Sean Connery Would Call ObamaCare an Act of Lunacy!

At the end there will be many government jobs created to run ObamaCare from the friends and relatives of the politicians.  Some will make over 6 figures and have great benefits. The insurance that was to be cheaper will cost 2-3 times more to cover all the subsidies and all the added costs. 

It is fun to see Obama losing control. He has tried to rule this country with the strong hand of tyranny. He comes down from the mountain to lecture his lemmings on a daily basis but by passing all these executive orders, it has come back to bite him in his lack of leadership.


Being a community organizer does not make him an expert in just about anything. And Agenda 21 his bible is basically been proven to be a pile of anti-American garbage. But he seems to forget that the House of Representatives is the voice of the people. And most of the people disagree with the principles of ObamaCare.


Obama argues or lectures that the lunacy bill was passed by congress. Well that is not true. The liberal House lead by Weiner and Pelosi passed it. By the time the Senate passed the unacceptable bill, We the People had changed the House. This bill should have been returned to the New House to be Adjusted. The liberals knew that it would not happen so they passed the Lunacy Bill without the true representation of the people at the time of passage.


And the Lunacy of the Supreme Court called it a “Tax”. Well folks that is exactly what it is. Just like Social Security it is a tax that feeds the disability mill, something FDR intended from the beginning.


But unlike Social Security which started out slowly and at low cost and payment, ObamaCare is a gigantic tax bill which by no means is free.


In the movie The Rock a bunch of loons took over  some rockets with biological weaponry. They held the country hostage. When the general explained that this was an act of war, Mr. Connery said most famously that: ” This is not combat , it is an act of lunacy”  


So any sane American and non-American once they understand the purpose and reach of ObamaCare will state the same thing. They will say that this is not health insurance it is an Act of LUNACY”.


And the House of Representatives under the balance of power provision of the U.S. Constitution has the duty to represent the people and the Constitution and stop this lunacy called ObamaCare. First off we can’t afford it, and Obama has picked and chosen certain changes of the provisions to change without congressional approval. That is an act of lunacy. And since the yellow belly senators have no back bone, they don’t call out Obama on his Tyrannical acts.


So when the liberal media call the Tea Party folks names  like spoiled children, the real children in the room are  Obama and his liberals. They have lost power and won’t negotiate. I can tell these folks that if they don’t wise up by next November most of them will be looking for real jobs in the failing Obama economy.

If Obama was a wise leader, after he was re-elected, he would have asked for help to fix ObamaCare. Instead he said he would shove it down the throat of every American even if they didn’t vote for him.


Let’s be clear. Insurance is a basic term. Health insurance has been around for a long time. The simple premise is as follows:   Many people pay a nominal sum into a pot so that if any of the subscribers becomes seriously ill they will be covered. And for the most part it was about lifetime and pre-existing conditions which were not  issues if you did not let your coverage lapse.


And this went on for decades. Then the government in its infinite wisdom and its understanding of how powerful and rich insurance companies had become decided to cut into the money. And the insurance companies were quick to work with the Democrats.


So what the liberals did was create Medicare and Medicaid.  This was wonderful. Hundreds of thousands of  government jobs were created to manage the healthcare that was already there. All the government had to do was pay the premium for each of the folks they wanted to cover with the M & M policies. The payrolls today say otherwise.


And ObamaCare is not any different. For some ObamaCare was to be free. But who was going to pay for that freeness. Some were supposed to be covered by expanding the levels of Medicaid. The Obama economy did that without any expansion of policies.


ObamaCare was going to be so cheap that the young would parade in and pay for their insurance. Kirsten Powers was on O’Reilly the other night and said that was the main purpose of ObamaCare. To have young folks who make about $40,000 a year to pay outrageous amounts for healthcare. It had nothing to do with big corporations picking up the tab.


The reason that Obama changed the rules for large corporations was because they were about to decrease the number of full time workers so they would not have to pay for their healthcare. It scares me when people are allowed to be on TV when they have no concept of money and insurance.


So at the end there will be many government jobs created to run ObamaCare from the friends and relatives of the politicians.  Some will make over 6 figures and have great benefits. The insurance that was to be cheaper will cost 2-3 times more to cover all the subsidies and all the added costs. It will be higher to cover the costs of the increase for Medicaid recipients.  The costs for Medicare will double to cover the cost of ObamaCare.


So most of the people elected by We The People were put there to lower the deficit.  And to get rid of ObamaCare and go back to the old system of insurance when you paid for what you got, not what everyone else  wants and gets. What can I do with a $15,000 annual deductible health insurance? If all these non-essentials had a $15,000 deductible on their insurance maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. But that is not so!


It is time to shutdown a government that is out of control and is not in touch with its people. So don’t cry Obama. Get out of the way so the adults can control the budget and guarantee affordable healthcare to all, not to a select governmental few!


It is time for Obama to grow up. He has lost his Weiner and the liberals are losing favor with the American masses. Bring back the jobs and get out of the way of the American Dream and  The American Prosperity! 


They don’t want us to call it ObamaCare… But on the other hand is it Affordable! Not to you… It won’t be.

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