Sacrifice: The Difference Between Liberals and Americans

obmcr4The word sacrifice when used by a liberal is always applied as an expectation for others, while conservatives use it individually.

The liberals/progressives/Democrats make every effort to enact laws to take more and more tax money from successful Americans to redistribute to their perpetually needy constituents. The liberal idea of  “sacrifice” is taking the hard-earned monies from one group of people to give to another, usually a selected minority that they have determined to be more worthy of using those funds. Proof of “others’ only” sacrifice by Democrats is their method that Democrat-only “Obamacare” is to be funded. That law was planned to work only if American youth and other healthy subscribers pay heavily for un-needed and un-used coverage so that other recipients (including non-working multi-generational entitlement-seekers) can have free and unlimited health care. Another proof of Democrats taking monies from one group to give to their constituency is the explosion of tax-funded food stamps that are being used by more entitlement seekers than ever. Coupled with very little enforcement to prevent fraud, are the frequent examples where citizens see firsthand where “food stamps” (EBT Cards) are used to buy legal Marijuana, booze, jewelry, expensive clothes including lingerie, but there is never an effort by Democrats to clean up the system and diligently prosecute offenders. We pay in, or are subject to enforcement actions by the IRS (just like Obamacare), and the Democrats give away our tax dollars to ensure both the dependency and loyalty of their constituency.  

Conservatives use the word sacrifice” as it applies to themselves. They learn to make healthy life choices while “sacrificing” less play for more work. Conservatives “sacrifice” their time by participating in charities and  churches. They “sacrifice” their lives by serving their country. They are the brave Americans who fight and sometimes die for the freedoms and rights of all Americans of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But instead of respect and honor our servicemen and women are forced to .have their pay, benefits and retirements all reduced to funnel even more tax monies to minority Democrat constituencies. Liberals then use their unearned security and freedom from fear to undercut our military so that wounded veterans face years of delays to have their service connected maladies and disfigurement addressed while minority entitlement-seekers are assured of prompt, unlimited care. Once again another, honestly more deserving group sacrifices for the minority constituency who supports Obama.

To achieve the desired “sacrifice”, the liberals and conservatives differ as well. The liberals know that they cannot expect successful Americans to continue to agree to sacrifice the fruits of their efforts and redirect money to go to others instead of providing for their own families, so they resort to exaggerations, misleading statistics and lies like Obama engaged in to sell Obamacare. Obama repeatedly stated over and over that all Americans would be able to keep their doctors and maintain their current coverage when he knew or should have known that it was a lie. The Obama administration has lied to push their agenda about Benghazi with Susan Rice telling America what she knew or should have known was a complete falsehood. The Obama administration has lied about illegally running guns to Mexico having to shield the AG, Eric Holder with executive protection when he was faced with prosecution for his part in deceiving the American people. The Obama administration lied (or were horribly ignorant and incompetent) when staff memos said that his one trillion dollar stimulus package would prevent unemployment from ever going above 8 percent when if fact it peaked at 10 percent and was greater than 8 percent for most of Obama’s term in office.

At any rate, this record of Obama’s deception (or serial incompetency of the highest order) makes this administration completely untrustworthy and proves that they will go to any length to ensure that successful Americans will continue to “sacrifice” to feed the Democrat’s never-satisfied (and unappreciative) entitlement-seeking minority constituency.

Conservatives sacrifice by just saving, doing without and tithing.

Big difference, huh?

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