Sleazy Gun-Control Bureaucrats Shut Down Legendary Gun Range


The author feels more comfortable shooting at the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club than anywhere else, due to its level of safety and expertise.

One sneaky new way gun-control activists are taking away gun rights is by forcing gun ranges to shut down. By using vague words like “unsafe,” “public nuisance,” and creating new regulations that are impossible to adhere to, they have figured out how to get rid of them. Without ranges available for training and shooting practice, and increasingly fewer places in the wilderness left to shoot openly, it will be more difficult for people to own guns.

This targeting is beginning to happenall over the country, and activists are following closely what is taking place to one of the first victims, the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club in Washington state. The club was ordered by a judge to cease all shooting operations on Friday, claiming that KRRC was violating the law by not applying for a certain type ofnewly created operating permit. However, the cleverly written new regulationshad been drafted by anti-Second Amendment bureaucrats for the sole purpose of shutting down KRRC. KRRC, which was established in 1926, argued that it was grandfathered in under previous regulations, so should not have to apply for the absurd new permit which gives full operational control to a County agency that has vowed and demonstrated its intent to destroy them.

There was no reason for the draconian new regulations. It had never been proven that a single bullet ever left the KRRC range, and the amount of lead present on the outdoor range is less than nearby outdoor law enforcement ranges. There were simply a handful of vague complaints.

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