Slaying The Left’s Demon: Why There’s Nothing Right About Fascism

On New Year’s Eve 2015, around one thousand immigrants sexually assaulted hundreds of female revellers in the German city of Cologne. It subsequently emerged that mobs of immigrants in other European cities had also mussohit2assaulted women in what are clearly organized attacks. You may remember the cathedral of Cologne turning off its lights to oppose the anti-Islamization protest group PEGIDA one week before the Charlie Hebdo jihad in Paris in January 2015. How misguided does that seem just one year later?

Following the news of the mass sexual assaults, PEGIDA organized a demonstration in Cologne on Saturday January 9th and immediately, the broadcast and print media went to enormous lengths to paint the organization as “far right”. Their devious aim is to associate people peacefully protesting against the Islamization of their countries and demanding the right for women to be able to walk the streets without being sexually assaulted by hordes of misogynist immigrants with the despised “far right” Nazis and Fascists.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Those who warned of what would happen if the West continued to import the rape culture of Islam and who support a woman’s right to live her life without being sexually violated are Nazis. It’s absurd! But the absurdity doesn’t stop there because there’s a dirty little secret leftists and liberals don’t want you to know about Nazis and Fascists. Because both of these totalitarian ideologies are anything but “far right” and it’s way past time for this mendacious red demon to be slayed.

The father of Fascism, Benito Mussolini was a prominent Italian communist who saw active service during The Great War. After seeing the European working class almost annihilate each other he realized international socialism would never work, mainly because he knew Marx’s claim of an “international working class” identity was mere fiction. Mussolini knew working class people identified themselves by nationality. So he asserted that socialism could only work within the framework of the nation state. His theories are an evolution of Marxism, taking socialism from an international to a national concept.

The political movement formed by Mussolini is called “Fascism” and he defined it as a merger of socialist state and corporate power – often referred to as “The Third Way.” Advocates include Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Tony Blair and as the economic crisis of 2008 proved with state bailouts of failed corporations, the European Union. Under Fascism, Italy would be a single party, totalitarian socialist state as directed in Marxian theory. There’s no democracy in Marxism because opposition is not allowed and both Fascists and Nazis established what is termed in Marxism as a “dictatorship of the proletariat.” In the new Italy, all disparate groups – peasantry, church, workers, farmers, military and even industrialists would have a seat at the table and cooperate to build a new, united Italy under Fascist – Italian national socialist – rule. The logo of fascism shows how this works – sticks bound together by an axe, symbolizing strength through unity.

As is the case with all socialist totalitarian regimes, the individual must be totally subservient to the state. Fascism is a collectivist ideology whereby individuals sacrifice themselves for the “greater good” again in full accordance with Marxian theory. As Mussolini stated:

“The keystone of the Fascist doctrine is its conception of the State, of its essence, its functions, and its aims. For Fascism the State is absolute, individuals and groups relative.” – Benito Mussolini

Nazism is also a National Socialist ideology but it’s not Fascism. It is its own distinct socialist ideology based on purity of Nordic blood and Germanic supremacy. It is not, as many falsely believe, an ideology of white supremacy, but Aryan supremacy. The Nazis claimed supremacy over all non-Aryan races including non-Nordic white races, especially the Slavic races.

Nazism is an abbreviation for: National Socialist German Workers’ Party and they knew exactly what they were. They weren’t some kind of right-wing democratic capitalists trying to fool people into believing they were socialists and their ideology is firmly rooted in Marxist doctrine. One cannot understand either Nazism or Fascism without understanding Marxism along with how and why it evolved during the twentieth century.

Looking at the flag of Nazi Germany reveals why Nazism is rooted in Marxism. The predominant red symbolizes socialism, just as it does on the flags of the mass murdering socialist dystopias of the USSR and the People’s Republic of China. The white symbolizes the purity of the German nation and the swastika symbolizes the struggle for Aryan victory over world Jewry.

“National Socialism is based on the value of our Nordic German blood.”  – Heinrich Himmler

When it comes to Nazi Jew-hatred, there’s a skeleton in the Marxist cupboard few people are aware of that socialists are desperate to conceal. The Nazi drive to exterminate the Jews comes directly from the godfather of socialism Karl Marx. He accused the Jews of being avaricious hucksters who worshipped the God of money. He asserted the only way Jews could be emancipated from this affliction was for mankind to be emancipated from the Jews. Hitler’s Nazis didn’t call their wicked aim to make Europe Judenrein “The Holocaust”, they called it “The final solution to the Jewish question,” the solution proposed by Marx himself. Yes, you’re ahead of me here I’m sure, Marxism is most definitely a racist, genocidal ideology.

