If we don’t reject the “binary choice” anytime soon…America will fall like Rome

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BlazeTV’s Steve Deace put out a piece just recently that basically has him breaking out his shofar of sorts once more, sounding the alarm to conservatives. Calling them and especially those of faith to realize that the current political parties are not going to stand for freedom and liberty and certain not for the right to life or freedom of religion.

We know that the Democratic Party is a party of big government and eventually hard tyranny.  Now we don’t expect them to honor life, nor faith that does not lineup with their faith…which is Progressivism. On the other hand the Republican Party which was created to actually challenge the THEN establishment WHIG party and to actually enact laws to abolish slavery, has fallen into the same mindset as the WHIGS. Give lip service to the people of faith, convince them to vote for you, and don’t even try to fulfill your promise to advance abortion restriction (or even try to abolish abortion altogether) and/or defund Planned Parenthood (which has been proven to be in the business of murdering preborn children, and its founder Margaret Sanger holding children themselves to contempt not to mention people of color), push back on the LGBTQ/Rainbow Jhaid, defend people like Jack Phillips and Melissa Elaine who don’t want to separate their faith from their business and uphold godly principles while refusing certain services to people that want them to embrace and affirm their sexual lifestyles, actual “draining” of “the swamp” and force our government to cut back, and affirm the reality of ONLY male and female. Just tell the people that it takes time to make progress on advancing “family values.” Sure, but for how long?

The list goes on of course, but I would think these are among the top things of common conservatives. Yet the Republican party fears a Democratic Party Press than the people they serve. I wonder why they fear a Democratic Party Press? Do you just not want to be bullied by these punks (and yes they truly punks)? Do you want to be friends with them? Do you want to be liked in DC or what? Or are you just a low life, looking to use a career in government to advance your own selfish needs and feather your own nest? Better yet how about all of the above?

To be honest, the cowardliness of the Republican Party is not really their fault. If anyone is the blame, it is the people who keep voting them in time and again because of the belief of the binary choice…that even includes the people we may admire as well as our like minded friends. I am sure back in the day when the WHIGS were only giving lip-service to abolishing slavery, they themselves were afraid of the wrath of the Democratic Party and/or were bribed by them and/or groups that supported slavery. I believe their was enough of a bold Christian worldview in the day of Abraham Lincoln that allowed the Republican Party to become the major party and replace the WHIGS. I also think the WHIGS were trying to push the binary choice too…heck they wanted to win.

As the secular humanist-pagan worldview continued to gain a foothold on our nation it allowed for corruption and pragmatism to take hold, over a leap of faith. It’s also the very same worldviews that allowed the Republican Party and move towards a progressive lite agenda as early as Theodore Roosevelt. Later on we would have the likes of Herbert Hoover, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Bush 41 and 43. Those who could play a good game, but they were not really honest conservatives if not crony capitalists and/or lite socialists. Yet we are to forever vote Republican to push back on the lesser to two evils. Why? Because someone like the great Phyllis Schlafly said so…or whatever?

But a selective few have protested against this but have not been able to nudge the GOP at all (thank the Schlafly types and then some)…thus the GOP allowing the Democrats to flip certain states to blue and allowing those very same Democrats to advance a wicked agenda of big government, high taxes, stifling energy and converting our children into the useful idiots of the progressive cult’s agenda including their indoctrination of children into supporting the overall Free Love agenda (abortion rights, LGBTQ issues, redefining marriage and its eventually demise and blurring gender).

How do we support Republican candidates when they don’t actually support the likes of a Jack Phillps and advocate for them? Walker Stapleton did not even give Phillips the time of day and in the end it did not matter cause he would lose to openly gay congressman Jared Polis who gave up DC to become Colorado Governor, and man he wants to make Colorado another leftist hellhole. Yet its the fault of the those who would not kiss the ring of Stapleton and vote for the man. If your worldview is based on humanist pragmatism, then your right. But if your worldview is based on the principles and discipline of Judeo-Christianity you must answer to a higher authority. That authority advocates that you fight to uphold the Law of God (and even honoring God in his or her life) no matter what. That could mean the loss of your Republican Friends, and one day it may cost your life as the elite is able to exterminate people of Faith once more.

Voting for a lesser evil and/or lukewarm candidate in order to defeat a greater evil will not result in a government that will advance a conservative agenda. Their are many Conservative voices out their that I respect, but many of them have yet to reject the binary choice as pointed out by French Communist Maurice Duverger, and join in the solution. Thus said, they are part of the problem.

Pastor Cary Gordon asked; what crime against God does a Republican have to commit before you deny him or her your vote? Well the crime of the WHIGS was not really fighting for slavery. Again, you had enough of a Christian worldview to elect an Abraham Lincoln who was part of a political party that said ‘slavery is wrong,’ and he and like minded people fought for liberty and freedom for the “colored man.” That also would cost Lincoln’s life.

Steve Deace compares the major American political parties to two boats. The Left’s boat is marked “chaos” and don’t tell me that they favor chaos, for chaos only ushers in more tyranny. On the other hand the boat on the so-called Republican right is called “Cowardice.” They will not fight for a conservative cause or defend someone who is attacked by sexual perverts who demand their perversion by honored, affirmed and respected…”Bake the Cake Bigot,” the Rainbow Jihad said to the good people who want to live the Christian lifestyle in the general public.

When will conservatives take over one the of boats and call it a boat of “Faith?” Cause right now we need lots of it. We need to cry out to God for mercy and ask for his forgiveness, and we need lots of people to have a honest “Come to Jesus moment.” This is called revival; ‘we shall honor God and as promised in scripture and he will forgive and heal the land’ (2 Chronicles 7:14). Believe it or not this is actually the first step in breaking the binary system of Republican vs. Democrat…not just using your “third party” options or the write-in blank which are much needed to make statements to the establishment in both parties that we are not going to take up with your BS.

Still we must break away from binary choice, someway, somehow, or America will fall like Rome and this time the ‘global tyrants to be’ will have their time in the sun. Look at the success of North Korea, China, Iran, and Cuba when it came to their respected leaders. They were able to make a great name and legacy for themselves. Who is our Lord and Savior? Someone who actually died for our sins, or a political opportunist and an advocate of communist statism? Sadly in the political world we choose the communist because it sounded realistic. We got to show our leaders the door (even if they kill us…really)…because as the George Michael song says.

‘We Gotta Have Faith.’ P.S. I prefer the Limp Bizkit cover.

Exodus 18:21, live and die by it kids. If most of us choose to do this, then righteous will dominate our culture and politics.

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