Sequester Me Bro or Else

Obama and his new found love for gay marriage seems to be more important than the economy.

Obama sounds like a real idiot. If his economy was working we wouldn’t be in this mess. The only economy he has inherited is the Obama economy. At least Jimmy Carter has something to show all his teeth about. Obama’s legacy will be his failed policies and his failed economy. You can only have the SEALS kill Osama once. Afghanistan the only real war is a failure. Let’s revisit why Obama is a failure.


First off he spent the stimulus on the government economy. Governments don’t grow the economy. He raised taxes on everyone who pays taxes. and now the Carter-like inflation is starting to kick in. And gasoline prices will not be very helpful. And who gets blamed for all this: Obama and his liberal administration


The sequester argument by Obama is a bit scary. It is quite stupid as well. He claims that 750,000 jobs will be lost. There is no proof of that. He didn’t seem to show any concern when his policies lost millions of jobs including Jackson’s and Wiener’s jobs. He showed no concern when illegal immigrants were taking jobs away from American citizens. He showed less concern when folks lost their jobs in the coal industry. So now he is concerned about 750,000 government jobs. And there is no proof that one job will be lost except for many seats in congress in the next few years.


Obama and his new found love for gay marriage seems to be more important than the economy. Maybe instead of playing golf with Tiger, he should have been talking to Tiger about how to create real jobs in America.


Obama has dismissed his jobs council because their suggestions were not liberal enough. But maybe next time the American citizens will understand a liberal communist that hates capitalism and the white males behind it will never favor capitalism over social engineering which never, ever grows the economy.


One of the problems with deficits and liberal thinking is that most of it is hot air. And this has been known for decades. But when they say they are cutting spending, they really are not cutting anything. What they are doing is cutting the increases that were slated to go into effect. If that is so, no jobs will be lost. The only jobs lost will be those that were planned to be created with the new spending increases, the old jobs should remain untouched in a perfect and fair world.


Maybe next time Obama will stop making these stupid and expensive executive orders. Each time he scores a new executive order using his south paw it costs money. A new reg and a new requirement is the only type of jobs Obama has created. This has nothing to do with prosperity. The only thing he has accomplished is spending money on contraceptives when we really didn’t need to do so. And it didn’t help the economy. It put a lot of lawyers together but in most cases they are a drag on society whether they win or lose.


Obama said: But Washington sure isn’t making it easy. At a time when our businesses have finally begun to get some traction, hiring new workers, bringing jobs back to America, we shouldn’t be making a series of dumb, arbitrary cuts to things that businesses depend on and workers depend on like education and research and infrastructure and defense.”


When Obama talks like this he sounds like a fool. Does Obama know he is “Washington”. And does he know his economy sucks. There is no traction. Foreigners are coming here to spend money because Obama has destroyed the value of the dollar and housing. Foreigners are buying up housing as investments.  That helps the banks stuck with the property but it doesn’t help the American citizens who lost money on the investments.  It will cost them more in rents!


These cuts he refers to are the cuts he agreed to. So they are Obama’s dumb cuts. Congress would negotiate with Obama if he takes the tax increases off the table. The idiot wants to raise taxes some more. Betcha he can’t find one economist with a half a brain that would agree with raising taxes as a solution to his legacy the failing Obama economy.


Maybe Obama should think of it this way. Obama hates capitalism because it is a white man’s game. And all Obama’s policies have cut into the game of capitalism. If the revenues of capitalism go down, the revenues available to government spending must go down as well. Obama is not a magician and he can’t extricate any golden eggs from any of his orifices.


So instead of  spending more money on infrastructures, education and research, he needs to get out of the way so real factory jobs can be created. And the last thing we need is money spent on global warming. That is a joke. Let’s put these deadbeat scientists to work in the factories creating products that make money and help Americans. Then sell the ideas or licenses to the so called developing countries.    That is a win-win situation. Obama’s way is lose-lose you losers.


Obama had 4 years to run his experiment. All would agree that his policies have failed. Obama was told not to tax the people. He was told not to raise the taxes on the rich. Obama was told not to allow the illegal immigrants to steal American jobs. Obama was told not to pass ObamaCare… it was another form of taxation on all American citizens.


As a result Obama is a failure and he can only blame himself and his liberal stupidity and his hate for white males  for his failures.  It is time he works for the United States and treats all Americans as equal. It is time for the liberals to get out of the way and let capitalism grow the American dream and the American prosperity.


Maxine Waters said we were going to lose 170 million  jobs if the sequester goes through. Her buddy Jesse Jr. tried to steal $750,000. And these are the leaders that the liberals vote for. Do you think it is time for a change! If we can’t keep the liberals out of congress then let’s continue to sequester them until they can’t hurt the American prosperity any more. 

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