Seven Observations Concerning the Future of Progressive Depravity


Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, Homo Sapiens… Robo-Geisha

As our culture slides into the abyss from several directions at once, it’s hard to get a steady fix on the bottom. I’ll try.

I have before me a standard 9.5 x 11 sheet of paper filled with notes. Therein lies evidence that the ideas swirling in my head are capable of being pretty condensed. I’m going to try to set them down in comprehensible but very brief fashion. They could easily grow to a book… yet certain ones of them make me want to stop writing, stop thinking, and go hide on a mountaintop. In their entirety, they lead to an optimistic conclusion, I believe: but a frightful wreckage strews the ground between here and there, all of it needelss if only human beings were not so depraved and corrupt.

First Observation: The most educated people in all Western societies are least likely to have children. Academic feminists detest motherhood (until they are too old to access it naturally—at which point they’re prone to fear that they’ve missed out on something during their various grabs after “experience”); and as for gays… well, enough said. There’s always adoption, of course; but of that…

Second Observation: Birth control grows ever more widespread and refined, while our nation has become so comfortable with abortion that even the least refined varieties of infanticide excite only a yawn from millions of Americans when watchdogs try to expose Planned Parenthood’s methods. The same leftists who so loathe child-bearing and -rearing are forever—and with repellently hypocritical sanctimony—eulogizing the adoption of nameless Third World babies; yet those babies seldom acquire names and faces in any real-life adoption process, because their extermination is going pretty smoothly. (Peruse a slapdash piece of leftist cheerleading titled Half the Sky—required reading of all entering freshmen at my college—by two New York Times reporters who link birth control/abortion with the advance of women’s rights for 250 pages.) In all honesty, therefore, the elite won’t be practicing parenthood-by-proxy very often in the future. The progressive pledge to short-circuit conception and birth wherever possible can only produce more efficient results with time.

Footnote: Sexually transmitted diseases didn’t make an appearance in my notes, but they’ve certainly left a dint in the fertility of the educated classes. Then we have the category of legal dissuasion from procreative behavior. On any given college campus in the country, the much-endorsed—even actively pandered—hook-up on Saturday night could produce charges of rape on Monday morning, just because the girl feels “used”. So the trend is definitely gravitating away from boy-meets-girl, boy-marries-girl, couple-has-children. Again, I speak of the “educated” class. Illegitimacy is approaching 70% now among the poorly educated, so marriage is effectively defunct in that demographic… but not so for child-bearing. Not yet. College graduates do not often have children illegitimately because they do not often have children. Many professors manage to log more marriages than kids in their lifetime.

Third Observation: Enter the robotic sex-partner. The Japanese already have robo-geisha prototypes on the market. Inevitably, these will be fine-tuned and mass-produced for both genders… and worries about pregnancy, disease, ruffled feathers, and all the rest will vanish. In many ways, this is the ultimate answer to our “problems”: fake human beings that don’t object to mistreatment—the slave of the twenty-first century. Cyber-slavery might be declared illegal, of course; but in an age when declining to “celebrate” an abnormal coupling can get one’s business shut down, such legislation is about as likely as a revival of the Blue Laws.

Fourth Observation: The hidden message in our hyper-sexualized habit of life is, ironically, that sex is a big pain. It consumes so much of our time and attention—major costs, if we belong to the socio-economic elite—that it verges on annoyance rather than pleasure. Now we’re bringing robots into the equation (and very expensive robots, make no mistake). It is a largely unrecognized—but nonetheless rigid—law of technological development that people eventually adapt their lives in uncomfortable ways to the machines invented to to make life more comfortable. The human partner of a robo-mate must himself or herself grow more robotic. How could it be otherwise? If your “significant other” displays programmed conduct and stunted emotions, then you will, too, after a few months. The “passion” of sex will be as much of a nuisance to leading citizens as sympathy is to an executioner. Instead of Viagra and Cialis, we’ll begin taking pills that quiet our urges. After all, the real orgasm of depraved sex comes from domination—from the imposition of one’s will on another. Leading citizens of the future will find more direct ways of indulging that appetite. Leading citizens of the present are already doing so.

