Reflections From the Harris County 2015 Lincoln-Reagan Dinner

Scott Walker-LINCOLN-REAGAN Dinner - Mar. 28th, 2015

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Fifty years ago being a Republican in Texas was a “hangin’ offense,” or at least it was according to one speaker at the March 28, 2015 Harris County GOP Lincoln – Reagan Dinner. But along came a man named George H. W. Bush who set the stage for a massive change in momentum and today Texas is home to what is probably the most Conservative, not just Republican but Conservative, state governments in the USA.

George Bush (41) is not the most popular guy in the eyes of many Conservatives, many of whom see him as squandering the opportunities he inherited from Ronald Reagan. But regardless of that, he certainly made a difference in Texas, starting with Harris County; home of the city of Houston. Harris County is now the largest Republican county in the nation, and also the largest county period, in terms of population. Now, the county GOP is looking to reach out farther and become the model for pushing back leftist political machines in other large metropolitan areas. If this is possible, it would reshape all of the American political landscape.

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick -LINCOLN-REAGAN Dinner - Mar. 28th, 2015

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

The evening featured speeches by Harris County Chairman Paul Simpson, Land Commissioner George P. Bush (on behalf of his grandfather), Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Governor Greg Abbott and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Senator Ted Cruz did not attend due to his recent announcement of a run for the presidency.

Much of the evening’s comments focused on the past progress in the State of Texas, and the past battles with the current Washington DC administration. There were several statements that the damage must be undone. County Judge Ed Emmett made an important point is stating that we have to concentrate on things that unify the party, rather than those that are divisive. Emmett’s advice is well placed. But the powers that be must realize that some things have become non-negotiable in the eyes of the Conservative base. He did not address that aspect of the situation.

Greg Abbott - 3:28:2015

Governor Greg Abbott


Governor Abbott, who spoke before Governor Walker and introduced him made three essential points for the future of Texas:


1 – Maintain rule of law and constitutional principles;

2 – Secure the borders and protect state sovereignty;

3 – Improve education while avoiding one size fits all policies such as “common core.”


He also discussed briefly his recent tour of Texas’s southern border with Governor Walker and took a poke at his own condition when he said that a guy in a wheelchair could go faster than the highway traffic, as there is a lot of construction and congestion on contend with on Houston’s freeways.

Abbot, who cannot use his legs due to an accident some 40 years ago has steel rods holding his spine together. In his introduction of Walker he segued from his own spine to Governor Walker’s political spine of steel and our need for such fortitude in the next few years for the good of the nation. Then Scott Walker took the stage.

Scott Walker provided those who might not have been familiar with his humble origins and his kinship with the people of Texas, many of whom gave financial support and prayer during his campaigns, both for office and against a recall attempt. His understanding and support of Texan’s need to secure the borders was unqualified. He recognizes that every state is under threat from drug cartels and international criminal enterprises entering the US and setting up shop anywhere they can.

He then outlined the strategy he faced in Wisconsin, which was one of intimidation, including death threats, and attempts at physical damage by placing tacks in people’s driveways and so on. But Governor walker ran for office out of concern for his own family, and realized later that other people needed what he could provide too. This grew out of his realization that the founders of the United States were ordinary people doing extraordinary things. He sees himself in the same light; an ordinary guy who is doing things because he sees the need and the necessity of filling it.

His advice to conservative legislators is to get things done early before the office holders get cold feet due to an impending election, and because when the new policy direction works, it has more time for a positive impact, which will bring in more voters during the next round. In education he recommends spending on the classroom instead of the bureaucracy, which has been a problem nationwide, as public school districts succumb to the federal habit of spending as much as you can, whether you need to or not. In another interesting note, he compared Austin, TX to Madison, WI as “30 square miles surrounded by reality.”

Finally, he shifted his focus to a series of main points for concentration in the next administration. Noting that Hillary Clinton seems bent on growing the DC economy, and not that of the rest of the nation, he stated that this position must be reversed. On obvious approach would be to support domestic energy production, which would benefit local economies here and our allies abroad. Next came lowering taxes in order to make more revenue on volume from an more vibrant economy instead of taking more from people who can’t afford it; that there is dignity in work and that we should breed self-sufficiency and a success mentality instead of dependency. The goal should be an opportunity society.

Next he tackled national defense, stating that the present administration doesn’t promote national security and is unwilling to do as we should do, which is take the fight where it is needed to secure our nation’s future. He received massive applause when he declared that Israel must be treated as the ally it is.

He concluded that what has made America great is not that we were somehow better, but that we were people who accepted a higher calling and greater responsibility, which enabled us to achieve. We are a nation of ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary things, beginning with our founders. And, that much of this was achieved by people who put the future of the nation and its people ahead of their own political fortunes. A fitting rebuke to the political left, which always sees the benefits of personal power, but not of a free people.

And, no, he didn’t use a teleprompter. In fact, no one who spoke at the dinner did. Is that another thing that makes Conservatives exceptional?

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