Regressing Progressives True Colors Revealed; Liberalism Unhinged and Unaccountable

Frighteningly typical. Professor’s, faculty, and students alike have been completely overrun with, not simple liberal ideology, but radical, routine demonstrations blatantly undermining American unity, authority, and the democratic process using all means available, including the support for the use of violence (under rather precarious, fluid circumstances, the use of force against Americans who don’t think like them can easily be justified by and essential Pillar of our society: Academia)


At the height of the 2016 Presidential Campaign, readers might recall reading or viewing news media reports of violence having had taken place at Trump rallies across America. Journalistic ethics and integrity have fallen so far from conveying context remiss of bias. In a perfect world, a fair and balanced mainstream media would certainly enlighten American audiences and alert of the commonly egregious misbehavior being perpetrated by activists and zealots on both sides of the political spectrum. Predictably, Donald Trump’s unlikely victory and ascension to the presidency has only increasingly stoked the flames of violence and hate to which Americans have been routinely exposed.

What should be of great concern is the potential likelihood these trends toward violent confrontation over unaligned political beliefs and the ever more vitriolic rhetoric can be traced back to Democratic Party insiders and Clinton Campaign strategists. According to credible sources close to the DNC and Clinton Campaign helped turn rumor to fact by revealing “discussions on how they (the DNC and Clinton Campaign) were hiring agitators paid to disrupt countless political rallies held by then candidate, Donald Trump – among the thugs hired and encouraged to violent protest shamelessly included union members, homeless people, and the mentally ill – all of the whom were among those directed to provoke violence and hatred at fellow American citizens guilty solely of supporting a candidate the opposition “doesn’t like”. Violent assaults perpetrated, by who the media likes to call, “peaceful activists” (AKA Militant Anti-Trump Thugs) upon American citizens guilty solely of supporting their democratically elected president. Sin begets sin, and we’ve seen rogue elements seize upon the results of years worth of horrific Democratic Party strategies to incite divisiveness and divide citizen against citizen. 

This strategy, no doubt, operated under the correct assumption that what would be conveyed by the mainstream media would most certainly be devoid of proper context. They sought and succeeded at seeding a narrative painting all Trump supporters as “crazed deplorables” assaulting “peaceful activists” practicing their rights to peaceful protest – only, those vulnerable and intellectually challenged Americans paid by the DNC were as a matter of fact, anything but peaceful. Consider the target demographics the DNC preyed upon; many of the methods resorted to by the DNC throughout the campaign were not only indicative of liberalism moral bankruptcy, these facts also make Clinton’s alienating half the American citizenry by labeling Trump supporters “deplorables” inconceivably hypocritical.

How could anyone deny that much of the responsibility for the violent protests, fanatical SJW’s running amok on college campuses from coast to coast, and the increasingly hateful rhetoric since Fall 2016, should be directly attributed to the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton Campaign. It’s hard to imagine, even for liberals, that a professional committee could possibly consider, let alone promote violence against American citizens based solely on their politics. The very thought evokes imagery of the very worst among 3rd World leadership; Ahmadinejad and the elections he oversaw as the world looked on shaking heads in disbelief. It’s hard to fathom that American, Democrat politicians and their campaign employed such regressive and disdainful tactics against fellow Americans.

On 1 January 2017, a writer for the DailyKos provided their readers with an article titled “Liberals are perpetrating violence against Trump Supporters”. While simultaneously obliged to state “violence is not the answer”, the writer then directed his words directly to Trump supporters having experienced or witnessed these acts of liberal “tolerance”: “… you should not be surprised by this and I’m not going to remind you of who Trump is [in his opinion, obviously], who some of his supporters are [fair, yet remiss in acknowledging “who” a disconcerting many “liberal” supporters are] and what has happened over the past year”.

In the same month, the once highly respected New York Times headlined a piece opining the virtues of “punching a “Nazi”. Keep in mind, in 2016-2017 the word “Nazi” has become tragically cliché and abominably referenced by liberals of all walks of life against all Trump supporters, his administration, white heterosexual males with conservative upbringings, and a whole gamut of American citizens undeserving of such disgraceful slander and ad hominem attacks. Of course, ad hominem attacks and political rhetoric has long been typical of the liberal democrat; liberals expressing thoughtful insight have always been in short supply.

