Scotland had a Chance, the Youths Sold them Out

sctshrfrndmOr did they? Why would Scotland or any other land mass want to separate from the mother ship. Mainly because they are unhappy. So who is unhappy? Probably less than the majority. Did you know that only a third wanted to separate from the king during the revolutionary times. And if the king had a little more finesse… We would have the queen on our money today. But the English started killing people and pissing the people off, so the third grew into more and before you know it, the 13 colonies beat the crap out of mother England. Not sure the English had their heart in it. If America won, then the English knew they had a free place to move to away from King George.

So today any third or so can get together and get petitions signed to leave England. These folks actually were able to get the Scots to vote on an important matter. Let’s think about some of the folks that tried to make changes. Staten Island wanted not to be part of NYC. The southern states did not want to be part of the United States. Key West did not want to be part of the states. And over the last one hundred years many countries have won their independence and or were allowed to break up along ethnical lines.

So Scotland was given a fantastic opportunity. England has been a bit screwed up lately. They are allowing a lot of illegal immigrants to move in. And the changes that the Scots saw were not good. Similar to what we see in the United States. Increase taxes, basically inflation without an increase in pay. They see a racist president that wants to over run the nation with illegal immigrants. And a generous president that hands out tons of free stuff to people who show little or no desire to ever work. And the latest one becoming public is the fraud used by accountants to claim dependants for children that do not live in the household… and may not live in the country at all. But the taxpayer keeps paying.

So Scotland had a chance to control its destiny. Like the other revolutionaries, some probably thought they could govern independently better than being part of the United Kingdom.

Obviously some groups were paid off, but in the end they were promised change if they did not separate, and the fools bought the ploy.

The United Kingdom became a socialistic nation in 1948. And for the most part it has been a disaster just like ObamaCare in the United States. And that seemed to make the difference. United Kingdom needed Scotland’s money to survive!

It was actually the senior citizens who sold the Scots down the river. They were so used to cradle to grave taxpayer paid benefits that they didn’t think the Scots alone could keep it going. So in the end it was the zombies that sold Scotland back into slavery. Some call it the low information voter. But this is not new. The other day Jimmy Kimmel had a bit and went on the streets to ask the folks who Joe Biden was. Finally one person called him an assistant to the president. The others had no clue and didn’t care one iota.

You wonder if people have no knowledge or no effort is made to understand what is going on, why should they be allowed to vote.

But on the other hand is there really any reliable truth to be had. Obama is a beauty. He should play the roll of   the chief of staff in the remake of Spin City. Just about everything Obama says is a lie and an exaggeration. And the liberals come out in lock step and back whatever he says. Except for Leon Panetta. I guess in the end it is hard to get some one born from Italian parents to lie all the time and swear to it. Even Carville is having problems, he just laughs and deposits the check. But is Hillary’s future the motivation behind the truthfulness of Panetta?

And it is becoming obvious that in a world that has a vast array of information at the touch of your finger tip, we still don’t have answers to where did the Ebola come from. What happened in Benghazi. How screwed up is ObamaCare and the Obama economics.

We desperately need jobs and all Obama can focus on is golf and climate change and Guantánamo. Are you kidding me. He sure is kidding you. So keep voting for the commies and send them your hard earned money!

And with the right amount of money, you can get a lot of people to vote the way you want them to. The question to the young folks and the old folks is easy. Are you better off today then you were 6 years ago? And maybe it should be asked is the majority or most of the country better off then it was 6 years ago. And the resounding answer is no!.

And the next step is whose fault is it. Actually the fault lies with the voter. If you are too stupid to find out what is going on and who is lying to you, then you deserve what you get!! All you need is a little common sense and most of what the liberals say does not make sense.

The conservatives for decades have warned you what would happen economically if you kept voting for commie liberals. We have the most people out of work then any time in American History. Taxes are out of control. Real estate taxes are out of control. We don’t have enough jobs for the people in the country, but Obama wants an open door policy. He wants to have a legacy of the president that let the most amount of refugees in the country. As a woman all you have to say is your husband beats you and you are afraid to go back to your country and you are granted asylum and a paycheck that amounts to $40,000 to $60,000 a year. And you don’t need to show the judge any proof! If the liberals have their way, the refugees will never have to work a day in their lives and they can vote as many times as they like. And in end Obama will not have to pay a dime of all those expenses but you will!

There are new viruses and diseases globally. Polio, Ebola and all sorts of uncontrolled diseases. Do you want these diseases invading this country on the backs of the foreigners Obama is inviting into this country. Do you really trust the CDC to protect you and your families?

In this country it was the poorly informed youth that elected Obama. The seniors that voted for Obama had their cost of living increases halted for three years but they still managed to vote for a commie liberal like Obama. In the end this does not help the country.

Under Clinton millions of jobs left the country so the Clintons could build up their funds that support the Clinton Initiative. Under Clinton, Pakistan acquired nuclear weapons. Bin Laden was allowed to run free. Would you really want Pakistan to have a nuclear weapon? The home of the Taliban.

At all costs we need to educate the masses. Scotland’s worse scenario would have been to be independent and free. But they were afraid they couldn’t afford it. I am sure they will kick themselves a few years down the road. Worse case would be to go back in the kingdom with a lesser position. But to knock on the door of freedom and give it up because of socialism is very sad. These commies have to understand that there are not enough rich people out there to pay for all the system suckers. Prosperity equates to freedom and liberty. BraveHeart was about freedom. Tell me what the difference is if you are ruled by a monarch or ruled as a minority in a country ruled by communists. If you are not free and prosperous, there is no difference!


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