“As socialists we are opponents of the Jews because we see in the Hebrews the incarnation of capitalism, of the misuse of the nation’s goods.”   – Dr. Joseph Goebbels, “Those Damn Nazis”, 1929

Core to Marxism is for the socialist state to either own or control the means of production. Hitler’s Nazis controlled all means of production via the Reich Ministry of Economics who specified quotas, distribution, wages, prices and so on. Just as is the case with Fascism, Nazism is a collectivist ideology with the individual existing only to serve the state. You can read more about the socialist economics of the Nazis here.

Just like Karl Marx, both Mussolini and Hitler bore a seething hatred for Christianity and capitalism. In Fascist Italy, limited ownership of property was permitted – although the state could confiscate it at any time – and Mussolini even put aside his hatred of the church and allowed it a place in the new Italy. But the Nazis believed both capitalism and Christianity removed Germans from their natural healthy state. Christian symbols in public places were removed and replaced by Nazi symbols including portraits of the Führer Adolf Hitler.

When the Nazis came to power, they implemented a massive expansion of state welfare including free healthcare, free education and government programs to reduce unemployment. All unearned wealth was abolished with sky-high taxation of up to 80% of income. In Italy, universal suffrage was established with women given the vote. A minimum wage was introduced along with an eight-hour day for workers and high taxation on capital was implemented. All of these policies were gleaned from Marx’s Communist Manifesto.

In both Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, opposition to the state was crushed, as happened in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the People’s Republic of China, North Vietnam, Cuba and North Korea. In Nazi Germany, communists (international socialists), political dissenters, Christians, the mentally and physically handicapped and of course, Jews were rounded up and sent to forced labour camps called KZs – Konzentrationslagers.

Why you may wonder did the Nazis send communists to the KZs? It’s because they believed communists were internationalist Bolsheviks and under the control of world Jewry. They were therefore deemed a threat to the German National Socialist state.

These diabolical crimes against humanity weren’t unique to the Nazis they also occurred in the USSR and China and on a much larger scale. It’s odd how people froth at the mouth about the vile atrocities committed by the Nazis yet are curiously silent about the equally despicable atrocities committed by communists in the USSR and China. Both of these barbaric regimes also used forced labor camps and here we see more evidence of the similarities between international and national socialism.

Above the gates to the dreaded Gulags, a sign declared: “Labor is a matter of honor, glory and heroism.” In Mao Ze Dong’s socialist China, prisoners were marched off to the Laogais under the mantra: “Reform through labor.” And as most people know, untermenschen entering the KZs would see a sign proclaiming: “Arbeit Macht Frei – Work sets you free.”

It is estimated that socialists in the USSR killed between 60-70 million people. In the People’s Republic of China, they killed almost 50 million. And in Nazi Germany, socialists killed approximately 20 million. In Italy, Mussolini’s Blackshirts deployed violence and torture to crush political opposition to Fascism and although Mussolini had around 2000 political opponents killed, Fascists didn’t kill on anywhere near the same scale as their socialist comrades in the USSR, China and Germany. Nor were race laws passed in Fascist Italy, in fact, race laws only came to Italy with the arrival of the Nazis in 1938 some sixteen years after Mussolini seized power. Despite the modern left linking Fascism with racism, Fascism was not a racist ideology.

Another interesting similarity between German national socialists and Soviet communists can be seen in their use of propaganda to win support from the masses. Both made extensive use of imagery depicting them as champions of the struggle of the working class and you can see a selection of their propaganda posters here and here including Nazi usage of the hammer and sickle.

Let’s have one more inconvenient truth highlighting the Marxist ideology shared by the USSR and Nazi Germany to bring this piece to a close. Socialists insist that nationalism was the cause of the Second World War. This is an outright lie. In September 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland, almost everyone knows this. What is forgotten is that the USSR also invaded Poland and at this time, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were allies. Nationalism didn’t cause the Second World War, socialist imperialism did.

So you can see Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao – and other socialist dictators such as Fidel Castro, Ho Chi Minh and Pol Pot – are all red emperors who wear the same blood-soaked robes. All share the same socialist beliefs rooted in the ideology of Karl Marx and far from being right-wing ideologies, both Fascism and Nazism are socialist ideologies and belong firmly on the left slightly to the right of communism. Neither are right-wing ideologies because they reject democracy, free market economies and individualism.

Christopher J. Green is the author of the new book: Death of the Family – True Stories of the Charlatans Who Deceived the World and Broke the Backbone of Our Society. To discover how and why Marxism evolved to attack Christianity and destroy the traditional family unit along with the identities of those responsible, click here now >>

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