Rush Limbaugh joins the voices of those calling to pull children out of the public schools

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Christian leaders and other outspoken figures of the past and up to the present have been warning about secular education and more so in our day and age with our government funded public schools, which thanks in part to the Supreme Court of the United States, have become schools of Darwinian Marxist Secular Socialist Statism with the end game of making children not only into useful idiots of humanism, but embrace the brave new world of a church of sorts of big centralized government and its rules that are hands down opposite of the Law of God.

You might have known about about John J. Dunphy and his call for the public school classroom to be the battle ground between Christianty (which Dunphy calls a “rotting corpse”) and humanism (which he called a “new faith” but isn’t really) and Dunphy’s end goal declaring;

Perhaps, we will be able to say with Tom Paine that “the world is my country, all [hu]mankind (mankind or the broader mankind to make things equal) are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.” It will undoubtedly be a long, arduous struggle replete with much sorrow and many tears, but humanism will emerge triumphant. It must if the family of humankind is to survive.

Dunphy has found his place in this world and is quite content on not only being a humanist, but a down right progressive leftist who wants to “fundamentally transform” our culture. That transformation calls for a secular progressive utopia which in reality has and will become a distopia full of misery and nihilism.

His promises seem to sound empty, but does Dunphy really care? I don’t think so. For what matters to the likes of him is to create the perfect society that proves that we don’t need God and nor do we need his son Jesus Christ to save us. We will not only deny God and the fact that he create us (in favor of Darwinism), but we will seek a license to sin and we shall break as many laws of God that we can…including his laws regarding stealing and murder. Just ask Annie Laurie Gaylor and her husband Dan Barker. Those two want to cleanse culture of any expression of faith so that the macro culture can and will accept preborn baby murder (i.e. abortion) as a blessing for the culture and for women who must be sexually liberated.

Just part of the greater agenda of Free Love/Sexual Liberation and that includes not only the horrid practice of abortion but the promotion of eugenics which is complementary to any kind of murder of the unfit and unwanted. It does not matter as long as the likes of Alyssa Milano, Sarah Weddington, Madonna, Gloria Steinem are able to enjoy their sexual pleasures. All the women I listed here, admitted to having abortions. While Madonna is not the biggest of the braggers; Milano, Weddington and Steinem have continue to push for legal abortion and now that includes the right to choose infanticide should the baby survive the abortion and the mother still wants to deny her newborn life…all because she does not want to raise it (women’s right to choose kids) and only wanted sexual pleasure.

The saddest thing is that the Free Love agenda advocates are doubling down and are pushing it more aggressively in the public schools especially in the “blue states.” Not just pushing the ideal of having sex when teenage hormones rage (coupled with abortion services), but also the push of the LGBTQ agenda (including teaching transgenderism to younger children and even encouraging them to “choose” their gender at such an impressionable age) which also ties into the overall Free Love agenda. It seems that the Free Love is more important than learning the history of our nation, math and reading/English skills and not just that…but accepting this ideal of secular humanist socialism. The National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers are all in for creating the perfect child (and future left wing radical activists) of their dreamed perfect Progressive, Socialist, Marxist Humanist society to usher in a perfect society in which our government becomes our god…and the teachers and other progressive master minds not only get to play god, they get their license to be wicked, and harm others for their own personal gain and/or “the greater good.”

This brings us to what Rush Limbaugh recently said when he talked about the threat that the left in general coupled with the Democratic Party is past and present. Along the way he brought up a story from The New York Times (of all places, but hey we know he has read the paper so we don’t have to) with the headline “We Have Ruined Childhood” written by Kim Brooks. Brooks mentions psychologist Peter Gray who says that today’s children are more depressed than those who grew up during the Great Depression. Gray also says that the children of today experience higher anxiety levels than those who grew up during the peak of the Cold War.

The Journal of Abnormal Psychology did a recent study on today’s children and found that between 2009 and 2017, rates of depression among teens between 14 and 17 years of age rose to more than 60 percent, and 47 percent among 12 to 13 years of age. The piece also reports on children who pay a visit to the ER because they are having thoughts of suicide or worse actually attempted to kill themselves. Rush lays the blame on the NYT who admits there is problem but just can’t point their own crooked finger at themselves and admit their own worldview caused this;

They have destroyed the concept of family. They have invented psychological disorders and then plugged people into them. They have demonized men for how many years? What’s the modern era of feminism traceable to, 1969-1970? Men, fathers have been berated and demonized all that time. Men don’t even go to college anymore ’cause they don’t want to get the crap handed out to ’em.

Women’s Studies? They don’t want to have to deal with angry women, angry over what men have done to ’em — and why do they think that? That’s what the media has told them. Now, we’ve been talking about this for 20 years. But there are more and more articles like this in a bunch of leftist places. They haven’t shown up in mainstream. They’re in leftist websites and so forth, ’cause everybody — well, every parent — wants the best for their kids, and they’re starting to see, “This is a screwed-up situation!”

