Roots of the Israel-Gaza Conflict

With the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza I decided to re-publish this Open Letter which I wrote during one of the previous Israel/Gaza conflicts. Nothing much changes, it seems. But hopefully this time Israel will deal with the terror-mongers once and for all.

But it seems that John Kerry has either bought into the narrative exposed in this Open Letter, or is simply too historically ignorant to be Secretary of State. As Ari Shavit of the Haaretz Newspaper in Israel said, ‘very senior officials in Jerusalem described the proposal that Kerry put on the table as a “strategic terrorist attack.”’

“British and Muslim Duplicity against the Jews” by Joseph B.H. McMillan

(Open Letter to Tony Blair from The Silenced Majority in reply to the Muslim Groups’ Open Letter.)

Mr Prime Minister,

So far as the Muslim Groups’ open letter asserts that British foreign policy is the root cause of the current problems in the Middle East, we are in agreement.

Yet we suspect that we may differ about the actual policies which have caused and are causing the problems.

The notion of a Palestinian people, or nation, is a fiction created by Britain in collaboration with Muslim and Arab states to abort the birth of a Jewish state and, latterly, to be used as an instrument in the destruction of the State of Israel.

In 1922 Britain was given the League of Nations Mandate to help establish a Jewish National Home in what is now Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, and the Golan Heights. Article 6 on the Mandate required Britain to “facilitate Jewish immigration” into the Jewish National Home, and Article 5 prohibited Britain from disposing of any of the territory of the Jewish National Home. The Mandate specifically recognized “the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstructing their national home in that country.”

In breach of Article 5 of the Mandate, Britain handed that part of the Jewish National Home that is now Jordan to a certain Sheikh Abdullah from Saudi Arabia. At a stroke, three-quarters of the Jewish National Home was lost. Britain subsequently ‘traded’ what are now the Golan Heights to Syria (then still under a French Mandate).

At the same time, at the instigation of their Arab and Muslim ‘friends’, Britain established “quotas” as a device to circumvent the facilitation of Jews into their National Home, while encouraging and facilitating illegal immigration by Arabs, and indeed anybody else who would go there – except Jews.

In 1938 President Franklin D Roosevelt called an international conference at Evian, France, to help Jews being persecuted under the Nazis. The British refused any Jewish representation at the conference even though Nazi observers where allowed. Hitler knew the deep-seated hatred of Jews in Europe and taunted Roosevelt: “We, on our part, are ready to put all these criminals [Jews] at the disposal of all these countries, for all I care, even on luxury ships”.

Even though Santo Domingo offered to take 100,000 desperate Jews, the British could not find room for any Jews in any of its colonies, and the Jewish National Home was not even mentioned because Britain had already declared that “the absorptive capacity” was “full.”

The result? SIX MILLION Jews sent to the gas chambers.

And while the Jews were being gassed in Nazi extermination camps, the British refused them sanctuary in their own Homeland. US Treasury Secretary Morgenthau vented his anger in a letter to Roosevelt in 1944 like this: “in simple terms, the British were apparently prepared to accept the probable death of thousands of Jews in enemy territory …”

In the meantime Muslim ‘leaders’ were collaborating with the Nazis to prevent any Jews ‘escaping’ Germany and going to their National Home. In 1944 Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini castigated the Nazi Ribbentrop for ‘exchanging’ Jews in Germany for “Palestinian Germans”. This, said the Mufti, “would be incomprehensible to the Arabs and Moslems” who shared a common goal with the Nazis – the “destruction of the so-called Jewish National Home.”

Even after the Second World War, when the full horrors of the Holocaust were known, Britain still restricted the entry of Jews into the Jewish National Home. Jews were whipped back onto ships and even sent to ‘camps’ in remote places like Mauritius.

In 1947, the United Nations again, under Arab and Muslim pressure, partitioned what remained of the Jewish National Home. What was left, they assumed, would be easy to destroy.

Not surprisingly, the Jews had had enough. They had lost some eighty percent of their National Home to Britain’s deceit and collaboration with Arab and Muslim friends. Britain had also facilitated Arab and non-Jewish in-migration to the Jewish National Home which created what they then termed the “Palestinian people”.

The indigenous Arab population of the “Palestinian people” is tiny. Prior to the creation of the Jewish National Home, the population of that area was negligible. Even the British Consul in Palestine said in 1857 that “the country is in a considerable degree empty of inhabitants.” In 1867 Mark Twain too recorded, during his travels there, that “there is not a solitary village throughout its whole extent … There are two or three clusters of Bedouin tents, but not a single permanent habitation.”

So yes, we agree, British foreign policy is the root cause of the problems in the Middle East. They sought to collaborate with their Arab and Muslim friends to destroy the Jewish state before it was created. Between them, they created a “Palestinian people” from places as far away as Spain and Russia. They prevented Jews from entering their National Home, even while they were being marched into Nazi death camps.

And now, the “Palestinian people” are nothing more than convenient pawns earmarked as human fodder in the ongoing struggle of the Muslim and Arab people, in collaboration with the Europeans, to extinguish the Jewish state of Israel.

Lastly, Mr Prime Minister, a word about terror. There is only one reason for the proliferation of terror in the world today. The championing, by the Europeans, of the Palestinian ’cause’ (the elimination of the Jewish state), and elevating Yasser Arafat (yesterday’s Osama bin Laden) to world ‘statesman’, in return for the Palestinians agreeing to direct its terror solely at the Jews. A deal made in hell. In short, terror paid.

