The government obviously wasn’t prepared to handle this situation; this was out of their league, why? This is an unacceptable (F) grade, “a total failure”.
This past storm called “Sandy” has proven one thing; we are a vulnerable Nation, full of incompetence. We thought here especially on the Northeast coast were so invincible to anything Mother Nature can throw at us, as we did in the past, yet we experienced a very rude humbling awakening with this storm of extreme magnitude.
We were warned for over a week, by all those who predict the weather that “Frankenstorm” was coming our way, yet our elected and appointed leadership and government agencies, including our utilities companies were so ill-p


repared. The aftermath was so despicable it left us all defenseless in a disgraceful dreadful mess of substandard inefficiencies.

Parts of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut were devastated, causing injury and death. People were pleading for help, crying out on bended knee and all they received for days and days was a photo opt by President Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. I didn’t realize this before until our illustrious Governor from New Jersey was hugging Mr. Obama. The two of them looked like the perfect couple.
Then you have insensitive idiots like Chris Mathews commentator on MSNBC saying while closing coverage on election day after Obama’s re-election “So Glad We Had That Storm Last Week Because The storm Was One Of Those Things”. Mr. Jackass people died in that storm! People were injured because of that storm. People were homeless because of that storm. People had no heat because of that storm. People suffered because of that storm. Sure Chris what’s a few people dying as long as it helps Obama remain in the Presidency for another four years. You are and your liberal friends hideous demons?
Some are still without power for over (10) ten days, and the end of their turmoil seems to have no end. The power companies repetitiously state in a sarcastic voice or a recording “it’s going to take longer”, while using the standard “Please be Patient”. The political hacks seem powerless while the people suffer and suffer without any relief. This is a disgrace? Are we in America or some third world nation?
This is an unacceptable (F) grade, “a total failure”. There were trees down for days, affecting electric poles, wires and power transformers, blocking streets, leaving hazardous situations to all residents, residing in the area. Sections of the Jersey Shore looked like a war torn nation, yet their reply was continuous, “Please be Patient”!
Staten Island was left to fend for themselves, while Mayor Bloomberg brought in needed generators and supplies that should have been delivered to the distressed area; instead they were delivered to the scheduled New York City marathon.
Only after public protest and media humiliation of His Honor, the Mayor was forced to yield, concealing the event. Mayor Bloomberg feel their pain, instead of being an uncompassionate money making zombie of shame.
We received messages from government officials, especially Governor Chris Christie and all our local governments constantly stating we must brace over selves, for the inevitable, but no information or communications from the “Electric Company”.
These phone calls were given before and during the storm, announcements were made by the media but after the lights went out, there was a sound of silence. Did the politicians actually ignore their own warnings and dropped the ball? Was there every precautionary method used to diminish hardships? Obliviously they weren’t.
Why weren’t the National Guard troops deployed before the storm making essential preparations? No generators, no transportation, no gas, no power, crowded shelters, no communications, looting, personal effects stolen, fires were standard operational procedures?
Information was almost non-existent, even by any non-electrical equipment. Sympathy, compassion and understanding were thrown out the window, by the same authorities we relied upon. We were not only victims of “Sandy”, but we were also exploited by numerous government and private agencies, especially by the gas and electric companies.
As always the first responders, Police, Fire, EMT’s were exceptional, and neighbor did help neighbor, thank you!
This is the 21st century, the age of instant information and technology, yet we found ourselves going backwards in time. Our cell phones were inoperative. We had no electric; heat, computers, internet, or television, food was dwindling or getting spoiled. We were forced into a wilderness of darkness and silence. Terrorist actions could have been administered and we would still have remained clueless. Any modern forms of communications came to an abrupt halt except for the radio.
The utilities companies have a monopoly, with a monopoly there is responsibility. They must be held to higher standards. Competition always improves services, but with them there is none. If I don’t like my cable, I can go some where else. If I don’t like my phone service I can go some where else, If I don’t like my electric company, I remain in darkness!
My company in New Jersey is Public Service Gas and Electric (PSEG). Unfortunately, they are totally inept, but as most we are stuck with their abuses, lies, fabrications, incompetence and arrogance. There was absolutely no information or dialog administered from them to their customers. They run it as they will and the hell with their customers. “You don’t have power be patient, sooner or later it will come back when we decide to fix your problem”?
Naturally, which can be expected, with no confidence, most of our local government Officials are clueless, and show no sense of direction!
They must be forced to update their system, with better organizational structure, networks and emergency procedures to combat any and all catastrophes. This will not only enhance efficiency but will also decrease hardship to their customers. They’re quick enough, with all their arrogance, to shut off your power if you don’t pay your bill on time, but what consequences are placed upon them when they experience unnecessary incompetence and fault?
All they do is manufacture and offer excuses, blame others or: Acts of God”. They obviously weren’t prepared to handle this situation; this was out of their league, why? Are they accountable to no one, but themselves? Hopefully this didn’t adversely affect anyone’s health?
They should not only take the high road of common decency by offing all residents that experienced loss of power credit, for the days lost including any additional reimbursement for all food spoilages or anything else lost through their malpractices?
My prayers and sorrow are extended to all those, everywhere, who lost their homes and property, especially for all those who lost family members and dear friends in this travesty. God Bless and Protect us always.

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