Save the Pilgrims by Rush! A Book on Time Travel and Patriotism

rush limbaugh pilgrimsRush wrote a brilliant children’s book. It is about our Brave Pilgrims. Limbaugh appears to be hated by the left but almost anything he touches usually is quite successful. If you listen to Rush on the radio around Thanksgiving the story about the pilgrims always comes up. Most people don’t know that the original leaders ended up being a bunch of communists. 

It would appear that most leaders who haven’t run a business makes this assumption that everyone works as hard as everyone  else and there should be equality in pay. The Pilgrims were dumb enough to try this and it failed miserably. 

But they don’t teach that version in public schools and it is marked absent in Gate’s  Common Core curriculum. 

The book is written along the lines of Back to the Future. But instead of a De Lorean they have a pretty likable and funny horse that helps to transport the characters back and forth from the classroom to the past. They were able to visit Europe before the pilgrims left. They were on the Mayflower, and  also spent time in the Pre-United States and were able to communicate with the Indians who happen to be versed in English. 

So it appears that there were no hostile Indians. And the first winter due to poor timing took its toll in death to many members of the journey. They should have left in early spring but they arrived pretty much close to winter. They must have been listening to the  global warming alarmists. 

The liberal progressives and Obama think they invented communism. They are the first to try to bring equality to this country. But the Pilgrims were the first. The idea was you worked the land and all the proceeds went to the community. Then the community divvies it out. 

So it is nothing new. There are folks who like to work, folks like Leno, O’Reilly and Rush. And there are slackers like Obama, Clinton and  Jackson. The later group makes their money from other people’s purses They call themselves progressives. 

Rush was amazed at all the young folks with skulls of mush who called the show and had read his book Rush Revere and The Brave Pilgrims. He is very proud of his accomplishment. The teacher’s unions produce so much liberal gobbledygookand it is wonderful that our youths are learning that there are 2 and only 2 ways to proceed:  Capitalism or Obama’s socialism. 

When you think about the braveness of these folks who left their homeland and went to a place with many uncertainties, sure they knew they could survive if given a decent chance, but was the proper chance available? 

So Bradford finally changed his mind and told everyone in essence that instead of socialism the policy is capitalism. It is your land and you get to keep all that you produce. And from that point forward  America became a success due to capitalism. 

Today we have a bunch of bleeding hearts who think communism is the way to go. And as long as you give them your hard earned money they will take you there. 

So Hillary is not the first woman who dreamt that communism is the way to go. It has always been a failure if you want prosperity for all and freedom. If you don’t believe me, ask the Chinese! 

Let me explain this a bit. In communist countries and in the Obama world, the farmer works somebody else’s land and produces 5 bushels of corn. The commie can’t keep the corn, he must turn it over to Hillary and company to distribute the corn “EQUALLY”. 

This doesn’t work real well. People steal the corn, hide the crops and want more from the community. And places like communist Russia have a large capitalistic black market to balance out the corruption of the commie market. 

And the commies are at the whim of the leaders like Obama, Hillary and Putin. If they decide you will live on one bushel of corn for the year then so be it. 

So now the same farmer in a capitalistic country like the US of A in the 1950’s produces the 5 bushels of corn and he is free to do what he wants with it. He can consume it. He can sell it and use the revenue to buy other products. This is what the liberals don’t understand is freedom! And the more freedom we have, the more prosperity there is to go around. 

Obama’s economy is a failure because he keeps taking from the workers. If you keep taking from the worker, guess what, the worker stops producing. Why work when you can sit home and get free food, housing and healthcare. Let the other guy work! 

Well the liberals don’t understand, if we keep sending the jobs to other countries the economy will never grow. And we will be lost in the myriad of politicians and useless bureaucrats with a  topping of corrupt judges. How come these guys always seem to get paid! 

So Rush is as usual a big hit. He is teaching the youths that socialism is a farce. In the mind of Obama it is wonderful. But in reality socialism is always a failure and succeeds only in places that have dictators and the workers have no choice. 

So the more people that read these wonderful books, will counter the propaganda of liberal teachers and the Common Core curriculum. Freedom and prosperity does not come from socialism. Freedom and prosperity for all can only begotten from capitalism. And the more the government gets out of the way the more people can make and create real jobs. Jobs that actually make a profit and help the economy grow. 

Look at the VA scandal! Billions have been spent on a national form of healthcare. Many became rich off the backs of the American taxpayer. But others died because they couldn’t get the proper healthcare they were promised in time. 

Is there anything else that the government should be running? Ask Obama and Hillary. They think the government should run everything and they will put their friends in charge to make it happen. What do you want for your children?  Will their Mayflower have streets paved in gold or a world frustrated by liberal propaganda that only brings prosperity to a few and not to all!

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