These days in particular, it’s a rare discovery to find a liberal “not my president” express any meaningful insights with common decency. If one takes the time to simply observe liberal social media acolytes it’s readily apparent that intelligent, thought provoking independent thought remiss of that unjustifiably smug liberal vitriol is difficult to find. Why shouldn’t it be? The pop-culture icons, b-list attention seekers, journalists, and even politicians have led their ragtag followers by example all along.

The aforementioned article at DailyKos went on smearing Trump in all manners unbefitting of any respectable media outlet, implying the same of anyone that supports him, as racist, xenophobic, mysoginists, not to mention the countless allusions of Trump and his supporters with ridiculous false equivalencies with Nazism and Fascism. The DailyKos article consisted of all the typical, intellectually lazy liberal rhetoric inspired by common misperceptions, unsubstantiated, transparently biased opinions remiss of fact, bestowed upon the American audiences by the liberal mainstream media and pop-culture, both exasperatingly and critically influential for countless crazy people.

Judging from the article’s title, one might expect at least some attempt at mitigating the factual reality that significant numbers of liberal agitators and aggressors have hypocritically been undermining  many of the “principles” upon which the Democratic Party insists it has a monopoly: “Inclusion”; “Tolerance”; “Acceptance”; and, and their comically ironic insistence that they alone champion the rights of all people of all cultural, religious, and philosophical beliefs. Unless, of course, the religion in question is Christianity; and, the belief systems are anything but conservative.

However, there have been indications of concerning cultural downward trends. It’s a fact many are beginning to take notice of; although, it’s also many times just so bizarre it’s comical. Recently, EAG-News published an article regarding “white privilege” indoctrination openly taking place at Harvard. Another one of the many sad, depressing, seemingly endless examples of a troubling pandemic at hand among these students. You know, the very same that will one day receive “the keys”!

Many of the so-called “best and brightest” have been demonstrating frighteningly non-sensical behavior on a routine basis. If only the surreal events taking place within our academic institutions could be passed off as outliers. The political correct absurdity and the extreme leftist environments our academic institutions have become is disconcerting to say the least. Its remarkably bothersome that it’s academia, a profound and fundamental aspect of our civilization, that has begun to literally connote progressivism – becoming liberal incubation units in their own right; and they are doing so in unabashed, brazen fashion. Even an ardent progressive with the capacity for critical thought should desire thoughtful dialogue and debate within our educational systems.

American citizens and political leaders of both sides alike had always stressed the importance of a strong conservative ideology bringing balance to progressivism and liberalism, lest we completely do away with one of the very fundamentals of American government – that is, healthy balance and compromise amongst our nation’s leaders and among we the people. We may not agree, but it’s absolutely imperative that we at least meet in the middle. Regardless of your personal beliefs, healthy debate and tolerance for opinions unaligned to one’s own is one of the building blocks which helped make this nation great. Without that balance, which academic or political elites and their acolyte followers  seem to overwhelmingly desire to disregard entirely in the name of “political correctness”, the effects have been and will continue to be detrimental. However, it has become clear over the past several months this former imperative is no longer politically expedient as it once was – infusing, inspiring, and inciting intolerance and hate utilizing what must be intentionally misleading allusions to a vast segment of the American people having racist, Nazi, “white supremacist” views. It’s been a demonstration of what once would have been unimaginable depths for democrat leadership, the complicit mainstream media, and celebrity culture to stoop.


 The Theory of White Privilege, widely accepted, is about as logical as the idea that carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring gas we produce with every breath – an inherent and necessary product of the earth’s atmosphere – is responsible for potentially catastrophic climate change – regardless of infinite numbers of variables yet to be examined and countless examples of data manipulation documented in climate research


The widespread college soap-opera moments, now commonplace, has become troubling at best. I’m concerned for the products of these indoctrination camps; what with the with the “safe spaces”, the entitlement and excruciating whining, irrational and often drastic demands made as a result of the delicate sensitivities of students across the country. All of it supported and encouraged through “efforts” by the all too willing and eager faculty – a people who should command some level of respect have, in great numbers, represented themselves to those observing over the past several years as laughably incompetent, weak, and impotent beings; or, complicit in the liberal agenda to completely alienate and eventually eradicate conservatism off the map. Proudly doing such things as agreeing to shred all office copies of the United States Constitution.

