Ricky Gervais: The Awful Conversationalist

On the Golden Globes, on January 5rd 2020, only three days into the new year, provided such needed entertainment, but not at the audience expense, but at Hollywood. Yes, this is the time when movies from the year are nominated and such powerful people are in attendance for their excellence in craftsmanship in entertainment. What it doesn’t include is America, who watches every year, but this year, was just as absolute victory for everyone who is at least tired of celebrities accepting their award and making a political speech. Ricky Gervais, who stood at the center of attention, proved that comedy, when aimed against celebrities, can turn such assholes, such as Ricky Gervais, into modern day Gods of Comedy.

Comedy has always been subjective, and after years of making fun of Mel Gibson at the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais saw it as the time to act against the people who were nominated. The power of comedy is to attack everyone, not just one side or the other. The creators of South Park turn into the power of the Gods, and even so, what came of it is the time of such power needed to attack the nominated guests of the Golden Globes in the Hollywood Hotel.

2019 had been an awful year, and unlike many comedians who would have not gone for the “abrasive” comedy, Ricky Gervais turned the power of his wit against the Hollywood Elite, who sat there, resembling ancient beautiful statues, Brad Pitt with his shoulder length blonde hair, and Tom Hanks, who took much disrespect from Gervais, has already turned into a meme worthy face for the far right. But it’s Adam Driver, who is seen laughing, shows that Gervais was accepted by the crowd, but many have yet to admit it. Adam Driver also served in the military before he became an actor, which proves where his loyalties lay. But even so, maybe it’s just a young man, such as Driver, hearing what he is exactly thinking. Not everyone in Hollywood is out of touch with reality, it’s just that they can’t say it. Gervais was their speaker for the night, and America’s as well.

What he said was just as shocking as one might be. When groans were mentioned about Jeffrey Epstein not killing himself, the crowd groaned. It should have been the time to stop but Ricky Gervais shot back, “I know he was your friend, but I don’t care.” It’s the power of such hosts to attack, but British comedians have always gone for the throat. Monty Python attacked socialist leaders of the time in a round table discussion, where they were made to look like idiots in a game show. When he brought up “Ronin Farrow” the room looked like they were going to jail at the mention of his name. There are some pedophiles in the audience that are not in jail at that time. Many of whom unknown, but still, it proves a point that Hollywood can’t handle. They accepted Harvey Weinstein for years, but didn’t turn on him? Why? Because most likely they would be made accomplices in such pedophile rings. Maybe it’s why Tom Hanks had such a look of astonishment, and meme worthy face.

Not to mention the joke about Greta Thunberg. “You people spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg.” And across political spectrums, she might as well be the best target for any comedian. The Apple joke is superb, praising the film “The Morning Show” but criticizing it for China making phones in sweatshops.

What we don’t see is the fact that Gervais was clearly not holding back. He proclaimed, “If ISIS had a channel, you would call your agent.” It was just the one of many jabs spoken that night, but much of it is often celebrities clearly never listening to such words of wisdom. Another proclamation that really made the Hollywood Celebrities seem further out of touch with reality is when Ricky Gervais proclaimed, “You have no right to tell anyone how to live,” and “When you come up and accept your award, thank your agent, your god, and fuck off.”

Those words, as powerful as could be, sent shockwaves throughout the media. As of right now, the NBC channel on YouTube, has the clip of the monologue, has a 12 million views, which would seem like it eclipsed most shows of the night, and made more clicks than Martin Scorsese’s crime drama, The Irishman, did in its box office receipts of five million total. The problem is that when a comedian says something that doesn’t fit the PC narrative, most of the media will go on the attack for the celebrities. Even so, it wasn’t a problem when Gervais made fun of Mel Gibson for years, so why don’t they just sit there and take it? As he said, “No one’s watching the Golden Globes, it’s three hours long.” That’s a criticism that needs to be taken seriously in the future. After Lord of the Rings and The Passion of the Christ, I knew movies would fall into a tail spin. I didn’t post or make this assumption into the mainstream because I was just personally losing interest in movies, and even then, movies, from then, have seen a record breaking nose dive.

