Serious Farces

It is discomforting for sober citizens to discover that they are fed with oddities of the “two-headed-calf class”. Albeit unintentionally, these entertain once their surface is penetrated. Here bizarre gems are shared with those with a taste for demasked folly.

1.The President’s role in paying respects to McCain has been milked by moralizers. The myth of damnation is that uncouth Trump had continued his war with hero McCain after the Senator’s death. Cunningly, the Arizonan fought Trump from “beyond”. The senator did not want Trump present at his funeral. Could this imply that, accordingly, he did not care about a Presidential eulogy? Yes, Trump and McCain were foes; Trump had no honest motive to participate in a ceremony from which he had been disinvited. Ignoring that overlooks the intent to condemn Trump, and it also ignores that using the issue is pharisaic. Let it be noted: contrary to how it is being exploited, the death of the Senator has little relevance to determine whether in their conflict, he or the President had the better argument.

2. Wrongly, we have the habit of using the phrase “medieval” to put something down. The term defines a time when culturally, socially, economically and militarily, Europe was a backward “Third World” zone. The medieval experience’s significance is that, the West overcame backwardness with only slight external stimulation -and without help. The ensuing modernization led to a dynamism that created a predisposition for growth. That propelled the West beyond the levels achieved -or desired- by classical civilizations. This movement, with the goal of the good life through change, and not “harmony with the given,” has yet to stop. In the penchant not to adapt to suffering, but to overcome hardship, lies the feat of our civilization. This concept is, along with nationalism, the most successful western export, and as such, it changed the world -Africa being a notable exception.

3. In Enlightenment-shaped democracies, violence against opponents is classified as a crime against their foundations. Penal codes punish those that wish to make the debate among opinions into a fistfight among the enraged. Rep. Waters has advocated harassing public figures connected to Trump. Typically, politically correct violence is justified by the negative traits of the intended victims. Additionally, excuses that blame the victim help, such as in “I am worried that the hostility whipped up by Trump results in somebody getting hurt”.

Think this through. I hold a Ming vase and announce that I will drop it. That act will result in its destruction. For that lamentable result, I blame the hardness of the floor and the porcelain’s fragility. Where does the blame belong? It is not the floor or the china’s fragility, but the act of dropping the vase? If you encourage folks to “harass” you need to fear its consequences and not blame the ways of those targeted.

4. Entire movements claim that they wish to place “justice” in the center of public life. These groups assure us that “inequality” is a source of injustice. We need to suggest that this well-sounding goal, explains the tendency of its advocates, to govern tyrannically. Equality might be an unsuitable end to pursue if men are inherently unequal, because, as individuals, they are born to be different.
If a government program is proclaimed to be a “truth” that will bring about the perfect society, it may not be doubted. Expect further consequences. Since man is not perfect, his absolutes will also be defective. Time will require adjustments. This demands that inadequacies be admitted before they can be remedied. However, if the program is said to be infallible, such discoveries are treason. Therefore, sub-par performance cannot be attributed to faulty assumptions. Their existence must be the outcome of a conspiracy by “enemies” that are as evil as the system’s creed is infallible. This makes avowing the need for reform into a declaration of war by subversives who, to save mankind, need to be eliminated. That reverses democratic values. Doubt becomes subversion, lack of enthusiastic support is treason, and critique appears as sedition. Thus, combatting evil demands the extermination of a segment of the population, while freedom will equate being content in servitude.

Conclude that a platform which attributes infallibility to those that implement it, must end in a murderous dictatorship that makes evil into a virtue.

5. Islam is now “a part of Germany”. So the slogan of those that are bothered by the public’s irritation by the refusal of migrants to tolerate the native’s way of life. The claim that there is no problem, is made by talking about the indigenous as “those of us who have lived here a bit longer”. This refers to the illegal settlers that jog criminal statistics as “those of us that have arrived more recently”. The terminology expresses an ideology that puts the host and the guest on equal footing. If that view is accepted, asocial behavior becomes normalized and the right of the locals to demand respect for their laws dissipates as “racist”.