The Washington Post reported that Project Veritas recently busted a lead Title IX investigator at Yale taking frankly, head-scratching, almost unbelievable action in response to a demand made by an undercover reporter posing as the very essence of ridiculous circus that’s come to represent radical progressivism; to physically shred and destroy student handouts of the United States Constitutions, because… Feelings. And stuff. Amazingly, this incident wasn’t isolated to a single lunatic asylum, either. This Yale faculty member took that incredibly idiotic, thoughtless action in response to what literally sounded like a perfect parody of what one might envision standing in a large crowd – soaking, reveling – in the wisdom delivered at a Bernie Sanders rally.

The Yale faculty member justified her actions by telling the undercover snowflake, “Well, I think that the Constitution means things to different people like you said it is a flawed n l and the people who wrote it are certainly flawed individuals in my mind”. Obviously and without any regard for historical context – a logical and reasonable concept of great significance ignored by far too many. This nation has made leaps and bounds in our evolution of morality and race, yet we seldom speak of it. We seldom consider the incontrovertible facts that there would be no international conservation movements like those which exist and thrive today, no civil rights movements, certainly no Black Lives Matter movements, were it not for our founders; and, one of our many core pillars, academia and education which aided in instilling greatness in this country. In this world.

‘The Lunatics are Running the Asylum!!’ We’re living in an era in which vast numbers among us have gone completely mad, and unfortunately, there seems to be a shortage of adults to reign in the increasingly hostile behavior inspired by the so-called “resistance” – A description in itself which is such an offensive misuse of a the historically noble instances in which it was evoked. These people can’t see how ignorant they look; probably because half the country is afraid of potentially “triggering” one of these screwballs.

In recent news, a Harvard Debate Team actually had a formal debate on the consideration and potential “fairness” suicide could potentially provide as an answer to “White Privilege”. We’ve observed American ideals and culture crumble for years to the great dismay of a great many. And these stories and events taking place within our academic society are simply intolerable and unacceptable! Where are the people to demand a return to sanity?! There are so many issues plaguing those who care for the future of this nation at any given time… But this… The corrupting of the minds of our sacred youth. It’s a scary issue of considerable significance.

As long as the influential, politically liberal journalists and mainstream/right-wing/left-wing publishing outlets, and the pop culture icons of the day insist on continuing this campaign to invite hatred and intolerance with this shamefully hateful rhetoric, there can be no deesculation of tensions. But the now routine practice among leftists of associating Trump and those who support them, is simply dangerously irresponsible. 

By doing so, these people of influence have clearly thrown caution to the wind, or the idea of maintaining oneself as a positive role model like influencers of the not-so-distant past; completely disregarding the very likely potential for contributing to an already toxic environment ideal for hate and a fundamental lack of human decency may flourish into something none of us would like to imagine. But even now the cultural issues in America are simply unacceptable in a civilized, democratic republic. We need to see some leadership by positive example from those on the left and we need it now.

The Party that once supposedly represented peace seems to be awfully willing to engage in the opposite when things don’t go their way. That’s obviously remarkably indicative of the mentality, the illness that is liberal orthodoxy.

It’s extremely scary that it’s in our prestigious academic institutions where much of this radical, hateful, and intolerant thought is being incubated and honed. The graduates of these schools, having undergone an indoctrination on matters almost beyond belief and totally insane to the logical, rational human being, will be going on to lead this country one day. And lead they will.



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Hans Comprix is a marine veteran of the Global War on Terror (GWOT), having served on two combat deployments to the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom I & II; and, a third overseas assignment in Central America. Hans is a freelance writer & writer-at-large at Intellectual Conservative, having previously contributed to ‘American Thinker’ and ‘Now its Dark’ magazine. He can be reached at
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