Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities; And, “Action Radio” in Action!

If socialist, leftist cities like San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and a bunch of others nationwide, can pass Sanctuary City laws to harbor fugitive illegal aliens from federal law enforcement, then why can’t cities, counties, and other entities under the oppression of unconstitutional gun laws, create Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities where no infringing gun laws apply?

A Second Amendment Sanctuary, is where a town, city, or county government, has passed laws outlawing the enforcement of any law touching the right to own and carry any firearm. It is where law enforcement officers honor their sworn oath to the Constitution, and refuse to arrest anyone exercising only their right to own and carry a firearm, regardless of infringing unconstitutional laws still on the books, and in defiance of any orders of superiors, judicial orders, executive orders, or any orders. It is where Americans unaccustomed to their birthright freedoms can actually experience what it would be like if we were a free country, and the Second Amendment was fully enforced.

The Second Amendment is being violated every minute of every day in places like California. Some counties are worse than others, but no where in California is there Constitutional Carry, which is carrying a gun without government permission. Nor are Californians free from a long list of restrictions, like a limited roster of allowable guns for sale, restrictions on so-called “assault weapons” (freedom rifles), restrictions on various gun characteristics, a new ban on normal magazines above 10 rounds, and now a background check to buy ammunition — all of which is blatantly unconstitutional. But there are changes to California in the works.

The State of Jefferson is an incredibly independent group of Californians who are working hard to have the northern 21 counties break from California and form the actual state of Jefferson. While perusing their Facebook page, I was inspired by this post from James Capps, of Yuba County. Here it is:

As a citizen of the United States of America, I declare all counties of the State of Jefferson “SANCTUARY” from the tyranny of the laws governing the state of California which impose infringements on our Second Amendment rights. Rights which are guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Any further attempts will be met from behind rocks trees and shadows by the well regulated Militia of those counties as they defend the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
Where else can we start to claim our freedoms except from the point we have been push too far against?
If for “yea” against “nay”

Pure genius. Wish I’d thought of it. But I didn’t. And Mr. Capps is merely paraphrasing the Second Amendment for effect, recreating an image from the War for Independence, and calling for a vote, not actually calling forth the Militia of each county. So relax liberals. Anyway, from this posting I made the logical leap to turn his “Sanctuary” idea into a reality. Why not have Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities within the state of California, where cities would refuse to enforce California’s illegal gun restrictions? Why not have a place where any Californian could simply walk out their door carrying a gun on their belt, without any fear of arrest or prosecution from laws that never should have existed? How about a place where any citizen who wished to experience true gun rights could visit and do the same thing, knowing they were in a Gun Freedom Zone, instead of the ever present Gun Free Zones? Why not spread this across the country, to Illinois, Massachusetts and Hawaii, to anywhere Americans want to exercise their God given gun rights, and the State has taken them away?

After a little research I found a morning show on KCNR 1460 AM, Redding, California, to call in about Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities. Redding is in the center of the proposed state of Jefferson, and most likely would become the capital. My call is on the podcast from Wednesday, December 21st., on the Free Fire Radio Show hosted by Carl and Linda Bott, the owners of the station. The podcast is at:

My call airs after the 4 minute mark and ends at the 8 minute mark. The hosts happily continue talking about my idea a bit longer. Sheriff Tom Bosenko was the guest in the second hour, and they invited me to come back on the air to talk directly to the sheriff. At 1:04, or the one hour and four minute mark, the sheriff comes on the air. I’m back on just after the 1:05 mark, until 1:09:30, or the one hour, nine minute, and 30 second mark.

On my first call the hosts were overwhelmingly in favor of making Redding, CA, a Second Amendment Sanctuary City. They so liked the idea, they wanted to make all of Shasta County a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. We all had a great time and lots of ideas were explored. When I came back on with the sheriff, it was a much different call.

Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities aren’t going to work if law enforcement arrests everyone exercising constitutional rights that the “sanctuary” is supposed to protect. So law enforcement has to guarantee that no one will be arrested for only keeping and bearing arms in the sanctuary zone, otherwise it isn’t a sanctuary zone. So I asked the sheriff about this. He said his job was to enforce all the laws of California. I asked how he could enforce laws on owning and carrying guns that were in direct violation of the Second Amendment? He said those laws aren’t unconstitutional until so ruled by a court. This is a completely flawed argument. If you check the Federalist Papers and writings of the Founders, those laws are considered not to exist if the Constitution outlaws them from even being made. However, if you get arrested for breaking just such an unconstitutional law, it certainly does exist. All sworn officers take an oath to support, defend, and uphold the Constitution. Somehow it has gotten lost however that laws, and court decisions, are inferior to the Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the Land. But as I have argued before, assumptions and practice are more powerful than truth. So there is much work to be done.

What is really infuriating is that in San Francisco for example, where Kate Steinle was murdered, “allegedly” by an illegal alien multiple deportee, the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, and city and county law enforcement, have all conspired to break federal law and harbor illegal alien fugitives, where police officers and sheriff deputies won’t even ask the immigration status of those in custody regardless of the additional crimes they have committed, and rather than turn over to Homeland Security offenders they specifically request, the “sanctuary” officers simply let the perps go. People are getting away with murder, literally, and there is no consequence to any city, county, or law enforcement personnel. Yet, a sheriff up in Northern California can’t even guarantee that neither he nor his officers would use their discretion to honor a Second Amendment Sanctuary Zone, which is actually in compliance with the Constitution, the opposite of an illegal alien sanctuary city, where the sheriff promised instead to uphold obviously unconstitutional state firearms laws, and to be dependent on the courts for a remedy to those laws, where the courts, their decisions, and orders, are still inferior to the Constitution. Tell me that makes any sense!

The next step was to call my favorite local radio talk station, WEBY 1330 AM, in Milton, Florida. Scott Miller, political expert, was the host Thursday, December 22rd. at 4 pm, the day after my Wednesday morning chat with KCNR. We talked about making Milton and Pensacola “open carry” Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities. Florida gun laws are pretty good, but they outlaw open carry, and concealed carry still needs government sanction with a CCW permit. Scott Miller loved the idea of Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities as well. And the folks at WEBY also have connections with some high ranking NRA officials. So…

What would happen if we got the resources and audiences of WEBY and KCNR together, combined with some senior NRA folks, and city officials, to brainstorm, lobby, and create actual Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities? What if we could propose and involve other radio stations and their audiences to create more Second Amendment Sanctuaries where needed across the country? And if you can visualize all this as a reality, you understand my vision for “action radio,” where we no longer just talk about the news — we are the news.

There is another approach to creating Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities despite the laws and law enforcement. Federal Civil Rights Law, Title 18, USC, Section 241, prescribes jail time and severe fines for anyone oppressing the “exercise or enjoyment” of any constitutional right. That could include anyone up to President. Here is the Federal Civil Rights Law citation from the Department of Justice:

The next Federal Civil Rights Statute is, Title 18, USC, Section 242. This law covers the willful deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution, by anyone operating under the color of law. Color of law includes any government official or law enforcement officer acting in an official capacity. Here is the citation also from the Department of Justice:

These two laws could be used to eliminate every unconstitutional gun law if they were enforced properly. But they won’t be, because it would require government officials and officers to enforce civil rights laws against other government officials and officers. How often does that happen? But keep these in mind, because the day may come when we do use them to secure our rights.

This isn’t over. In fact this is just beginning. Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities can become a reality even in socialist, rights deprived states like California. But it may require some action on your part to help. I’ll be back in touch with both radio stations to see if we can schedule a conference call between the two radio stations and the NRA. They say talk radio is in its waning days. I say action radio is just beginning. And this is exactly how it works. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination. My imagination has no limits.

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