Responsibility and States Rights

We are living is a time when morality is no longer relevant, and when responsibility for oneself, is based on relational or negotiated settlements. Even in the case of Europe, the Greece debt is ignored and even more money is thrown at a socialist state that has already failed. Negotiating and blaming the rest of the EU for its problems, Greece has succeeded in making the situation worse in the future. But what is the culture that allowed this to happen based on? It is socialism, the concept the progressives and liberal leftists are trying to push the United States to accept. A moral relativism that allows activists to disrupt a book signing, or play a “knockout game” in the streets of our cities. Or even attack a mother and her children because they were in “their “ neighborhood. They are offended by whites “ microaggressions” but burn cities and riots to make a point that they are offended.

Conservatives have been slandered, those in charge of political throught and correctness attack like a swarm anyone who shows any concern about the direction of our country, whether on religious or political terms they wil be shouted down. But others, such as the Black Panthers wanting to kill all white people, or politicians like Harry Reid who has been proven to have lied on the Senate floor about Mitt Romney are not mentioned outside of the voices on conservative media. Understand that Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, even late night personages like David Letterman or Bill Maher can say whatever they want, about whoever they want, and there will be no repercussion. The people of this country are getting tired of the hypocrisy, and aside from the liberal lemmings who will follow the likes of Obama are starting to see through people like the anti-semite, racist Al Sharpton whose sole purpose is the shake down those with money.

The thought police are pushing hard, trying to get as much as they can before more people wake up. The Confederate flag shot no one, and as a symbol of the South has been around for over 150 years. All of a sudden, the thought police have decided that it must go. It is a symbol of hate to them, and of heritage to those in the South who have a deep attachment to the history of those who died. Was the civil war about slavery or states rights? There is an argument to be made by both sides. That argument has been deemed unnecessary by the hysterics in the activist cadre, aided and abetted by the liberal media to the point that all memories of the Confederacy must be stricken from our memory. And although a part of the collective memory of the country, not only is the flag being destroyed, but now progressives are pushing such idiocy of such thins and digging up a Confederate general from his resting place and removing him to who knows where, renaming the Jefferson memorial and even Washington,D.C. Even going so far to rename Washington and Lee University, named after two of the most revered generals in our nations history. Contrary to progressive beliefs, Lee did not want war, and believed states rights were paramount. Federalism was under fire then, much like now.
People are getting tired of the animus, tired of being told what to believe by a central government, enforced by executive orders, and activists with no idea of what they are protesting for without the progressives telling them. At the Trump extravaganza in Las Vegas were protesters who had no idea why they were there, and didn’t even speak English. It stems from the unions and politicians who believe in the future of progressive-socialism that they say will transform the country into a Utopia. As Margaret Thatcher said “ Socialism works until you run out of other peoples’ money”. Combined with a non-enforcement of laws already written and the division intentionally brought about by this administration in all areas if sex, class, gender and religion has reached appoint where they are no longer valid, and ignored by most reasonable citizens, The leftists, immune from the debacles they cause continue to use the people of the world as a social experiment.

It used to be that most of the citizens perceived the federal government as the protector of individual rights as written in the Constitution. The latest Rasmussen poll as reported at Breitbart now shows 60% of the American people see the government as a threat to individual liberty. Although the politicians have caused this change, it is the change in attitude of the American people who have allowed it to happen. They no longer are involved in the administration of this country, and seem indifferent to understanding that the government rules by the consent of the governed, rather that by laws from on high, which the peasants who can not understand must follow. The 10th Amendment gives rights to the States rather than to the Federal government, but the citizens, until now, have been willing to sit back and let the rights our founders worked so hard for slip away. It will take widespread civil disobedience to the usurpation of states right through judicial and executive overreach, much like before the Civil War to find the way back. It will take strong state governments to override the continual damage that is being done. Fortunately these governments are trending conservative. It will also take the voters to be aware of what is happening both on the Federal and State level, and force the politicians to follow the wishes of the citizenry.

It is up to the voters, on a local ans state level to place those in power who will limit the role of the federal government. There is a very narrow set of powers that our funding documents give to the federal government, and with the pushback started in 2014, and continuing on the state level in 2016, the constitutional republic that we live in can be brought to each person in every state and help our children and our childrens children to renew the glory that has been our country in the past.

John C. Velisek USN (Ret.)
Twitter; sjspecialist

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