SCOTUS turns a blind eye to a legit Church/State Separation-Religious Liberty Case

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The Supreme Court of The United States has been a flakely court when it comes to the issues of freedom of religion in recent years. While it recently ruled in favor of Denver based cake decorator and baker Jack Phillips somewhat in the case if he must honor something that runs against his personal beliefs, the court back in 1962 declared that a government mandated prayer is unconstitutional (even if the prayer is denominationally neutral and if the students have the choice to be silent or be excused from the prayer all together). A year later SCOTUS ruled that ‘Sanctioned and organized Bible reading in public schools is unconstitutional.’

Now in 2019 SCOTUS refused to hear a case in which a then high school student who claims to be a Christian was forced to write an Islamic Prayer declaring that; “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” Caleigh Wood was a student at La Plata High School in Charles County, Maryland in 2014 when her teacher apparently was teaching the students what the religion of Islam is. Wood felt that her teacher was trying to either convert her to Islam or make the faith put in a favorable light. The teacher and the high school would not give her an alternative assignment and Wood was given a failing grade.

In 2016 Wood and the Thomas Moore Law Center got the ball rolling on a law suit against La Plata High School. In 2019, that quest for justice came to end in La Plata’s favor, even though they did remove elements that could have promote support of the Islamic faith.

Did the school teach objectively about Islam? Was Wood just another child off her rocker, or did she have a legit case? I think those were questions that needed to be answered and while Wood is out of the picture…this issue will pop up again. To be honest I think these teacher wanted to convert students somewhat into the Islamic faith and/or at the minim have the students sympathetic towards Islam…just as the progressive left in general is. The $64,000 Question however; did the teacher promote a actual conversion prayer? If this was a Christian Prayer you know that the Christ Haters would have had a ball.

Now I strongly doubt that Wood’s is forever scared and will never be able to go to college or learn trade or whatever. Its just that her failing grade is now final…its truly water under the bridge, she must move on. Meanwhile the progressive left does seems to have a love affair with Islam and has given it cover. While expressions of the Christian faith have been curbed in recent years, alternative faiths especially Islam are given a pass.

I should also point out that many Big A Atheists who are in fact passionate and militant leftist progressives have expressed strong hatred and contempt for Christianity. The Freedom From Religion Foundation are basically cleaners removing any reference to the Christian faith…even if just a neutral statement as they promote the Free Love agenda not only supporting the LGBTQ jihad and abortion rights but even glamorizing it. They have been complementary to each other and not just because they both promote death. However a world that accepts preborn baby murder and sexual perversion can’t be done unless a Nihilistic worldview prevails. Even if it hurts the masses, the important thing to these Free Love advocates is sexual liberation and their quest for power…in which those very things give them a sense of purpose in this life. John J. Dunphy in his acclaimed piece A Religion For a New Age called Christianity a “rotting corpse” while encouraging if not demanding public school teachers to teach the religion of Humanism.

The progressive left has hated the Christian faith for years and is doing what it can to not only make a crime but eradicated altogether. If SCOTUS truly believes in the First Amendment they must repent of its past sins and actually make a stand for that very amendment and that includes giving up the fight to pound the nails in Christianity’s Casket.

I can only hope that if a similar case to Caleigh Wood’s ever shows up again, that the court will give it a good look and take the case, and if they can’t rule right, that at least be honest in what their goals truly are.

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