Rushing into History Part Three… Freedom!

Rush Revere and the American RevolutionRush Revere and the American Revolution is part three in a trilogy written by Rush Limbaugh and his lovely wife Kathryn. And Rush is tickled pink that his books are being read by so many young and   old. And clearly the purpose is to take those minds and heads filled with liberal mush and mold the mush into something that is substantial.

Leno was one of the first to do it, but when folks like Kimmel and Watters go to the streets and ask relatively educated folks about history they know just about nothing.   And that frightens me a bit, but I guess I have always been curious about old stuff, but how can you think about the future of this great country without knowing anything about the past.

And as usual anything Limbaugh touches turns to gold. That is not really an accident. He is a gifted individual and he understands and has a sixth or seventh sense of what sells.

This book about the fight for freedom starts with Paul Revere and ends up on July 4th.

And an underlying message is dealing with the missing parent who leaves a family to go to war. And it could be very difficult for the family. I found out years later when my uncle went to war in the 40’s, he left his wife with 4 kids. She was pissed. But my uncle clearly was a patriot. So it is quite a challenge for most families to deal with the hurt feelings felt by some children who feel abandoned because one of their parents is going off to war and may never return. And to a child or a spouse the question is always why?

One of the characters you get to meet along the way is a Dr. Joseph Warren. And the story continues with the Battle of Bunker Hill and the amazing task by Colonel Knox to be creative enough to supply the revolutionaries with enough artillery to keep the Redcoats away from Boston.

There is a section on Thomas Paine and his Common Sense. And we are at a time in our own history where we need to incorporate some common sense. After the communism spewed by Obama and the liberals to bring down the American dream and the American economy, it is time to vote all these liberals out of office. No matter how many times they lose they still come back with these socialistic ideas that don’t work and tear down the fabric of the prosperity of this country. Remember Gruber said you were stupid. Technically he is correct. So it is time for the American people legal and otherwise to use a little common sense and send the communists a packing. Never to return for at least another 50 years.

At the end you get to sit in on the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It is quite remarkable how the Rush characters are there. They are in the middle of things, but in the end their presence does not change history. Today we see liberals always trying to change past history. They can change the climate, why not history! Common sense would have to ask, why do they lie about almost everything.

The Preamble is quite sweet. And in the olden days you were allowed to memorize the beginning of our constitution and history. Today it must be outlawed in all our public schools. The secularists would never allow it.

It goes like this: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness.”

This must scare the hell out of most commies, liberals, and socialists. There are volumes written on these concepts but most people have no clue what they actually mean and how this has been bastardized by the liberals and the communists.

And let’s face it, we really don’t care what they do as long as we can prosper and our children and their children can do the same. But our leaders seem to prosper but since Clinton, the liberals seem to be more interested in the prosperity of other countries rather than the prosperity known as the American Dream.

For example, no matter how dumb you think Obama is, he had to know that ObamaCare would supply healthcare free to at least an additional 30 million people but the cost would be outrageous to the people who lost their jobs in the Obama economy and forced to take lower paying part time jobs. And then they were saddled with the cost of higher premiums, higher deductibles and higher co-pays. Obama had to know that from the beginning that he and the liberals did not care about the consequences. Obama wanted his legacy. Let’s make sure he gets his legacy as the president that was too stupid to leave the economy alone.

By the way this is the third book of the trilogy. I skipped the 2nd book, will return to it later. I am sure Limbaugh and company will have many more to follow. Hopefully he will be teaching the children something that is missing in our trillion dollar public schools.

So let’s look at this preamble part again.   What these patriots are John Hancocking is that these truths come from God. and these rights are rights to men and women alone. In other words it is not bestowed to a king or a dictator like Obama. His executive orders and now a loose memo are similar to what the Nazi’s were about. But what poor Obama is finding out is that most Americans and Latinos legally here do not want a blanket amnesty. I would think that the average American would like to see the existing laws enforced. No one wants open borders. If they are open, anyone can come to the United States and burden our school systems and entitlement (handout) programs. But liberals like Obama don’t care!

And all we ask from out government is to get the hell out of the way so we can enjoy these rights. They are the right to live, the right to be free and the right to pursue any reasonable happiness.

We didn’t want King Georgie. We don’t want emperor Obama or Lady Obama meddling in our everyday affairs. The only real way to have those rights is to have a government that is no longer corrupt and have a government that is transparent. So transparent that we don’t even know they are there. And then there will be an abundance of jobs in the land so people can live free and be Happy. Liberals seem to think the more rules they make the better managed the people will be. Don’t they see that King George thought the tea tax was a good thing. There are no taxes that are good things. Especially a tax called ObamaCare.

Hope Rush keeps on writing about American History. The more non-liberals we have, the better the country will be. And the American Dream will be a right, not just a dream!

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