Sleazy ‘Scam PACs’ Hurt GOP Candidates Again This Cycle With Fake Fundraising

scmpcA crop of conservatively named super PACs has arisen in recent years, which serve to do little but pad their own coffers during election season. The moneymakers behind the scam organizations appeal to the conservative base with long-shot candidates who have no chance at toppling powerful Republican incumbents, by disguising their actual chances. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how troublesome these PACs are. Very little of the money raised goes to help candidates, it is instead diverted to “operational” costs, which disproportionately include inflated fees paid to consultants and vendors. The names of prominent conservatives like Allen West are used to raise money — but the money doesn’t go to benefit West. These organizations divert money away from tight races where conservatives genuinely need the funds.

Grassroots volunteers are getting fed up as well, toiling away for free as a select number of political consultants make millions from their efforts. I previously wrote about these “Scam PACs” in 2014, and unfortunately they reemerged again this election cycle, stronger than ever due to the advances in advertising on the internet.

Campaign finance lawyer Paul H. Jossey admitted all of this in an article for Politico this summer entitled, “How We Killed the Tea Party.” He wrote, “Greedy super PACs drained the movement with endless pleas for money to support ‘conservative’ candidates — while instead using the money to enrich themselves. I should know. I worked for one of them.” He explains how the organizations took advantage of “mostly older, technologically unsavvy people willing to divulge personal information through ‘petitions’ — which only made them prey to further attempts to lighten their wallets for what they believed was a good cause.”

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