Rule by Committee: Is That What the Constitution Says?

obmamnstySince the liberals took over the insane asylum, people just keep scratching their heads and saying “what happened?”

Think about this: Obama allowed over 12 million foreigners to invade our shores and now he wants to document them. If you really believe the number is still 12 million, I have some ocean front property in Kansas I would love to sell you.

Obama wants to give the UN an additional $2 Billion dollars to help other nations fight climate change. That would be the same as trying to empty the ocean with a 5 gallon bucket.

Obama wants to have equal pay for everyone except the Clintons and the Obamas. Tell me how that is supposed to work. By the way they almost do that in Europe already.

In Italy the pay difference between a teacher and a physician is very small. Wonder if they still make house calls.

So Obama rules by executive order, which is not what the founding fathers envisioned for our so called Democracy, Liberty and Freedom.

Democracy is rule by the people. But the founders thought that the common man was pretty stupid, so you better rule by a Republic which is ruled by a committee.

I write about a Mr. Williams who is quite successful. He has been doing his Monday morning memos for a long time. He had a memo on rule by committee. Roy H. does not like committees. And he starts out by writing that the teamwork stuff is a lot of baloney (paraphrased).

I laughed because my practice grew during the period when all the practice management gurus were preaching you had to have a team. And even the Gurus couldn’t build their own teams. So how was a dental practice with a bunch of uninterested women going to build a dental team. I learned a long time ago from my dad, paying more for a worker, does not necessarily improve production and it never increases profits. 

So Obama’s real problem is that he is a rule by committee guy. The problem is he is ruling with the wrong committee at the wrong time. The liberals are now blaming everyone else for their problems except of course themselves.

The wrong time is easy. You can’t over burden the economy with stupid ideas that cost a great deal of money when the economy is not doing so well. In other words you can’t saddle the middle class with more of a burden then they could possibly handle. After all since Clinton they have been sending our great jobs to other countries in exchange for political campaign donations. By the way those donations don’t help the middle class.

Obama alone is responsible for many illegal immigrants and legal immigrants coming to our shores. Again at a time when our economy can’t afford it. He doesn’t quite understand that there are rules in place and everyone is invited to come to this nation but they must apply and come through the front door. Jeb Bush calls it an act of love, but do you really want to live in America as an illegal, when you could have come through the front door. Obama’s committee says let’s permit them all in. There are about 800 million poor people in the world. Which are the chosen few and will Obama approve them all!

Even Chuck Schumer attacked Obama stating that ObamaCare was a mistake. What? Is he kidding me. They should have worked on the economy. Is this loser for real? The ObamaCare committee when they had the secret meetings with the insurance companies and the other liberals knew that ObamaCare was going to hurt the economy. But the Schumer Obama committee ruled: Shove ObamaCare down the throats of all those stupid middle class Americans. Isn’t that what MIT Gruber said as he cashed millions in payments from the liberals.

So ObamaCare just like any other liberal program dictated by the liberals is nothing but another tax. And guess who pays the tax. You the middle class. This is how it works, millions of folks and this will include legal and illegal immigrants will receive free healthcare in the form of Medicaid. They actually think it is ObamaCare. And guess who pays for it? Every time you pay for your healthcare, you are paying extra so that the feds and states can afford Medicaid for others. This was decided by committee! Remember Pelosi said they had to pass the bill to find out what was in it. (Actually what the liberals and the Obama committee by executive order would put in it.).

So the Obama committee screwed the American economy. So what is Schumer talking about. Schumer wasn’t in the legacy Obama photo when Obama signed the bill. But has Schumer forgot who voted for ObamaCare. Schumer voted for Obama’s committee propaganda. He spent millions a year on a staff and offices and he didn’t know ObamaCare was a failure! That is because gutless Schumer did not create ObamaCare, but the committee of liberals gave the nod for ObamaCare. and up the chimney ObamaCare flew with Schumer’s vote of approval. Can Schumer have it both ways? A liberal will always lie about everything, but when will the stupid voters wise up. (Using Gruber’s words of course).

Not only do the stupid middle class according to Gruber get to pay for the Medicaid for others, but they have large deductibles and co-pays to deal with. Guess what? All those folks on Medicaid don’t pay a dime for anything. No deductibles, no co pay and no premiums. Why shouldn’t they sneak into this country! The land of stupid people. Ruled by liberal committees who don’t care about the middle class. Because the new American dream is not to be prosperous like Obamas and Clintons and own your own home. The new liberal American dream is to own absolutely nothing, have no job and live off the government. You can sleep all day and wait until your free cell phone rings to wake you up.

Twenty years ago this would be unheard of. But look at the other programs. Medicare should be free, it would be if you weren’t paying for everyone else. Some of us have paid for Medicare from the beginning. If you have assets you will continue to pay.

Social security should be overflowing with money. Instead the surplus mostly goes to the folks on disability. Who claim they couldn’t work. I love when Judge Judy says to her complainants who are on disability… You look like you can work.

So it is time to get rid of all the Democrats. They once were a party of moderates and conservatives. There was a middle ground that could be had! In 20 years they have destroyed the economy of a great nation, If we can get rid of all the Democrats, we can go back to real prosperity, not prosperity ruled by Obama and Clinton’s committees.

All the folks are angry and would be pretty stupid if they still trusted the liberal Democrats. The snowball effect of healthcare and illegal immigrants is something the Liberals are proud of. Their committee has ruined the American way of life. Too bad we can’t send them into exile. But at least we can vote them out of office and end their luxurious pay checks and benefits.

Maybe it is time to stop being stupid!

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