Video games are the main attraction for millennials, such as myself, and zoomers, who feel more gratified by winning a trophy on a game rather than spend time watching a movie. What we see since in the fourteen years since my prediction, came true. Movies would decrease in substance, but also many films, while some are very good that have come out since then, Avatar, Alita: Battle Angel, Apocalypto, American Sniper, Tropic Thunder, Hacksaw Ridge, Mother, A Quiet Place, The Departed, The Revenant, Inglorious Basterds, Nocturnal Animals, and Birdman, (and a few I might have forgotten, but there are some that deserve mention I haven’t seen as well) are the only few movies that I can say that from the middle of 2005-2016, were as any good that actually deserved the praise given.

I would say this to any Golden Globes or Legacy media giving out awards, is now time to include video games into the fold. They are a growing popularity that has not stopped since the 80’s, and play a dominant factor in the way people consume entertainment. You have to understand that most of the time, movies, and many I have reported on this year, except for Ford Vs. Ferrari, looked as good as the praise might have entrusted to say.

But the problem is that Gervais knows, as well as I do, that movies have fallen into a niche category, where most kids are playing Assassin’s Creed rather than watching movies. Movies are limited, and they can’t really provide the addictive quality of winning trophies for their hours put into gameplay.

But Gervais, and all he sees, knows that movies are in danger of turning into an elitist category. I used to be a huge movie person, and I still argue that nobody makes movies better than Terrance Malick or Stanley Kubrick, who bring that professional look to movies that you don’t see today. Much of what movies offer today is a watered down substance in turning such a great medium into the disasters they are today.

Maybe it’s just Gervais “taking the piss” out of Hollywood, but it’s been a long time coming. Since Mel Gibson is relatively out of the picture and accepted back into the mainstream media, it’s when Gervais turns his attention on Hollywood that they don’t like it. It’s hard when a comedian, such as Ricky Gervais, has to say it, but even then, it’s what America wanted. He’s hosting on an American stage in Hollywood, so he had to say what the world wanted him to say.

What proved against their favor is that when they did the exact opposite of what he told them to do. The stars proved that they are just as out of touch with what America is thinking, and they never truly did care what happened to the rest of America. But his message has been heard over and over again, and now, much of the ridicule is proven by the legacy media against Gervais, is what makes the media just as bat shit loony as the stars they protect.

I know that outsiders reading this may say “Oh he’s just mad that nobody cares about his art. He’s just trolling.” Well, facts are just the obvious footnotes in such a critique. Yes, the awards are too long. They should be cut down to an hour and a half, no musical productions, no more grandstanding, and maybe people would watch movies again. Include video games in your awards and you just might have an audience again. Don’t do as Michelle Williams did, talk about her abortion, which made no sense, and ultimately, wasn’t the time or the place to reveal it, since it’s only Heath Ledger they remember, and not her career. The problem is that Hollywood might as well have not been listening to Ricky Gervais, but even then, a recent tweet proves that sometimes, saying what people think will be a victory. Ricky Gervais, at the time of the Golden Globes, now has 300,000 new followers.

Dave Chappelle learned the hard way that when you speak about things people don’t want to hear, you will be a target by the media for “wrong think” about transgendered people. Ricky Gervais proved once again that people are now starting to wake up from the liberal group think tank and are thinking for themselves. It made Ricky Gervais a house hold name again, and proves that in the fight for freedom of speech, making fun of celebrities has always been fun. And as he said, “It’s just jokes. We’re all gonna die. There is no sequel.” And if we were arrested for every joke we made, we’d all be in jail, with comedians. I hope that’s not the case in the future.


Louis is an author of 15 books, all in digital and print form, on Amazon and Lulu.com. Louis can be found on Twitter, Gab, and Bitchute (he doesn’t make a lot of videos, but that might change in the future).



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