iran meets certain criteria. This red line will be crossed early, and Iran will get the sanctions lifted, at least in Europe. This is only one of the red line concessions Obama has made.
So how are redlines crossed? In 2012, NSC Spokesman Tommy Vietor stated “ Our position is clear: Iran must live up to its international obligations, including full suspension of uranium enrichment as required by the UN Security Council resolutions. By December 2013 Bernadette Meehan A spokeswoman for the NSC has changed it to “We are prepared to negotiate a strictly limited enrichment program only because the Iranians have indicated they are prepared to accept monitoring and limits on level, scope, capacity and stockpiles. So how far has this administration gone. The red line of shutting down the nuclear capability of Iran to deferring to what the Iranians want.
Sanctions have dealt a blow to the Iranian society, with indications that things were getting worse in Iran, and there was general discontent. The administration has underestimated just how deep those resolutions were harming Iran. Money was diverted to the society in general rather than being sent to terrorist operations or buying arms. The arms embargo was limiting what Iran could launch in areas it wanted to control, and to its terrorist operations partners.

On June 1st of this year, the New York Times reported that Iran has increased its stockpile by 20% over 18 months, an increase in stockpiles that this administration stated could not happen. When asked about this increase, Marie Harf a State Department spokeswoman stated that the Iranian stockpile was allowed to fluctuate, and declared that a 20% increase in the stockpile was nothing to be concerned about. This is a direct contradiction of White House proclamations stating that any increase in Iranian nuclear fuel stockpiles go against the agreements and understanding made.
Iran has violated the sanctions already in place many times in the past, up to and including when negotiations were ongoing. There has been confrontation over these violations either by the White house or by the Secretary of State John Kerry. The administration has basically ignored these violations rather than confront Iran. This year, Iran used forger documents to try and obtain compressors that would be used in centrifuge cascades. The process of using UF6 fed into IR5 centrifuges was a clear violation of the interim agreements and was reported by the IAEA, with no response of note.In December 2014, purchased equipment to be used in the reactor of ARAK.The plutonium in the ARAK reactor can be used to make weapons grade plutonium. All these breaches were ignored by the Obama administration, the mullahs of Iran were not held accountable and the negotiations continued, with the Obama administration explaining away these Iranian covert operations.
Obama has ignored or try to explain away these and many more violations, and with the media has kept a great deal of these violations from the public, citing national security as the reason. He has hidden, and with this agreement allowed to continue, the Iranian ICBM program. As the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, Obama has overlooked conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Gaza where Iran is the major protagonist in order to build what he feels will be his legacy. He continues to allow Iran to continue as a rogue state, with regional and global conflicts being operated by Iran and its proxies. This will continue, with a mass infusion of monies being spent on arms and ammunition from this agreement. This administration has been releasing $400 million dollars a month to Iran with no idea of where this money is going.
This agreement, worse than no deal at all, is all about Obamas legacy. While France has followed a cautious approach to the agreement, Western sources have accused this administration of bullying those who require a more factual and realistic approach to this agreement. Is has been described a “ very harsh expressions of displeasure by the Americans against the French . It appears the French have substantial questions about the key elements that the White House and State Department are willing to give away. The United States is willing to concede a great deal more than the allies who are part of these negotiations. The French do not want an ambigious deal that paves a way for Iran to get a bomb. Obama is turning has back on France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Europe and our allies in the Gulf for the sole purpose of gaining a legacy that will be detrimental to all our allies in the area.

The inspections under this agreement will be almost less than useless. A 24 day wait between when the IAEA requests inspection and when they will be able to inspect is a farce.
The media is doing their part. The New York Daily News have declared the Republicans that oppose this agreement as traitors. The social media of the administration has started a twitter handle of #47Traitors to try and intimidate those in Congress to vote for this debacle. When Bush was working on keeping Iran from getting the bomb, Joe Biden supported letting them continue to grow the nuclear infrastructure, and while ridiculing Bush for his stance, received $30,000 for attending a pro-Iranian fundraiser. Republicans, who vehemently oppose this agreement want to see a larger opposition to ISIS and refuse to collaborate with Iran are taunted as Traitors. The question remains, if ISIS was lied about and hidden for so long, what is being lied about and hidden now by this administration about this agreement?
Obama has claimed that Republicans, if they refuse this agreement are playing into the hands of Irans hardliners. Is there anyone in Iran that is more hardline than the present regime, where hangings, stoning, and other forms of death has been imposed on the Iranians more than ever before. In this administration, if you feel we should fight terrorists, or understanding that their beliefs will be the downfall of our way of life, or to stop Iran from being able to work towards a bomb, is considered traitorous. It is this administration that has a deep visceral hatred for our country, considering the United States a colonial power who had done damage worldwide. Iran has walked over this administration, signing an agreement that gives them everything they want precisely because this administration feels that terrorists demands are always based on legitimate grievances against the US.
Further proof of this is the fact the annual report to the US Senate by James Clapper, Director of National Security removing Iran and Hizbollah from the list of terrorism sponsors. Iran in this report was described as “having intentions to dampen sectarianism, build responsive partners and deescalate tensions with Saudi Arabia.” Was this done to further the agreement just signed, or for another reason. Hizbollah, also taken off the list were responsible for the bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut, and the torture and death of Americans such as Colonel William R. Higgins, William Frances Buckley, Robert Stetham, and others. The 47 Senators who have stood up for these men and what they stand for are not traitors, but facing the reality that this situation must stop, and the forces arrayed against us in the East must be destroyed, a position that will not be considered by this administration, allowing 18 months of more growth, and more killing by terrorist still living in the sixth century.
The red lines put forth by this administration, more for domestic consumption that actual negotiation points have been glossed over in many ways. Obama and the Democrats are still talking incessantly about anytime, anywhere inspections, a red line discussed before.In fact in the Civil Nuclear Cooperation annex of the agreement, the Fordow complex is to be repurposed to isotope production. The six powers will assist by providing a new generation of centrifuges to help in the operation of isotope production, easily upgraded for enriching uranium in a short period of time. The position of requiring Iran to make available all nuclear work in relation to its military available, and giving access to all sites has been categorically denied by Iran. More red lines crossed. This has been of no concern to the Administration , because Secretary of State Kerry says we already know what they have done. This is in direct conflict with the statement by Yukiya Amano of the IAEA, who has stated that we do not know.
Sanctions were to be lifted slowly and only after Iran meets certain requirements, and only certain sanctions. The sanctions for its missile program and human rights abuses were to remain. The administration changed its position on these sanctions by having AP report that Obama intended to life all sanctions, resulting in ten of billions of dollars for Iran to strengthen its terrorism activities.
One of two reasons for this agreement come to mind. Is Obama, a President who has damaged our foreign policy for six years, rewarding Iran for its conflicts and attempting to use Iran to be a counterbalance to Saudi Arabia, or is it fear. Does Obama really believe if we are nice to Iran they will turn around the opinion they have of The United States. It is already clear that Obama is in over his head, and he does support Islam over any other religion.
Israel, along with Hizbollah have now the means and the money to further the jihad against Israel. The question is, will Obama allow the forces aligned against Israel to obtain victory.
Next issue: How will this agreement affect Israel?

John Velisek USN (Ret.)
Twitter: sjspecialist

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