Schumer and the Liberals Don’t Get it. You can’t Raise Taxes!

Sen. Schumer thinks raising taxes is good for the country, but every time the idiots raise taxes or do something to muck up the system it effects the flow of commerce which effects the economy.

A group of senators under the guise of bipartisanship met for a 3 day retreat. I didn’t know we were at war. What do we need to retreat from. And guess whose paying for the retreat? So this is a group of senators whose concern is to raise taxes so they can continue spending money. And they are spending money to have a meeting to decide this. Don’t we have a whole lot of rooms in DC that are basically empty because congress is on vacation. And these rooms will not cost the senators a dime to use.


Now if some of the senators are liberal like Schumer all they want to do is raise taxes. They say on the rich, but there is always the trickle down effect. And the capitalists that understand the economy will want to lower taxes on the rich as well as everyone else! But let’s face it, a group of aristocrats are meeting to determine if cutting taxes is the cure for the fiscal cliff and they are wasting taxpayer dollars to have the meeting. Didn’t one of the senators have a vacant garage somewhere so they could have a meeting. I can clean out my garage if they want to save money. Why didn’t they have the meeting before the recess?


Taxes was a concern before this country was a republic. The federalist papers dealt with taxes as a means of creating commerce. In other words as long as the government did not get in the way of commerce, then the people would prosper and the government would have the money to protect the country and raise an army.


That is what Chuck seems to have a problem with. He thinks raising taxes is good for the country, but every time the idiots raise taxes or do something to muck up the system it effects the flow of commerce which effects the economy. When taxation slows down commerce, then it slows down prosperity and it slows down the revenue collected by the government. Now that in a nutshell is the problem with the failed liberal policies of Obama and Schumer.


The founders knew that we needed taxes but they also knew that taxes would not be raised to the extent that it impedes the flow of commerce. In every city that is in trouble financially, they are controlled by Democrats. And generally Democrats have no qualm with raising taxes and impeding the flow of commerce as long as they get their paycheck and benefits.


So now they think that they can only raise the taxes on the rich, which means that they have screwed the flow of commerce so much, that there is nothing left to do. But the question becomes obvious if you raise taxes on the rich, will that help the flow of commerce? The answer is simple. Absolutely not!


For all those rich people like Affleck and O’Reilly who don’t have a problem paying a little more in taxes, than they will not have a problem with this great idea.

On November 5th of this year of our Lord, the rich will make a donation of their choosing to the United States Treasury. They get three choices. Their donation will go exclusively to pay down the national debt. Or it can go to pay for Medicaid. Or it can go to pay for Medicare.

And the money can be donated anonymously. In other words the names of the donor will not be published. And the other option you have is to have your name published. We can have different clubs. We can put Spielberg, Streisand and Oprah in the $100 Million dollar club. Unfortunately there will be no deduction for the donation on any of your taxes. So for once you get to put your money where your mouth is! And I speak for all citizens and non-citizens: Thank you for your donation!


So the real rich will have a true choice. Have an idiot like Schumer legally raise your taxes forever or you make an annual donation the day before election day.


Back to idiot Schumer: Schumer wants to raise taxes on the rich. So what does that really mean. That means if you are making over $150,000 a year your tax rate will go up higher than it is. It might only be 5%. But if they start taking away all the deductions, like mortgage interest deductions, healthcare deductions then that 5% starts to grow exponentially. And once liberals like Schumer and Weiner get their hands in your pocket, they will never let go. It is like getting electrocuted while you are in an electric car. Since it is DC current it causes your muscles to contract and you can’t let go. It is the same way with liberal politicians, once they get their hands on your wallet their muscles constrict and there is no way to get them to let go unless it is empty.


The problem is that there are many small business owners that may be incorporated but their business actually pays the taxes through the personal tax return of the owner of the small business.


So what does this mean. If the taxes go up, the business may go out of business. If the taxes and the benefits go up, the business will not be able to hire more workers. In most cases in the last 4 Obama years, businesses have been forced to lay-off workers. So you can be the dumbest person on the planet and you can see that raising taxes and the cost of ObamaCare has caused the job numbers to go down. And 25 million people are out of work. And many workers that are counted with jobs actually only have part time jobs. Can’t support much with a part time job!


If liberal Schumer is talking about capital gains tax, then everyone knows except liberal politicians that by lowering capital gains tax like Clinton and President Bush , the economy prospers as long as the liberals don’t sabotage the housing market.


And the liberal media will not tell you that Under President Bush when he lowered all the tax rates, it was a period of time that the Feds collected the most tax revenue ever!


In 1787 Alexander Hamilton wrote a paper warning the country not to muck with commerce. So give these liberal wackos a call and tell them to leave the economy alone. In other words leave the commerce alone. If they want to have a “holiday” retreat on the taxpayer dime (borrowed from the Chinese) then discuss making cuts in the budget. Let’s start with cutting politicians’ and bureaucrats’ benefits, pay and expenses. If they would do that, the economy would turn around overnight.


It is time to send all the tax raising, over-spending liberal politicians back home and out of public office.




You have the power. Pull the right lever on November 6th!


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