Shut Down HAARP


One of the older HAARP transmitters in Alaska. Now what, exactly, does this thing do?

May’s weather in Texas hasn’t just been different, or even record-breaking; it has been unnatural.  What are “they” doing now?

On May 9 of this year, my wife and I were both kept awake all night by the strangest thunderstorm I have ever experienced.  I don’t say the most severe: part of what made the uniquely sullen tempest above us so otherworldly, in fact, was the utter absence of haste or fury in its outbursts.  The storm simply sat.  It sat all night in one place.  Where I live, and have lived for most of my more-than-half-century of life on this earth, electrical storms never behave in this fashion.  The disruptive collision of a high-pressure mass with a low-pressure mass is the engine which drives the explosions; and this collision, by nature and of necessity, is brief—perhaps two hours long, at most.

May 9 was the day on the calendar, then, when I became convinced that something unnatural was occurring.  The thunder itself didn’t “sound right”.  If you’ve traveled a lot, you will not be too shocked at the proposal that different areas have different-sounding thunder.  This night’s was entirely out of character.  The detonations came in heavy pops, sometimes right over the house.  There was no initial crackling, and no subsequent grumble.  Just thick, round (as opposed to linear or sequenced) booms.  Never in my life have I heard thunder of that sort anywhere… and certainly not here in East Texas.

Those who are afflicted with my wife’s Weather Channel addiction will know that Texas and immediately adjoining states were hit with record-shattering rains over the next few weeks.  At this writing, I cannot yet discern any clear sign that we have emerged from the “pattern of patternlessness”.  If May can be so wet and its storm systems so resistant to established cycles, then who knows what June will bring?

The public has been well conditioned by a crisis-mongering info-tainment media (whose specific mouthpieces may or may not buy in to the “this calls for more centralized bureaucracy” agenda). Hence many a man in the streets—under his umbrella—may be heard to shriek, “Climate change!” at moments like the present.  I’m no meteorologist, but I do understand the difference between climate and weather.  This May hasn’t manifested a climatic phenomenon: its defiance of regular patterns was not a tendency of one exaggerated element to throw other elements into imbalance.  What we have seen in my state, rather, has been a canceling of all usual variables from the formula and an imposition, in the vacuum, of some formula randomly generated by a computer—or maybe an idiot-savant.  Climate didn’t do this.  We’re not witnessing a pronounced new tendency, but an utter shredding of past data.

So what exactly is going on?  I had heard some years ago about how the technician-equivalents of “black ops” programs in our country—and in the Soviet Union, and in the “People’s Republic” of China—were dithering around with something called Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) waves.  Worldwide, the number of transmitter-stations seems to have numbered four or five at the end of the last century: now various sources put the number at around twenty.  In the U.S., the program blossomed under the acronym HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) during the mid-eighties.  Disturbingly, some say that our program collaborated with the Russians’ effort before the end of Soviet times—probably just because private contractors saw a chance to turn a buck, motivated by the same degree of patriotism as led them to sell out our cybernetic advantage to Red China.  Such activities were certainly never very clearly explained in a public forum or seriously investigated by the news media.  In patent applications, however, ELF technology is presented explicitly as having the potential to affect global weather patterns, and thus to become a weapon of mass destruction.  Enemy peoples might be flooded out or, alternatively, parched to death.  (This, at least, is the dope that one can glean from various “conspiracy theory” documentaries on Netflix.)

The origin of this strategy might be traced to the late sixties, when American aircraft were seeding the skies above Vietnam’s mountains in an effort to bog down the flow south of the Viet Cong by jungle paths.  Our current technology, of course, is immensely more potent and far-reaching in its effects.  Even if our invisible “expert elite” in white coats, black suits, and uniforms without insignias is merely seeding the atmosphere once again, however, one must wonder what the plan is.  Who designed said plan, and who approved it?  Was any elected representative in either group?  Why can the public not be advised of the project?  What are its possible risks?  Is the “plan”, to take another tack, actually the fevered brainchild of some lunatic cadre of “strategic climatologists” in Beijing, where sabers are being rattled in our direction with rising clatter—or in Moscow, where our meddling in Eastern European affairs is attracting brilliant varieties of creative aggression?  Are we allowed to know if some such attack on our weather is afoot?  When will we be allowed to know?  Who might be withholding that information?  Would it be the same people who have never told us the full truth about the HAARP project, and who even now continue to expand it as our national debt speeds past seventeen trillion?

I won’t dispute that some of the websites from which one may gather information about HAARP often seem slightly (or very) suspect.  There are those whose arguments portray Washington, Beijing, and Moscow as all combining in an elaborate plot—as creating an extermination event, say, for the world’s masses while they themselves nestle in well-stocked concrete bunkers.  Then there are those whose vision paints such machinations as the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.  And I suppose there must be a neo-Marxist version in the Web-World that has fat-cat capitalists holding the strings of every government’s puppets.  (Personally, I see no reason to attribute canny management of mega-trends in human affairs to a sector whose captains couldn’t even foresee the trap laid for them by Obamacare.  The approach was basically the crumbs-leading-to-sheer-drop-in-deep-can strategy that you use to catch mice.)

The profounder issue here, though, it seems to me, is that our government is no more credible than the craziest of crazies who build their own websites.  We all know that much now, though some of us continue to pretend that our side’s guys don’t lie because they’re giving us what we want.  The State Department lies about the border’s safety, Justice lies about the role of race in police shootings, Defense lies about its instructions to troops in harm’s way… Elizabeth Warren lies about her Indian blood, Harry Reed lies about Romney’s tax evasion, Lois Lerner lies about targeting the Tea Party, Hillary lies about her emails, Bob Menendez lies about his debauchery-junkets—yes, and the NSA scarcely ever condescends to tell either lie or truth in its arrogant mantle of privilege, and Secret Service agents ignore their oath and their training to party on the job, and the FBI lies about forensic evidence to secure convictions, and Homeland Security lies to FISA courts to get a carte blanche for invading homes… and other traditional darlings of the Right likewise embrace the new culture of seasoning orders and directives to taste.

Which of these people or organizations now claims a superior measure of credibility over a nut-case’s website?  The wacko who hears the Last Trump sounding in the clouds at least speaks the truth so far as he recognizes it in his own troubled mind.  What excuse is within reach of the cultivated, habitual liar who not only sneers at the listening public’s stupidity because he is ideologically superior to the masses, but also—by the way—shreds daily the document foundational to his authority which he solemnly swore to uphold?

I believe something is very wrong with our weather.  I believe the cause is man-made.  I am not a fan of car culture and urban sprawl, and both exist (I might add) in large measure because of governments at all levels flopping around on soiled bedsheets with large corporations… but I do not believe that car exhaust is the immediate cause of our current weather anomalies.  I believe, rather, that governments local, state, and federal are out of control.  They play with our atmosphere the way they play with our national border, our collapsing culture, our children’s education, our physical health, and our public safety.  We are pawns on a great chess board to them.  Most are inveterate, incorrigible liars of the most despicable moral character, and they deserve our trust in nothing they do.

Under the circumstances, less government can only be better government.  Any serious environmentalist, in particular, should advocate stripping these slithy troves of their power over our lives as far as possible.  Give us back our weather.  If there’s any virtue to nudging around weather systems, let the private sector submit that case to the public’s approval.  Shut down HAARP, and everything that remotely resembles it. No more playing God on our dime.

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