Romney’s 47 Percent: Is it a Good Thing or a Bad Thing? Ask Bozo the Clown!

So what has he done for the old people? Well Obama took away the cost of living increase for 3 out of the last 4 years.  And he took away money from Medicare. Not much just $700 billion dollars. Yet the old folks are afraid that Ryan will ruin Medicare.

One of the biggest problems with Romney’s 47 %:  Is what 47%?  What Governor Romney was referring to was that 47% of the people that vote for Obama are dependent on government and see themselves as victims. Why would anyone have a problem with that? Since the 1960’s we have heard nothing but the dreadful lives of the victims. They have to live in the inner cities. Their schools are inferior. They don’t eat right. They have no fathers. They don’t get promoted like other people because they are prejudicially too dumb to pass the test like other folks.


Can anyone that has any working gray matter even question the 47%? In Obama’s failed economy the number of victims is even higher. Most people in the work force today have never experienced the notion that there are no jobs out there and the concept of financial management in this day and age is completely foreign to them. Their factories were closed so that the American products which have been made in this country for 30 years would be better made in Red China!  And American citizens under Obama have been forced to take jobs that pay less then before he took office!


I think we all are victims. Even the guy that is making $10 million a year thinks he should make more. Look at the NFL refs. That used to be a part time job. Just like teachers. In the next few years they will be making over $200,000 a year and the benefits are probably full time as well. No problem, we will just add it to the cost of cable and ticket prices. I think that’s what Obama means by fair share.


Unfortunately the liberals made the 47% to include all voters. That would be all Democrats who were stupid enough to vote for a president who has destroyed the middle class. Now Obama campaigns that he will build a strong middle class. Where in Red China?


Obama had 4 years to fix the middle class economy and he looks like Bozo the Clown (Sorry Bozo). The problem is so bad; Obama said it is going to take a few more years to fix it. Miller says by November 9th, after the election he will say it will take another 9 years to fix the problem. Imagine how much damage the liberals and Obama can do in 9 years! If Obama was so smart, how come he didn’t know (wink! wink!) how bad the economy was before he applied for the job! He sold the victims on Hope and Change. Now they can only hope that there will be enough change left after all that hoping to buy a cup of non-Starbucks coffee. You would have to be the dumbest person on the planet to give Obama another day in office. Never mind 4 more years! 


First off, would you please list all the things that Obama has done to help the Middle class?  Ok so he hasn’t done anything yet. Let’s be fair, he has been out campaigning for the last 6 years, if he is re-elected maybe he might take some time to fix the economy. Or will he be out there campaigning for leader of the Global economy with Cllinton.  


So what has he done for the old people? Well Obama took away the cost of living increase for 3 out of the last 4 years.  And he took away money from Medicare. Not much just $700 billion dollars. And the old folks are afraid that Ryan will ruin Medicare. First off Ryan shouldn’t even bring it up. Obama has taught the old folks not to trust the government. So even though Ryan says he isn’t going to screw with Medicare for those 55 and above:  Who can trust the government! If Ryan was smart, he would cut out all the extra stuff and just use SS for the old folks only.


One of my readers commented that SS is not an entitlement, because people pay into it. But SS money is used for a myriad of other things. Wendell Willkie ran against FDR before SS was actually implemented. And he complained back then, that the money for SS should only be used by the pensioners. Well you see the problem with commies like FDR is that when they see free money like SS, they are quick to use it for other purposes. And if Slick Willie can steal from it to allegedly balance the budget… it is an entitlement. The government is entitled to take that money and spend it any way it wishes. Once they sign the IOU, they are free to make your money disappear. And it is tough for any politician to resist the temptation. And goofy Judge Roberts would just call it a tax. By the way, SS is actually a tax and an entitlement.


So 47% of Americans probably think they are victims to some degree. Anyone that pays sales tax on an automobile, real estate tax on their home or rental unit or their income tax probably thinks she is a victim. Imagine if you didn’t have to pay taxes for a year!


Obama enjoys talking about the percentage of taxes that Romney pays. But isn’t the bottom line how much tax you actually pay!  Obama only paid $162,074 in 2011 taxes. Romney paid $1,935, 708 in 2011 taxes. So Governor Romney paid 12 times the amount of taxes that Obama paid. I think we need more citizens like Romney. Obama wants to see fewer citizens like Romney. Obama believes in redistribution! Also it should be pointed out that Obama only paid $172,130 in charitable contributions according to Fox. And keep in mind most of his income comes from the government!  He must feel like a victim! On the other hand Romney paid $2,250, 772 to charities.  Speaking of dumb, who would you want to work on your economy Bozo or Romney? Most of Obama’s income comes from the government. Most of Obama and Lady Michelle’s expenses are paid for by the government. And Obama still only made $789,674 in income.


You could be the dumbest person on the planet but who do you trust to fix the economy?


Bozo the clown has all these wonderful dreams of his father and a lot of words but he hasn’t fixed the economy one iota. Matter of fact the economy is worse then when he took over. Or do you want to give Romney a chance? His wife won’t tell you what you can feed your kids. And Romney is a self-made millionaire. There was a time in American history when that mattered. We should cheer his success and hope that others can have an opportunity to achieve the same prosperity!


One small note to the victims and the government dependants like Obama, if there is no money in the till (economy) your pay check will be the first to get cut by Obama. So if you are going to bet on a horse, do you pick Bozo who is a natural born loser and system sucker? Or do you pick Governor Romney who pays millions to charities including the government. The choice is simple. Obama had his chance and he squandered it on Obamacare and over-spending. Let’s get a real president in the Oval Office. We don’t need a legal minded community organizer; we need a businessman who has made millions helping others to make millions! Is there really a choice?




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