Yes Rush, it is indeed a screwed up situation, and yes as a parent you really want the best for your kids, but if your also a progressive you want it both ways. However, the children can’t hack the law of the jungle unlike those who promote it and have some kind stability. Still these people who want the “jungle law” are a proven danger to liberty and freedom (and even themselves). Rush did not finish their however;

I think it’s becoming very apparent to Millennial parents, parents of Millennial kids. Their kids are struggling in the wretched, horrible circumstances of the public school system. One of the answers to this mess (sobbing) “What’s happening to our children?” is homeschooling. It’s not just conservatives and Christian-oriented people who are choosing to pull children out of public schools.

So Rush Limbaugh, the Godfather of Conservative Talk radio has finally come out and said it. Pull your children out of the public schools. Limbaugh has joined the voices of many high profile Christian leaders like James Dobson and Franklin Graham, to long time Christian homeschooling advocates Kevin Swanson, his friend and ally Bill Jack, and Bob Enyart. The later ones (Swanson, Jack, Enyart) listed have been attacking public education much longer than a Limbaugh might have.

David Lane of the American Renewal Project and a contributor to Charisma News points out a statement made by Arthur Walkington “A.W.” Pink;

Human nature was corrupted at its fountainhead and therefore all the streams issuing therefrom are polluted. Leprosy works insidiously and almost imperceptibly. It is a disease that is attended by little pain; only in its later stages, when its horrible effects reveal themselves, is it unmistakably manifest. And thus it is with that most awful of all maladies. Sin is subtle and sly, so that for the most part its subjects are quite unconscious of its workings.
Leprosy spreads with deadly rapidity. Though it begins with certain spots in the skin, which are small at first, they gradually increase in size; slowly but surely the whole body is affected. The corruption extends inwardly while it spreads outwardly, vitiating even the bones and marrow. Like a locust on the twig of a tree, it continues eating its way through the flesh, till nothing but the skeleton is left. This is what sin has done [to public education in America]; it has corrupted every part of [its] being, so that [public education] is totally depraved. No faculty, no member of [this] complex constitution has escaped defilement. Heart, mind, will, conscience—spirit and soul and body—are equally poisoned.”

A.W. Pink in his time was critical of government funded education and feared it as a cancer on America. Pink passed away in in 1952 ten years before SCOTUS handed down its ruling barring prayer in American public education (Engel v. Vitale).

Jack (a former public school teacher) who is a recurring co-host on Kevin Swanson’s Generations podcast (and is a co-founder and part of the faculty of The Worldview Academy based out of Dallas but resides in Canon City, Colorado), has called out teachers to renounce “the script” and actually teach the children…even if that costs them their job and livelihood. How do you teach the children and how that could cost the teachers their jobs? Well according to Jack, these teachers need to teach the children that their is a God, and teach the Word of God. Well since they claim to be missionaries on the field…I say put your money where you mouth is…and maybe just maybe if enough of these public school teachers do it and get ran out by the system, the secularists, and more; then a statement can be made. Coupled that with getting loose from the milestones around their necks and/or the cement shoes of sorts on their feet. Either way it gets the job done. Jesus himself said to ‘let the little children come to’ him as they enter God’s kingdom like a child. In Jack’s own words as said on the podcast, “it’s time to educate (with a Christian worldview), not indoctrinate (with a secular worldview).”

Still Jack feels that the godless secular public education system has won the culture war, and blames the pastors in most of the pulpits who are afraid of getting blowback from public school teachers who might be among their flocks. He calls on the pastors not to fear that respected blowback and fear God for once and defend the children from forces who would dare hinder them from Christ…and compared to what? Create more enemies of Christ and/or justifying their sin? It’s the souls of the children that matters and their is a battle indeed going on.

I will close this piece with one of the best statements that Martin Luther made regarding Christian education.

Above all, the most important and most usual teaching, in both the universities and the lower schools, ought to be concerned with the Holy Scriptures . . . Oh! how unwisely we deal with our poor young folk, whom we are commanded to train and instruct [Prov. 22:6]! But we shall have to give a serious account of our stewardship, and explain why we have not set the Word of God before them . . . We fail to notice the present pitiful distress of the young people. Though they live in the midst of a Christian world, they faint and perish in misery because they lack the gospel in which we should be training and exercising them all the time…But I would not advise anyone to send his son to a place where the Holy Scriptures do not come first. Every institution, where the Word of God is not taught regularly, must fail. That is why we observe the kind of people who are now and will continue to be in the universities . . . I greatly fear that the universities are but wide-open gates leading to hell, as they are not diligent in training and impressing the Holy Scripture on the young students.

Tell that to the many people in the biggest and apostate Lutheran church body in America (ELCA).

Well parents, the public education system is coming apart. The question you must ask, are you going to let this failure take your children with them? While homeschooling and private Christian schools will not guarantee that you child will depart from the faith, the chances of your children falling away from the Christian faith are much greater with public education (51 percent of kids leave the Christian faith according to the Gen2 survey done by Generations) than homeschool (14 percent) or a Christian school (28 percent).

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