Fifth Observation: Meanwhile, the unwashed masses will of course have access to none of this technology. One of the dirtiest little secrets of the high-tech revolution has always been that it does not and cannot lift up everyone equally. Designers, producers, and marketers may be big winners; but the latest conveniences, by definition, are labor-saving—they render human hands obsolete. Enough new employment for the workforce’s “trimmed fat” does not and cannot open up in the ranks of designers et alii, or else the shift to the new technology would have created no notable saving, in the first place. Vast numbers of the masses therefore fall semi- or non-employed, while those who retain some petty assembly-line job (say, spinning hair for Robo-Geisha) will not save enough in a lifetime to purchase the product whose pieces they fashion.

Footnote: To be sure, Robo-Geisha’s hair will itself be machine-made… but jobs even more grinding than the assembly line, such as custodial and janitorial functions, will more than ever belong to humans. Why engineer a terribly expensive and high-maintenance machine to do some such “grunt” task when unskilled labor is wandering the streets in droves, ready to toil for pennies? We are already seeing our service industries explode as this further lie of the high-tech revolution also unravels before our eyes.

Sixth Observation: Without any means of support, the masses must be maintained by a wealthy elite… and will be, for a while. Their most useful function will be to vote for the ruling party that promises them the most luxurious upkeep during “democratic” election cycles as the transition to full technarchy proceeds. Naturally, universal health care will number among the “benefits” of the new regime. As political power rapidly settles into the hands of an elite few who live childless and unaging for perhaps hundreds of years, the time for “thinning out” this mass will approach. Its univocal vote of approval no longer needed, its volume can swiftly be reduced. Many will already have been groomed to the habit of popping abortofacient pills regularly (supplied like aspirin). Occasions like the required “annual flu vaccine” will offer further possibilities of sterilization and/or selective reduction.

Footnote: By this point, it is unlikely that anything so cost-ineffective as Robo-Geisha will still exist. Producing a fabulously expensive gismo to service so blunt and basic a need is patently absurd, even though at one time (i.e., the twenty-first century) it appeared brilliantly profitable. Any of the ruling elite who feels so inclined may now recruit a harem from the hungry, obedient mass of drudges applying for a job to mop his toilets. A more probable outcome is that most of the oligarchs will themselves have become human/robotic hybrids, in the fashion eagerly anticipated by the wild-eyed high-tech prophet, Ray Kurzweil. The ability to live hundreds of years will be largely beholden to the “mechanization” of vital human organs.

Seventh Observation: An equilibrium resembling Huxley’s Brave New World will at last settle over the progressive domain. In this futuristic, ultra-efficient caricature of human society, the “Greens” (as I think of them, now denominated by one of their most successful rhetorical ploys of the past) are living a highly artificial but eco-friendly existence, husbanding the planet’s resources as they see fit and exploring the solar system as suits their whim; while the “Grays” (a colorless bunch of clones) contentedly do menial labor too low for robots, any intelligence bred out of them, any moodiness addressed through conditioning or medication (or euthanasia, in extreme cases), vulgar amusements amply provided during their “down” time.

The human race will ingeniously and thoroughly have created the hell whose existence in religious superstitions its intelligentsia had long derided.

How This Train to Hell Might Jump the Track

Islam: The Muslim strategy of “stuffing the ballot box” or “jamming the system” by saturating the world with babies is crudely ingenious. It should be fairly obvious from everything above that manipulating population numbers is the key to the grand progressive design. Members of the Western elite concentrate their resources upon their egotistical or vainglorious ambitions by having few-to-no offspring and “celebrating” sexual activity as an end in itself. They turn abortion into a species of savagery rivaling the Aztec sacrifice of young virgins in order to drum into their less committed members a sense of the worthless, even loathsome nature of infants. Meanhile, they also invite rapidly reproducing peasant populations into their society so as to imbalance the electoral process with needy, unskilled, semi-employed masses eager for a centralized authority’s largesse. Up to this point, the game plan of Muslim theocrats plays right into the progressive one… but then the secular oligarchs may well become trapped in the very snare they helped to set. For the needy masses of Islam will not ultimately look to a centralized secular authority for patronage; Islamic theocracy, rather, is a rival engineer of exploitation, and its millions of footsoldiers obey abjectly (even, in a pinch, with consciously self-destructive devotion).

As an enemy of the progressive elite, I cannot help but view the problems posed by Muslim masses for the EU, Russia, and China with a certain excitement. I understand that worldwide Muslim theocratic rule—the caliphate—would be as dismal a prison as progressive hell. Yet perhaps conservative policy-makers who are genuine friends of freedom and civilization should give more thought to letting these two predators maul one another as long as possible, as our grandfathers catastrophically failed to do when Hitler and Stalin were poised to tear out one another’s throat.

