Republicans Need to Wise Up. Or Lose the Election!

shThe Republicans just don’t get it. The Whitehouse is all theirs for the taking. All they need to do is keep their mouths shut. If you haven’t noticed the liberals run by headlines. And I know you think the more you say the more people you will convince. It doesn’t work that way. And unfortunately it never will. 

Part of the problem is that most people have given up on congress. They know Obama is a loser. And they are probably leaning toward hating Hillary. So what do you do: You talk about a balanced budget. The last thing the people need to hear is about the balanced budget and the repealing of ObamaCare. 

The reason is simple. The liberals and they are in the media and the congress, start spitting up the vitriol about how the Republicans are going to take away everything. 

Already Hillary and her emails have stated this. “Republicans are waging a war on women, playing politics with a black nominee, shortchanging students, endangering the economic recovery and trying to yank health-care coverage for 16 million Americans.” 

You can roll out old man McCain or anybody else and you will never overcome this type of garbage. You only have to keep your big mouths shut for about 19 months and it is a slam dunk. They could run Brown, Clinton, Warren, the pope and they will lose…. If you keep your mouths shut. 

Like the Democrats just use the one line attack. People see headlines, they don’t see or read or understand the explanations. So turn the tables on the liberals. Once you win the Whitehouse, and the congress then you can start with an agenda of your choosing. Obama would never sign a bill you pass any way. And if you want to have fun,   just take him to court and argue that his memos and executive orders are unconstitutional. Tie him up in court but keep your mouths shut. Blame it on the lawyers. 

Just one point when the unemployment claims went up last week, the liberal press was quick to incorporate the word slightly. Roll out the right people and say if this economy is so great and Obama wants to use it as his legacy, how come the unemployment claims are still going up. If the economy was so great, how come all the black people and minorities and women don’t have decent jobs. And shut your mouths. Don’t start talking about social issues like same sex marriage or abortions. 

Obama just blamed the Great President George Bush for ISIS. Now some loons will actually repeat that. (Whoops too late Commie Sean Penn on Conan ). Did anyone call him on it? But at the end of the day, there is more terrorism in the world then there ever was thanks to the Obama policy of sticking his head in the sand, instead of protecting the poor women and children in the Middle East. Don’t explain anything. Obama doesn’t have to, Why should you. 

Republicans are waging a war on Women. Let them have their abortions for 19 months. Set up a clinic in the basement of the Whitehouse. Maybe put together a drive up window so they don’t even have to come in. Because once you talk about abortion, in any way shape or form, it is a war against women. That doesn’t mean you have to encourage abortions, but don’t look like the “guy” that wants to stop the poor women from getting abortions. If you really have to, then don’t run a candidate for president, you will lose. 

Playing politics with a black nominee: Why wouldn’t you want to get rid of Holder. The guy is an idiot and a racist. Loretta Lynch is only going to be AG for about 20 months. How much can she screw up in 20 months. She may actually hold Holder accountable.

But if you play your cards right, you can take these folks to court forever. And if you put a bill up for a vote and the Democrats cave, well the dirt is on them, not the Republicans. And let’s face it, if the Democrats don’t want her, it is probably a good thing if she gets in. They are lawyers., they live in a make believe world any way. Bring out the PR people to say you want to get a black female in there, because this last guy was terrible. And let Obama try to claim why Holder is not so terrible. 

Shortchanging students: Well here we go again. Why would you want to fool around with cutting money to the students. Just tell the people the schools should be lowering their tuitions so more people can get a degree and get ahead in this world. Instead they will drag out Ryan to tell people how they have to make financial sacrifices in order to balance the budget. They don’t care that Clinton balanced the budget on paper. Stay out of the budget. Let Obama present the budget. 

Endangering the economic recovery: The reply should be: What recovery! The banks are getting richer under Obama but the middle class is getting poorer. Most can’t even pay for their free health insurance. They don’t have the money to pay the outrageous premiums and then how in the world would they ever afford the $6,000 deductible if they become ill, suffer a heart attack. It will bankrupt most in the middle class who are still living from pay check to pay check. It will never bankrupt the Clintons or Obamas! 

Trying to yank health-care coverage for 16 million Americans. There is some truth to that. Almost 50% of these folks are probably on Medicaid. Do you want to take Medicaid away from the guy in Appalachia who is 50 years old and never had healthcare insurance in his life! Don’t even mention ObamaCare. Just drag the people into the public eye who can’t afford the premium and have a huge deductible. One of my patients called it catastrophic insurance. But he would still need to pay the first $6,600 every year. It would seem simple that most people would want to get rid of ObamaCare or fix it, if they knew the facts. Obama doesn’t have to pay for his healthcare. He probably doesn’t know that of the 16 million who are actually paying premiums, most if not all middle class have lousy coverage. Just ask around. So don’t tell the people they don’t need ObamaCare. Flood the airways with enough facts and people that the people will beg to get rid of ObamaCare and the dumb Democrats that support it.   Also broadcast how much people were penalized last year for not having healthcare. This should be fun. Get a person like Barney Frank or Weiner to come out periodically to tell the people the facts. Not facts but people who don’t have healthcare, because they can’t afford it, and the Obama subsidy did not help to get better insurance. 300 million people some taxpayers, do not know how bad ObamaCare is for this country or any country for that matter. Obama is about to tout the 5 year anniversary. Don’t comment on his lies, just show the public all the people who went on the exchanges and in the end they got screwed. They have worse coverage than they ever had! 

Put guys like Ryan and Rubio in the basement some where. They may be very smart people, but they don’t know how to sell the product. There is nothing to sell. Just point out all the suffering that is going on, thanks to Obama. Use headlines. Show emotion, don’t try to convince folks. Let the folks figure it out on their own. 

This election will be a battle for control of the Democrat party. The Obamas and the Clintons battle will be fun to watch. Keep in mind that Obama has damaged this country severely. And it will not be fixed overnight. His executive orders and memos can be erased in seconds, but to make this country more prosperous than ever, will take some time and a well thought out plan. And the number of abortions will probably not be a factor in the prosperity! 

So Republicans keep your mouths shut. And let the PR people get out there and point out what is wrong. If only Obama would work with congress rather than making laws by his lonesome. 

Get out of the way and let the Democrats self-destruct. Be proud of ObamaCare. People are paying (being taxed) for a useless form of healthcare. Don’t talk about repeal, just show the other 300 million people what is in store for them in the next 2 years. And what ill effects this will have on the economy. Remember most economies prosper when people spend money. If they are forced to pay outrageous amounts on healthcare, there won’t be much money around to help the economy grow, at least not in this country! The insurance companies will become richer, but you will not! 


Obama spent money in Israel to beat Bibi. Obama lost again. Where did that money come from? Wouldn’t you like to know that answer? Obama has been losing for years. Please don’t get in his way!


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