So when the Muslim groups talk of Britain’s policies being “ammunition to extremists,” what they mean is that Britain must suspend all support for Israel and continue as before in the connivance with Arab and Muslim states for the destruction of the Jewish people.

And on this constant threat of the ‘radicalization’ of the Arab and Muslim street, I should remind the Muslim groups, and indeed Muslim countries and communities around the world, of Dryden’s warning – “beware the fury of a patient man.”

It is the Arab and Muslim ‘street’ who should be worried about the decent peoples of the West becoming ‘radicalized’ by the incessant provocations and support for the murder and terror inflicted on the Jewish people in particular, and the West in general.

The Arab and Muslim ‘street’ would do well to remember the words of Admiral Yamamoto after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor: “I fear we have awoken a sleeping giant and have instilled in him a terrible resolve.”


Some Additional Facts about British and Muslim duplicity against the Jews

* March 2, 1939: British Foreign Office sent a telegram to the British ambassador in Berlin, Sir Neville Henderson, instructing him to bring to the attention of the German authorities that there was “a large irregular movement from Germany of Jewish refugees ..” and request the German authorities [ie the Nazis] “to discourage such travel on German ships.”

* A British White Paper in 1939 formalized the British practice of allowing Arabs to have a ‘veto’ over Jewish immigration into the Jewish National Home. It provided that Jewish immigration into the Jewish National Home would only be allowed “if the Arabs are prepared to acquiesce in it.”

* President Franklin D Roosevelt wrote this on May 17, 1939 in respect of Britain’s policy of restricting Jewish immigration into the Jewish National Home: “Frankly, I do not see how the British Government reads into the original Mandate … any policy that would limit Jewish immigration.”

* On July 10, 1940, the British High Commissioner in Palestine, on learning that some Polish military were being sent to Palestine, wrote to the British Colonial Office telling them to suggest to the Polish authorities that “only non-Jews [would] be acceptable.”

* Winston Churchill, although ‘involved’ in the original breach of the Mandate by handing that part of the Jewish National Home that is now Jordan to Abdullah, later expressed embarrassment at Britain’s “repudiation” of its obligations under the Mandate. He regarded Britain’s position that Arabs should agree to any Jewish immigration into their National Home a “violation of the pledge.”

* Herbert Morrison, a British Member of Parliament, was one of the few voices in Britain raised against Britain’s attitude towards the Jews. He said this in Parliament in May 1939: “Stop this evil thing being done. .. I ask them to remember the sufferings of these Jewish people all over the world. I ask them to remember that Palestine, of all places in the world, was certainly the place where they had some right to expect not to suffer or to have restrictions imposed upon them. Look at the extent of the country – this little patch of territory. Transjordan has already been taken away.” If ONLY there were someone in Britain today expressing such sentiments in favor of the Jews. Alas, there are none.

* In the United States there were of course expressions of outrage at Britain’s duplicity and dishonesty. The Conference of Protestant and Catholic Leaders in 1936, representing virtually every religious denomination as well as Labor Leaders called on Britain to honor its obligations to the Jewish people “and rescind its illegal, unjust, and indefensible partition of Palestine, to restore Transjordan to its proper place as part of [the Jewish National Home], and throw it open to Jewish settlement.” The United States Senate endorsed those sentiments in its Report on Palestine, calling for Jewish settlement of both sides on the Jordan river – that is, including what is now the Kingdom of Jordan – an illegally occupied part of the Jewish National Home, or what is now Israel.

* Muslim ‘leaders’ sided wholeheartedly with the Nazi’s in the Second World War. The Nazi Ribbentrop wrote to Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini on April 28, 1942, in response to the Mufti’s letter to him, that “Germany is consequently ready to give all her support to the oppressed Arab countries in their fight … for the destruction of the Jewish National Home.”

* The Mufti also gave a radio address in Rome on March 19, 1943, calling on American Muslims to support the Nazis: “I would like to remind them [the American Muslims and Arabs] that their efforts will be wasted if, God forbid, America and her allies may be victorious in this War.” The Mufti went on th say that “Allah is too just and merciful to grant such murderous violators any victory. We are sure that victory will be ours and that of our friends [the Nazis].”

* On November 2, 1943, Heinrich Himmler himself wrote to the Grand Mufti thus: “The National Socialist Movement of Greater Germany has since its beginning, inscribed upon its flag the fight against world Jewry. … It is in recognition of this enemy and of the common struggle against him that lies the firm foundation of the natural alliance that exists between [the Nazis] and the freedom-loving Moslems of the world.”

These few notes give only a small taste of British duplicity and collaboration with the Arabs and Muslims in the prevention of the establishment of a Jewish state. And the Muslims were hedging their bets. They had a veto over Jewish immigration into the Jewish National Home, yet sought a Nazi victory in the War, which too would have served their purpose – the destruction of the Jewish people in Palestine.

Acknowledgment to Joan Peters and her excellent work From Time ImmemorialThe Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict over Palestine. Also to the many web sites documenting the facts relating to the Middle East, rather than the fog of ignorance generated by Muslim and European propaganda peddled by the bucket-load in the United Nations.

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