Christianity?: No, I fear there’s little resistance to be expected here. I mention the Christian faith as a roadblock to these diabolical trends because, in the case of individuals like me, it is an inexhaustible source of energy to persist. The formal representatives and organizations of Christianity, however—the Christian “machine”—will evidently be more help than hindrance to the forces of evil. Marxists used to mouth ritually their prophet’s metaphor about religion being the “opiate of the masses”. They little suspected how right they were, in a sense: i.e., not because Christianity has inured toiling serfs to aristocratic domination, but because a lazy, even cowardly repackaging of virtues like “love” and “forgiveness” has made of the postmodern believer an infinite “concessionist”, always retreating and compromising so as to “keep the peace”. Add to that the quasi-socialist materialism of luminaries like Pope Francis and the Reverend Jim Wallis, who would have us stop competing so ruthlessly and just divvy up the contents of the neighborhood’s fatter wallets (as opposed to defend, feed, and protect ourselves without any government paternalism)… and you have something that kills the mind even better than what the FDA will soon be slipping into your flu vaccine.

Redneck Wackos: That would be me, and you, and any constitutionalist, classical liberal, or believer in the fixity of human nature and the transcendence of supreme goodness; “archaic” Christians, orthodox Jews, free thinkers… Confederate-flag owners, NRA members, Veterans… bikers, survivalists, preppers… hunters, home-schoolers, small farmers… anybody who practices a degree of self-sufficiency and struggles to expand that degree. They—we—must take our vaccines (even Rick Perry tried to force one down our daughters’ throats), stop hoarding guns and gold, and desist from looking over our children’s shoulders as they do homework. We keep having kids because we don’t know or don’t care what a burden they are to the planet and can’t begin to grasp the moral imperative to stamp out Caucasian DNA (except from elite donors, whose precious code is preserved not in children but cryobanks). Most of our other obnoxious habits, though, can potentially be monitored and suppressed. Our children will soon be taken by Child Services if we teach them any form of self-denial, and ATF will rifle through our place of business and freeze our assets if we donate to the wrong candidate. Yet the central authority is growing exponentially more incompetent as it grabs more power and chokes itself on more data—so the typical RNW may hope to stay off the grid and fly under the radar if he simply chooses his battles well. Avoiding crowds (figuratively and literally) and not doing what everyone else does is a good rule of thumb. It’s how the Lithuanians resisted the Soviets.

Hubris: Our best hope of all (ultimately a faith-based hope, since it roots in acceptance of our created nature). There really is, after all, such a thing as human nature—and humans who have presumed to soar above their limitations and play God have left their corpses along every inch of history’s corridor. Any creative dramatist must salivate over the possibilities presented by our childless, three-hundred-year-old self-idolators trying to negotiate the simplest compromise in a closed room. The arrogance, the overreach, the envy, the resentment, the rage, the vindictiveness… true hell will come, surely, when these assorted secular messiahs find that the door won’t open and that they have only their own company forever.

Less spectacularly, this category should include the mushrooming bureaucratic ineptitude just mentioned, and also such inevitable wrinkles as malfunctions of major technology understood by one or two minds in the whole solar system, the disaffection of the technician class (perhaps including robotic “servants”) forced to wait upon bombastic egotists, and of course—the constant wild card—natural catastrophe. Just when technological hubris assumes that nature cannot possibly sabotage artifice… the earth’s magnetic field will reverse itself.

I hate arrogant people who enjoy power: I hate progressive elitists. I am aware that pulpit-perverted Christianity forbids me to hate anyone or anything. Precisely because of my faith, I haven’t darkened a church’s doorstep for a while: precisely because I love my faith, I hate its mutilation by weak or cunning temporizers. My faith teaches me to hate evil because I love goodness. My faith teaches me to hate assassins of bodies and souls who gorge upon their deeds like a kite on carrion because I love the innocence of the child and the miracle of learning through honest error and corrective growth.

I know what I believe. You know what you believe. We will prevail: we have already prevailed. We need only steel ourselves against the very distasteful prospect of watching evil men and women ruin themselves and everything around them—and to do our level best to ensure that our children live as far from their dark gravity as possible. My favorite phrase in the Welsh New Testament (from the days when Methodism’s salt had not lost its savor) keeps ringing in my ear: Safwch yn gadarn. “Stand firm.”

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