Satanists Petitioning Schools to Start After School Clubs

After-School-Satan-Club-900Contending that it is unfair for Christian Good News Clubs to operate in the public schools, The Satanic Temple is asking schools to open up their after school clubs for Satanist children. According to The Washington Post, the organization may be starting an “After School Satan” club this week in a school located in Virginia’s Prince George County. Other locations are planned around the country.

The organization is relying upon the 2001 Supreme Court case, Good News Club v. Milford Central School which held that schools operate a “limited public forum,” so they may not deny to religious groups facilities they would provide other groups.

The Satanic Temple

The Satanic Temple does not recognize that Satan exists nor promote devil worship. Satan is just a “metaphorical construct,” one of the founders explained to the Washington Post, a way of highlighting their understanding of freedom of thought.

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