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Are conservative candidates who pull their punches just taking dives?

Ominously, our once great country has degenerated to the point where decent, moral people in various states are being legally discriminated against and penalized because they wouldn’t cater to the immoral! This is no exaggeration. For example, certain businesses have been singled out for punishment in some errant states simply due to the fact that these businesses sensibly deem homosexual activity immoral and they refused to cater to homosexuals.

As you probably also know, on many college campuses all across this country conservative speech is actively suppressed or censored. In other words, conservatives are being discriminated against on college campuses by liberal bigots on those campuses. And, as various conservatives in the entertainment industry have reported, conservatives are discriminated against in dissolute Hollywood. The biased dominant liberal media, e.g., liberal newspapers and magazines and TV networks, also discriminate against conservatives and conservative speech. (College campuses, the entertainment industry, and the dominant media need to be thoroughly cleaned up. Obtuse, discriminatory liberal bigots should not be welcome there or any place else.)

If we are going to win this “culture war,” the public needs to know the true natures of many of those on the other side of this culture war if the public is ever going to rise up against them. (Too many Republicans/conservatives are NOT accurately describing those opposing them, for whatever reasons. Maybe they’re too “nice,” or they’re RINOs, or Democrat plants, or Libertarian plants, etc.) And what is that true nature that we accurately need to describe, pulling no punches?

 Many of those most active on the left share the following characteristics:

1) they are intolerant bigots who believe it’s okay to discriminate against decent, upright people while hypocritically whining incessantly about discrimination.

2) they are hateful people who seemingly love to judge and call ethical individuals mean-spirited names (e.g., homophobe) while hypocritically whining about hate, name-calling, judgmentalism, etc.

3) they are actively trying to corrupt the morals of your children by using sleazy entertainment programming (e.g., TV shows, movies, music, etc., which promote low moral standards) and by using certain high school and college courses to insinuate into students absurd liberal prejudices.

(For example, much of school-based “sex education” is really sex mis-education and sex indoctrination. One unspoken goal of liberal “sex education” is the cultural approval of certain forms of sexual exploitation. Sexual exploitation is no big deal to many liberals. It’s no secret, for example, that many Hollywood “stars” slept their way, i.e., prostituted themselves on their way, to the top. A proposition for pre-marital sex, which is quite alright with libs, basically says: “I don’t think you’re worth marrying but I’ll use you for sex.” Pre-marital sex is really just a subtle form of sexual exploitation. But sexual exploitation is okay according to various entertainment programming and is popular on college campuses. It might not be so popular if teachers taught the truth about it.)

4) they hypocritically believe in restricting the rights of people who smoke tobacco (because of the diseases associated with smoking), but they do not believe in restricting the rights of people who spread gonorrhea, herpes, chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis-B, hepatitis-C, amoebiasis, giardiasis, HPV-related diseases, and other such STDs. (Bizarrely, sexual diseases seem to be “politically correct.”)

5) and so many on the left are opposed to the execution of guilty criminals while being unopposed to the execution of the innocent (innocent unborn babies).

 When we are dealing with many on the left, it’s no exaggeration to say we are dealing with the dregs of humanity. Repeat, that is no exaggeration. I’ve heard some on the left describe those who don’t toe their line on the environment as “murderers” (murderers of the environment and of the people negatively affected by pollution, I guess); and I’ve heard those who don’t agree with the way money is wasted on certain government programs described by some on the left as “terrorists” (terrorists of the poor, I guess). By their using such incendiary rhetoric, it’s almost like they want conservatives to be physically attacked by leftists. And of course the liberal bigots in the dominant media let those on the political left get away with such extremist, provocative rhetoric.

What are you going to do with such debased people? These liberal bigots, these extremists, need to be politically defeated, crushed. You’re not going to be able to reason with these fanatics because their extreme liberal prejudices have closed off their minds. We need to reveal to the public who these people really are, and what truly warped values they hold. Hopefully the public will then make the right choices in the voting booths.

Republican candidates who campaign against the left and who use accurate rhetoric carefully (without ranting and raving, screaming and shouting) will not only strongly motivate their base, but they will get the attention of more of the public than if they used bland, dispassionate, garden-variety rhetoric. They don’t necessarily need to use such arousing rhetoric against their individual political opponents if their opponents are “moderates,” but they should paint the corrupt Democrat Party with that rhetoric and severely chastise any Democrat, including their “moderate” opponents, for willingly associating themselves with that party’s “brand,” with that party’s perverse, extremist platform and agenda.

The values of the left tend to be so absurd we should be mopping up the floor with them politically. Look for candidates who can do that. They probably won’t be the genteel, namby-pamby, country-club type. Look for candidates who aren’t afraid to get in the trenches, aren’t afraid to mix it up and get their hands a little dirty. Candidates who want to “play nice,” who want to stand above the fray, are not being realistic, practical. Any Republicans/conservatives pulling their punches are probably just taking a dive and really don’t want to win. Avoid them like the plague. It’s high time we took the gloves off and called the dregs of humanity the dregs of humanity. We need to wake the sleeping giant and get it to focus on the real problem, the real threat to our society.

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