Reflections on Black History Month


America does not give up on those who do not give up on themselves.  During this memorable Black History Month we must remember not to forget that Dr. Woodson wanted the month to coincide with the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.  Those two figures are deeply embedded in Black History, but our race is consistently intolerant of the political views that these two transformative people believed in.  We often forget that the Republican Party was and still is Lincoln’s party.


The long period of anguish, torment, and distress, which all Americans recollect that Blacks went through, was cured by the party that many of us despise.  Those seemingly lofty goals of self-government, liberty, and freedom are right at our footsteps.  It is time for us to pick up the baton that the people of Lincoln’s party have given all people.  Yet, even though Blacks should adore the Grand Ol’ Party based on its collective history the GOP can’t make anybody love them.  The GOP has stood with African-Americans through anti-slavery views and a fervent advocacy for civil liberties throughout the history of the political party.


The decision to be more appreciative of the political thought of the GOP is up to the individual.  We are the makers of our own destinies and have a large number of choices at the ballot box due to the Republic we are a part of.  Still, it is time that African-Americans take out their earplugs to the GOP and become attentive to the possible blessings in disguise.  I think that prejudice, laziness, and small-mindedness are keeping Blacks disinterested in the GOP.  Removing those unneeded inhibitions will help all of us become better citizens for the good of America.


A few issues that the GOP has strong convictions about and that Black Americans agree are important are education, marriage, and retirement.  The GOP believes in providing an opportunity for children to grow into well informed, loving, and caring adults.  For an example, the GOP believes in granting everyone the opportunity to go to the school of their choice to become the enlightened individuals that America needs to remain great.  Too many African-Americans are stuck in failing schools or dispiriting atmospheres in every corner of this country.  In particularly, our race still has the highest proportion of High School dropouts in comparison with any other race in America.  Being able to associate with upwardly mobile students and talented teachers will help remedy this.


Next, marriage isn’t just a way to complete your life religiously.  It is a way to leave your footprint on this earth and be the role model for a family that your community would be proud of.  It is a union that will bring two souls together, bring financial comfort, and be a bond to start a leaving your legacy thru procreation.  Today almost three quarters of black mothers are single and the poverty rate for children living with single moms is about 50 percent.  The GOP believes in the gift of marriage and its status as a self-evident preventative measure for poverty.


Life isn’t over yet after you achieve a good marriage and similar education.  Retirement is the sunshine right before many of us reach heaven’s gates.  Moreover, the GOP wants you to be able to control your retirement.  The Party wants all Americans to get what they have invested into the retirement systems established by their workplace and government. There are others in different political groups in America who would like to chip away at your retirement to be a hand out to someone else.  The GOP believes in your retirement investments being a safe haven from government overreach.


To sum it up, it should be known widely that the GOP wants all Americans who desire it,  to remain in school, find a spouse, have children, and a delightful retirement.  These are all values that will make America morally strong, intellectually sharp, and spiritually satisfied.  It is past due time that we find, understand, and respect those voices like Lincoln and Douglass that have given us the opportunity to be the freest people in the world.  There have been too many times that the African-American race has overlooked the GOP because of unfounded fear in our policies.  For an example, having states’ rights does not equate to wanting slavery.  It is equivalent to putting all Americans’ futures in their families and communities rather than Washington.  Many people have been failed by government policies and the constraint of liberty has been caused by them.  Focusing on self-reliance and individuality will enhance the happiness of all Americans.As we are continuously crafting our identities day-to-day we need to use this history to find our way back to our true self.  Let’s not give up on ourselves.

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