Shut Her Down… Please! You are Out of Control!

This may be the first time since FDR that 50 year olds are regularly losing their jobs. The young can not find jobs. Where is my free healthcare?

It is pretty funny when all the folks that claimed Obama was going to lose re-election say that the shutdown will be  a bad thing for Republicans.  And in all fairness if Obama settled in a day or two it might have been that way. But it was obvious from the get go that Obama is the child in the room and he wasn’t going to let anyone take his baby away … Not even for a year. Most Americans believe that Obama can take that signature legacy bill and bury it for a good long time and most Americans would be happy.  But let Obama wear his scarlet letter for as long as he wants. It will hurt the liberals for a long time to come. Obama has been seen as being very spiteful in what he chooses to close. It almost appears that Obama wants to hurt the folks that didn’t vote for him!


Obama blames Fox News for the bad light that shines on ObamaCare. But Obama should look in the mirror. As the low information voters and the other folks that voted for Obama find out what is in the bill that the politicians were afraid to read before they signed it, they will not be happy.  Where is my free healthcare?


If you all recall Obama came out a few days before the sequester cuts were supposed to kick in and told the Americans that the world would end if the cuts kicked in. The cuts kicked in and the world did not end. Actually according to Obama the economy is getting better and the unemployment numbers are going down. We don’t want to count the folks that disappeared from the unemployed ranks!


Under Obama the earth is cooling. He said he would part the seas but we didn’t know he would cool the earth. This is going on while CO2 levels are rising. Maybe it is time to shutdown the EPA. God bless Nixon for starting the EPA… The best way to get rid of jobs in America.


What Obama fails to see is that all the comediennes are making fun of Obama and his policies. This tactic destroyed Dan Quayle, it will destroy the liberals for a good long period of time. SNL already started making fun of Hillary and the race of 2016 has not officially begun. I wonder if Hillary will attack ObamaCare?


This may be the first time since FDR that 50 year olds are regularly losing their jobs. The young can not find jobs. But the liberals still think it is ok to let the illegals and the anchor babies into the country. FDR was a fool. He believed in pure socialism and wanted a perfect America. He failed miserably.  But the liberals and the Commies loved FDR.


And the liberals and the Commies will love Obama long after he is gone, They love Clinton and Clinton had his government shutdown.  He wised up and went along with the non-liberals and balanced the budget. Too bad he signed NAFTA. Allegedly he regrets doing so while he cries all the way to the bank.


One food for thought. I have had healthcare coverage from the time I was born to today.  There were no lapses. When I was a young adult the rules were as long as there were no lapses then there would be no pre-existing illness limitation. It appears that some where in the 90’s that this rule was changed. And in some states the pre-existing rule had limitations. The rich insurance companies could look back for a certain period of time and if there was an illness, even though you were covered, they could limit your coverage for that illness for a set period of time. My question to you is if this is true, then who allowed the insurance company to change the rules. And why didn’t folks have a choice. My guess is that this provision did not apply to government workers, Medicaid and Medicare recipients.  This appears to be so.


The question is did Hillary and the liberals make this healthcare change in the 90’s so they could pass a bill like ObamaCare in this decade?


The set-up goes like this. Limit the pre-existing provision on the healthcare policies. Send our factories to other countries. Allow cities to go belly-up. Allow retirement plans to be top heavy. And destroy the alleged housing market by bank induced lower than market value appraisals.  And low and behold the people would beg for a public policy called ObamaCare. The only problem is that the plan was so successful in destroying the American economy, that most people do not have enough money to pay for the expensive ObamaCare! And why should they?


Mr. Hughely:  “Obama isn’t giving healthcare to everyone”. You have to pay more  for it.


Are other countries laughing at us? First off who cares. We still have the greatest country and in time the liberal direction of this country will be overwhelmingly changed, thanks to Obama and his insane policy and character. You can’t fool all the people all the time.


The problem with all this mess is that Obama controls the Whitehouse and the Senate. But he failed to keep control of the House. He lost the house for 2 elections. Normal politicians would take note of that and try to shift their liberal, Commie policies more to the center. But not our Obama. He is like a spoiled child that does not realize he has lost the game. His poll numbers are dropping and it doesn’t look good for the Obama lovers.


The House only has 2 ways to even the playing field. Well actually one. They don’t have to approve raising the debt ceiling and directly or indirectly that will shutdown the government. The bad news is like the Post Office we can probably live with the government closed. All we need is the military and the like and some one to collect taxes and pay for the entitlement’s, SS and the like. The rest of the obligations can be returned to the states!


If all these workers are shutdown, then why are they going to be paid? Many 50 year olds have lost good paying jobs thanks to the liberal policies. The youths are strapped with exorbitant  student loans and can’t find good jobs. How many 50 year olds lost their government jobs?  Could you imagine if we actually closed down all these government jobs permanently. I wonder if we would have a real surplus not a phony Clinton surplus that was never used to lower the deficit!


The Republicans or the non-liberals were put in office to stop  the lunacy of the liberals. They better do their job or they will be voted out. The worse thing the non-liberals like McCain can do is vote with the liberals.  This is bad for morale and if he or any non-liberal does vote the liberal way, then they must be removed from office.


It is time for America to come first not the liberal spending and economic polices that do not make any fiscal sense. But the non-liberals need to do their job and not to listen to folks like Rove, Krauthammer and Morris. They were wrong before and they are wrong again. These folks were elected to right a wrong and to shutdown Obama. If Obama won’t negotiate, then shut her down. Time will soften the insanity of Obama….Maybe!



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