Republicans the Winners or Not!

chnsjbsWell obviously the Republicans are the winners of the Senate. And they deserve credit for keeping their mouths shut and keeping their feet out of their orifices. And all the liberal Democrats had to blame was Lord Obama. It is kind of like when Clinton decided to confess about Monica. Once he started apologizing, you couldn’t shut him up. After all in the end it was Monica’s fault or was it Hillary’s fault! So now they want to blame Obama.

So there is no evidence that the Republicans were the winners for what they accomplished. It was clearly the Liberal Democrats who were losers because the electorate stopped believing Obama’s boldface lies!

The liberal Democrats could have stopped Obama and all his non-popular executive orders, but they just hid in the corner like Daschle after 911. In the end the voters will get rid of the losers. They didn’t know Obama was a loser until he was in office for a few years. And a lot of people were hoping for change in their wallets. But all they saw were more taxes and spending and nothing was done that resulted in benefits for the average hard working American. And for that matter nothing was done to help the people who spend a lifetime on the dole.

At least when Clinton was president the people who were kicked off the welfare roles were awarded by giving them lifetime benefits called disability payments. And folks actually thought the economy was great because thousands of American Factories were being closed thanks to Clinton’s NAFTA. And it created jobs at least temporary jobs to send all the equipment out of the country and change all the vacant American factory buildings into apartments and other businesses or just simply to board them up. So temporarily there was an alleged Clinton prosperity, but months before he was to leave office his economy tanked. And since his budget continues for a year after he leaves office, President Bush was stuck with a lousy economy. He didn’t complain like Obama, he fixed it. And it was great until the liberal Democrats tanked the housing market… Just to win the presidential election. They didn’t care that you lost over 25% of value in your real estate assets. They thought it would be temporary but it hasn’t turned around almost 7 years later.

Even today it was announced that Obama was granting visas to our friends the Chinese. He is going to grant more visas to Chinese up to 10 years. And Students up to 5 years. Previously the visas were only good for one year. Their announcement included this statement: Last year, 1.8 million Chinese visitors to the United States contributed $21 billion to our economy and supported more than 100,000 American jobs.

This sounds a bit like global warming. If we close down all our existing paid for power plants and replace them with unpaid for expensive windmills and solar panels that will help our economy and help pay down the national debt of $20 trillion dollars. More Obama baloney to swallow!

As long as the privileged Chinese students were paying double to come to American Schools to help offset the outrageous tuition and financial aid loans that would be great. But how many of these Chinese students will come here for free and end up staying. Do we get to send all unemployed American workers to live in China for free… for ten years.

I would imagine most of these numbers are bogus. Someone from the Whitehouse would need to answer a few questions. I think what the Whitehouse is lying about is that a bunch of Chinese visitors came to the US of A and spent $21 Billion dollars. You would need to assume that this was all spent in the tourist trade. As a result an additional 100,000 Americans had to be hired to handle all these Chinese visitors coming to the States.

This is probably a lie and can not be substantiated by the Whitehouse, but one article claims there were 1.5 million visitors in 2012, and they spent $9 Billion dollars. A far cry from $21 Billion.

So the big question is why would you extend the visas? If they are coming as tourists to spend $21 Billion American, than why would you want to extend the visas to 10 years.

Did they buy a lifetime membership season pass to Disneyland?

Probably not! This is the same garbage that Clinton and other politicians pulled. Where do you think the Clintons found Billions of dollars to put in the Clinton Foundation?

By making the Chinese richer, Obama will have his own Obama Foundation in just a few short years. And the Obama clan will be set for life.

So what happens is that the Chinese are smart people and they want to make more American dollars. So now that they have stolen the American factories and have great deal of power over American businesses, they want more. You know they have over a billion people to feed.

So what happens is the Chinese pay off the American politicians. They do this by campaign contributions to Americano politicians through American lobbyists. So at least someone is making lots of money in this endeavor. And as long as the lobbyists pay some taxes on this money their consciences are clear.

But it is time for the Republicans to point out these problems. So what will be the result. If you check the book by Midler… Poorly made in China. He hinted to this. But first they take over the factories. When this happened there were still Americans running the distribution of Chinese made products being sold to Americans by Americans in America.

So in other words the Chinese products were being distributed in America by Americans. In most cases it was the previous owners of the factories. Now the Chinese want to distribute their own products in America and cut out the American middle men. And Obama has given them the green light. So Chinese person comes to America. Pays no taxes for 7 years and runs a successful business. Retires in 7 years and sell business to relative in 7 years. Meanwhile American unemployment goes up, less jobs for Americans, but the lobbyists and politicians and their families get richer. 

So what Obama is missing is the fact that even though immigrants make money, it is usually at the expense of an American losing his decent job! It is just like job creation… Obama boasts of job creation but never factors in the job losses under Obama!

So Obama is real stupid or he wants to fund his own Obama Foundation just like the Clintons. The best way to do that is by huge favors granted to the Chinese government.

So this is what the Republicans should be showing to the American people. They have been told for ages that the Democrats are for the workers. They just never said it was the Chinese workers. It is time for the Republicans to question the actions of Obama and the Liberal Democrats.

The Democrats lost because of the lack of decent American jobs. Not because of minimum wages. So Lord Obama wants to bring in more illegal immigrants and legal immigrants to compete against Americans for real jobs. The numbers alone will drive down the standard of living for all Americans except politicians, lobbyists and their families. That is why Clinton signed NAFTA.

If the Republicans really want to win the war and not just a few battles here and there, they must climb the soap boxes all over America and preach about or point out to the masses that the Liberal Democrats and Obama don’t give a damn how much an American really makes. And that includes all Americans Black or White or in between!

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