Shredded Fictions

What our elites anoint to be the “leading” medias spew fireworks. Contemporaries tend to be credulous “because it is in print” or “it was on TV”. Numbed, they can be overwhelmed by what trumpets that “fascism” is where disagreement with what they endorse is found. The pursuit of the trail gives a glimpse into a madhouse said by its inmates to be the ground where geniuses congregate.

Even without the “Trump complex”, the proposed excursion helps the intellectually unchained to discern something about the Main Stream Media. It emerges why the MSN, run by the constructors of the land of Oz, atrophies: wizened readers flee and let its spokesmen drown in red ink.

Since the details presented here have a foreign venue, a reminder is to be added. Some tend to think that, if the “back yard” where it happened is far away, the matter is remote and thereby of no consequence. Wrong. If it happens in someone else’ “backyard” then soon it will occur in your “backyard”, too.

“Remote” in space, does not guarantee of immunity. “Faraway” in miles does not mean “remote” in time. Glancing beyond the horizon has a use: It warns of the “twister” before it hits.

Let us begin with a personal favorite that is “too bad to be true”. Years ago, an invasion hit that Chancellor Merkel has brought about and that now undermines Germany and rattles “Old Europe”. It swept a person on German shores that even her knee-jerk governors did not want. That trait being unknown, the man got protected status, meaning that, officially, he has been persecuted by “bad people” and deserved to be shielded from violence. Alas, most of those that request shelter have false identities, a criminal record, and are not refugees but migrants. Even if the sedated “state” prefers not to find out, at times, the camouflage shreds.

That “shredding” of fictions has multiple scenarios. It can be that a victim recognizes a tormentor. A few days ago, a Yazidi woman who escaped the “religion of peace”, met in Germany her Islamist slave-owner. (The consequences are not discernible. Knowing officialdom, that “refugee” will be reassigned to a new location. The scared victim has fled Germany.) Most often, the façade is torn by the crimes of the one that had “fled violence”. Even manipulated statistics cannot hide the correlation of crime and “migration backgrounds”. Let the last days’ publicized -most incidents are not reported- knifings of women by migrants be noted. Equally significant is the stabbing of a female MD and of a nurse in her praxis by a “victim-of-violence” patient. (The very newest: Attacks on physicians are spreading and knife-attacks proliferated during the preparation of the final draft of this essay.)

This latter, seemingly rather unusual event, has received the silent treatment in the state-run news. Once confronted, these outlets responded that they report only what is of significance. Seemingly, whatever invalidates the elite’s dogmas is insignificant. Again, you see why the MSN loses credibility and why it becomes unprofitable.
For years now, Germany intended to repatriate an Arab to his safe homeland. The man fought repatriation. The state-paid attorney’s ingenious argument: as a terrorist -he has been bin Laden’s body guard- he fears mistreatment. That the Germans took the plea seriously is no proof of moral quality. The reasons are earthlier.

Germany’s political class, regardless of whether openly leftist or “centrist”, suffers from a complex. There is a self-imposed command to atone for collective sins which no present-day adult could have committed, and to complete the process of cleansing by assuming guilt for everything that anyone anywhere can articulate.

A chapter of the cliff-hanger ended when the wanted fugitive was extradited to his Tunisian homeland. With that, the forces that support any criminal if his victims come from the right of Lenin, got into the act. Their “humanitarian intervention”, makes official Germany to demand that the man be returned to its care.

The inclination to bribe radicals with kindness, and to prefer to mourn victims after their demise instead of preventing foreseeable atrocities, amount to a derangement. It produces specimens that issue from a self-hatred that ends in leniency.

A representative sample is an ongoing case. Months ago, police caught in Berlin two Chechens in possession of bomb-making material. Since no action had yet been taken, they were let go. Wisely, these decided to split up. On the 15th of August the youth that stayed provoked another raid. It netted evidence of a planned attack on the public. This time an arrest followed.

As this suggests, the largesse toward law-breakers tends to involve predictable risks to the public. The reader finds examples along the lines of the Steinle murder in accommodating San Francisco -where the reluctance to act preventively has cost a life. As argued here in the past, such cases support the claim that “PC kills”.
Elites use the media they control through loyal writers, reporters and pundits, to go beyond determining what will be allowed to become “news”. They can also tell the average person what he must think so as not to be cast as a deviant, but also what he thinks. This elite’s death-wish for our civilization sermonizes that resisting physical attacks upon our way of life is an illiberal act inspired by neo-colonialism. By that standard, persecuting and suppressing attackers is depicted as the “racism” of those that are, anyhow, guilty for the backwardness of the Third World.

This softness, marketed as enlightened liberal openness, comes from mushy thinking. It does more than to boldly ignore the facts. What it achieves is to suppress the native majority’s instinct of self-preservation manifested through the appropriate resistance to encroachments. Additionally, what amounts to the wholesale excuse of crime before it can even happen, is being advocated.

A psychiatrist who also serves as an “expert witness” in Britain, expresses the defiance provoked by submissiveness. “I’ve got no respect for any law other than Allah’s, so I don’t care about the law… I care for the law of Islam.” Equally revealing is an open letter -attribute it to native sympathizers- in the German and Austrian press. It makes the indigenous responsible for the failed integration of migrants. These should get more money and should be invited to join families -which will presumably show their tolerance by adapting to Muslim standards.

A defense of the way of life that has produced unmatched wealth, security and freedoms, may be legitimately formulated. The freedom of religion cannot excuse illegal conduct, not even if the alien can invoke his religion as an excuse. This is so even if a freshly arrested 17-year-old knife-yielder claimed that in Syria all carry a knife and that he, as a Moslem, may kill. Invoking freedom to legitimize crime is not only a sick plea; taking it seriously is a farce. Female genetic mutilation, the rape of “lewd” women, murdering unbelievers, might conform to the standards of someone’s origins. No claim of tolerance can excuse their importation to where they violate fundamental freedoms. Lastly, multiculturalism functions only if the imported minority is willing to accept and to tolerate the ways and the rights of the majority that took it in protectively at the time of its need. Tolerating intolerable crimes as an act of penance undermines hosting society and corrupts decent asylum seekers. No one should be surprised that the visible abuses cause the common man to revolt at the polls.

On the state-level, political and correspondingly aggressive, Islam might be no security risk to advanced countries. Developed states cannot be defeated by underdeveloped, technically dependent, entities. Nevertheless, a threat to democratic and pluralistic systems remains. It follows from the penetration of assimilation-resistant, culturally hostile, and economically frustrated masses into advanced societies. There this element exploits the freedoms of these systems as levels to subvert them. That organized indigenous forces, driven by multicultural dogmas, self-hate, and reverse racism, guide and support take-overs-by-merger, augments the peril.

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