Questioning the right of the indigenous to live their lives according to their own standards and to preach that new entrants need not adjust to their ways, will hardly improve intergroup relations. Majorities made to suffer minorities might be energized to resist to become a minority in what used to be their land.

6. The limitation of majority rights in the support of “recent arrivals” is an ongoing process that can involve the retroactive suppression of history. In 1683 an army led by Poland’s king Sobieski, defeated, at the gates of Vienna, an Ottoman invasion that aimed to conquer Europe. Before Sobieski is proclaimed to have been an “Islamophobic right-wing nationalist”, he already has troubles. Seen through a PC filter, Sobieski acted against Muslims whom he prevented from migrating to Paris or London. The Greens and Leftist that govern Vienna wish to foil the erection of a Sobieski statue commissioned in 2013. The reason: Muslims might be offended by that King’s intolerant resistance to multiculturalism.

7. Sargentini, a member of the EU’s parliament is an advocate of open-ended migration. Through a now challenged vote, she managed to open procedures against Hungary that is committed to effective border controls so as to be able to determine “with whom we live together”. PM Orbán was given seven generous minutes to present his country’s position.

The pursuit of a quick sentence might be advisable given the accusers’ inconsistencies. One of these is that Orbán, a friend of Netanyahu, is accused of anti-Semitism. Whatever the merits of the charge are, the accuser’s record is peculiar.

The leftist Dutch politician and her party have been consistent in taking anti-Israeli positions. During a meeting organized by the party, Moroccan migrants were let to demand that the Jews be gassed. The lady is not on the record to have denounced that. Papers in Budapest note that the comrades of Sargentini have smuggled weapons into Gaza and that she has expressed regrets for not having participated in that humanitarian action. Such matters suggest that it is easier to be sorry for Jews killed by Hitler, than to accept the right of contemporary Jews to live.

8. The cause of a new beginning, mandated by political correctness, demands more than the correction of “undesirable” history. The facts of the present are also subject to modification if their message weakens the case of multiculturalism.

The critics of uncontrolled migration like to claim that illegal migration, followed by crime as a way of life, are not related to spreading criminality. PC standards, if lived, demand that any correlation between crime and migration be denied. Not easy, as the average person experiences the contrary and that discredits the Left.

One consequence of correcting the news so that the media can play an “educational role” is to suppress news about crime. This can be done by classifying migrant crime as a “local matter”. Newly, reports try not to identify the traits of criminals. Therefore, the stabber of the unwise female jogger is a “man”. Consequently, the wanted ad will refer to a “man” and avoid publicizing his further traits. When the police arrest the attacker his name and nationality might be withheld to protect his privacy. Therefore, if one is told that “a man” is being looked for, then one suspects that his name and origins would make the “deplorables” come to unwanted conclusions.

It would be wrong to surmise that this happens unfrequently. A statistic reveals that daily 107 reported crimes are committed by migrants against Germans.

9. Ever since government compensates groups that had been disadvantaged in the past, belonging to a once discriminated, and therefore currently favored group, confers advantages. A symptom of that is the Dolezal case. That lady has decided, regardless of her biological heritage, to be black. Ridiculous as that sounds, some points are made. (A) Past discrimination is less damaging than is the advantage of new victim status. (B) What pays will be done, what causes negatives will be avoided. (C) desirable self-determination confirms that we can become anything we wish to be. However, once this freedom is used to create facts that cannot be confirmed, invoking it becomes an abuse. (D) Legislated equality that extends privileges deteriorates into unintended benefits that favor the sly.
As some are free to determine their gender, and others may pick their race, the writer is made to wonder. Why is he not allowed to reinvent himself as a mermaid?

10. An argument against executing criminals is that incarceration for life protects society against recidivism. Evidence suggests that this plea is not seriously meant as the interest of the convicted criminal is placed ahead of that of society.

On June 7th a committee of the European Council has expressed concern that some prisoners are serving multiple life sentences and that national parole-boards act without reference to EU regulations. Especially Hungary, the union’s black sheep, is admonished to alter its praxis that makes some life sentences really to apply for life.

11. Politically correct is when you affirm something that everybody knows does not exist, and deny what all know to be a fact. Idiocy is when you go along without noticing it.

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