Santa and SOTU: What Difference Does Obama Really Make!

Barack ObamaObama’s state of the union address may be the funniest of all the speeches so far. And you have to begin to wonder why they began to publicize the presidents’ speeches. And it takes a strong will for the speaker and VP to stay awake and know when to stand and when to applaud. And these guys may be doing it without botox.

I caught a bit of Rush before the big day for Obama. And Rush commented that the SOTU is no more than a president playing Santa Claus.

And I had to think for a while there have been some patriotic speeches brought by Presidents Bush and Reagan. But the liberals can only really talk about make believe stuff that they think will happen magically and someone else is going to pay for it. Thus a Santa Claus is going to come to the United States and sprinkle fairy dust on the lands and everyone besides politicians and lobbyists will be rich and prosperous and become as smart as our politicians. All a fairy tale at best!

And when the big day came, I didn’t have to waste my time listening or reading lame duck Obama’s SOTU.

By 2:14 PM before the speech I received an email from the DNC HQ. They were already looking for money and the speech had not been delivered yet! They pre-told me that Obama is going to propose Tax Cuts for the Middle class, Two years free community college for anyone, Paid family and medical leave for anyone, expanded access to fast internet.

Rush was right! It was nothing but a Santa Claus list. Lord Obama didn’t talk much about how he was going to protect America from terrorists that he already let into the country. He didn’t say much about how he was going to fix the economy. Some actually think the economy is fixed. Well let’s see what happens after the Christmas season (those damn Christians) is over. If unemployment claims went through the roof how good is the economy? Really ! Duh! Is it really soaring? The liberal’s media thinks so!

It is absolutely true, that climate change and global warming is a sham, but we will prove that at another time. But just maybe Obama should take away the funding for this sham from NASA. Or at least fund research the proves all this stuff is a sham.

Christmas list one: Tax Cuts for Middle Class. Tell Obama to stick it where the Sun don’t shine… Usually. It is like Medicare and Social security. The crooked politicians give with one hand and taketh away with the other. But you are supposed to be so stupid according the Gruber you will be thankful either way.

There are actually Republicans that want to raise the gas tax. What’s next. A federal Sales tax! Wouldn’t it be nice if they cut spending instead? Remember when the crooks wouldn’t lower the gas tax when it was $5 dollars a gallon? What the idiot Republican doesn’t understand is that the gas tax is per gallon. So if the price of oil goes lower, they will actually make more money because more gas will be sold. That is assuming that you have a job. With Obama at the helm, there is a good chance you won’t have a full time job if you don’t have the skills, education or the will to work.

So hopefully we will remove from office any Republican that ever says tax increase!

Second thing on the Christmas list: Two years FREE community college for everyone.   Does Obama know if you don’t have any money the college is free already. Trillions have been spent on financial aid for college education for decades. Pell grants give the right poor child a bundle of money to go to college. This free tuition has caused the cost of college education to go through the roof. But only the middle class and above need to apply for outrageously priced higher education. I betcha if Obama put a cap on financial aid until the colleges make their tuitions fair or equality driven, you won’t need free community college and the CBO will tell ya that this will decrease the annual deficit. But we have a Democrat President …Who cares about the deficit!

If community college is free, 2 things will happen. Those who don’t qualify for FREE education will pay through the nose. As well as the taxpayer. And the community colleges will become like our public schools. For the smart, they will excel, maybe. For the not so smart (dumb) they will have remedial this and remedial that and child care and all sorts of special expensive programs, made up like climate change research. They cost a great deal of money, but they yield no results per dollars spent. If you don’t have it, why waste your time and taxpayer money in college. Find a trade. Don’t do drugs and show up for work. Betcha you will make more than minimum wage!

Number three on the List: Paid family and medical leave for anyone. It would be great to have liberal politicians that actually have to work for a living. I am sure that Kerry thinks he works for a living! But these un-informed liberals think that most businesses have bath tubs filled with hundred dollar bills. If they did, they would probably be selling drugs instead of products and services.

But who is going to determine if the person has a legitimate reason to take leave? Lady Obama? Like unemployment, you will need numerous boards to have hearings on whether the employer needs to pay for the leave. So the only jobs you will be creating are government jobs. And you will be losing real jobs. It will be considered profiling, if you ask someone how often do you take leave? Do you really want to hire someone who just happens to take a week off every year of paid leave? Before you know it, don’t blink you will be required to pay for 6 weeks for no work while you pay for someone to replace the truancy.

Remember when the liberal Clintons passed the family leave act it was unpaid for 12 weeks. How many liberals will it take before they want 12 weeks of paid leave? Wow 99 weeks of unemployment. And 12 weeks of paid leave. Wow there are only 52 weeks in a year. You wonder why the American economy is in the toilet! Why work? Will Obama’s illegal documented workers share in this Bonanza as well!

That is fun. Santa Claus should empty his bag for everyone. But who is going to pay for it. If it is the private employer… that could be interesting. Only if they have as much money as Carnegie and Mellon. Is it going to be the worker. How much do you want to pay per paycheck so someone else can get a week off?   And if it is one of those classy government jobs, well then it is the taxpayer that gets to pay the bill. But the good news with free ObamaCare and free family leave, who really needs to work. It must be the documented illegal immigrants????? What about a dental office? If the dentist decided to take paid leave for 6 weeks, what happens to the rest of the office. Unemployment?

Last but not least faster internet. If the government is paying for faster internet, then the government will have a right to tax it. Do we really want faster internet? That means the ads will come faster. The viruses will come faster. And the tweets from unwanted friends will be even faster.

Bill O’Reilly is one of those independents. Rush has always said if you are an independent you are a liberal. Bill is against the FREE community college handout because on Long Island it is only $ 177 a credit. I don’t understand that reasoning. If you are not smart enough to go to college and you don’t have the stamina, you shouldn’t be there! How many single moms get free education and they don’t end up with a degree after spending billions in taxpayer’s money! Betcha you won’t see that stat any time soon!

Remember, the people they put in charge of these FREE programs are there to make money not so much in handing out degrees at the colleges.


Bill is for family leave. Pretty dumb. He hasn’t figured out who is going to pay for the government workers who take leave for 12 weeks. A liberal is a liberal no matter what he or she calls themselves.


What Billy needs to understand is that for folks that make from $10-20 million dollars like him, they are the glorious 1%. And on the Animal Farm, it won’t take the liberals long to figure Billy can live just as well on one million as he can live on $20 million. After all the government is supplying FREE leave, FREE healthcare, FREE abortions, FREE education, FREE euthanasia, and FREE cremation (group only). So why does Bill O’Reilly need to live on an extra $19 million dollars. The liberals are taking 50% now Billy. What is to stop them from taking more!


For the not so dumb, all taxes and universal FREE handouts are bad. They do not help the economy. Billy even thought gas tax increase was ok, as long as it was used only for roads. When the pigs in the Animal Farm spoke, everyone listened! So did the Nazis and Commies in Cuba and Russia listened. Where did it get them!


Keep voting for stupid ideas that raise government spending and the idea of freedom and prosperity will only be found in books and the purses of crooked politicians!

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