Snowflakes and Soros Part 2

The purple revolution that is the goal of the globalists led by George Soros is coming to fruition. The “snowflakes” that pass for young adults these days have been indoctrinated to see the United States as the problem with everything in the world. They are taught that rights do not come from God, but from the elites who they want to run their lives. The elites take for themselves the air of Moral Superiority, believing that the common people of this country must be controlled, must be told what to believe.
George Soros and his progressive socialist globalists whose agenda is to destroy the country to force the New World Order that they want to impose their agenda on the country are angry that the American people stood up and said no more. After Soros spending millions on Hillary, the organized outside media influence bought and paid for by Soros, they lost. The popular vote which will be used for the purpose of trying to make Trump irrelevant and being promulgated by the progressive media, will not change the election. It will be used to foment violence at Trumps inauguration, and to attempt to creat enough chaos that would force the government to strike back. Media will then use it to create an atmosphere of fear and anger that they hope will lead to so much damage that the govrment will collapse.
The question is how far will Soros be able to get with his paid rioters, first started in collusion with the Palestinians and Black Lives Matter in Ferguson. It will culminate with violence and damage at the inauguration. A presidential election was completed with no charges of illegitimacy, and with the results certified, these Soros organizations will continue to try to rise up and claim the election was stolen.
One of the most vocal Soros organizations is MoveOn. org. This organization is behind the national violent protests . They are basing these protests on the rejection of Trump because of “racism” “xenophobia”, and “misogyny” on the part of Trump and his supporters. The mainstream media pushes the story of these “snowflakes” are so upset, and even push the claim that these “students” are suffering from PTSD.
From reports on the ground by honest media, these “students” have been found to have been bused in and not the organic upswell in American concern. They do not or can not understand that the reaction of this country to the manipulation by the globalists and political elites will result not in the collapse of the American culture or start a revolution but will revive the American people to fight against a government that does not subvert the will of the American People.
Even Harry Reid, the same man who lied about Romney taxes felt required to add to the angry cauldron that is the Democrat/Progressive/Socialist party. Talking of people living in fear of our new administration, of African Americans being heckled, Muslim Americans in fear for their lives and even spouted as a fact that a sexual predator has been elected President. Where was all this during Bill Clinton’s Presidency, or is it only conservatives who must be taken to task?
Trump supporters have been taken to task for voting for Trump. Calling half the country that voted for Trump sexist. racists, homophobes, uneducated and of course, Hitlers. The moral high ground that the progressives feel is theirs has been torn apart, and the elites will never understand that all those that disagree with them will no longer be silenced by trigger words. Political correctness has been forced upon the American people as a way to avoid discussing the obscenities that the progressives and globalists have attempted to force on the American people. The grotesque narcissism and entitlement that these safe space snowflakes feel are due them and the ability of the globalists to lead them where they want them.
But what are the organizations of the Soros Open Society Foundation attempting to accomplish for the billionaire Nazi collaborator?, Center for American Progress and groups such as ANSWER Coalition have been funding anti-Trump protests across the country. ANSWER is a coalition first started as a portion of the Workers World Party.
Even the Director of Amnesty International Naureen Shah has pledged to help organize protests against Trump. Amnesty International apparently is going to protest the slowing and proper vetting of refugees into our country. Just today, this administration admitted to letting over 15,000 refugees into the country with no vetting, because the system was broken. Pro Muslim and leftist activists are in the process of trying to convince Obama to dismantle the NSEERS (National Security Exit-Entry System) system, making it even easier to enter the country with any possible vetting. But these globalist/socialist think they are going to put enough pressure on the American people that we will allow them to do as they like.
The Mainstream Media has attempted to show these protests as an overwhelming protest against the agenda of a tyrant who had the good fortune to have so many white supremacists and homophobes vote for him to become President. Never mentioned is that Trump had more Black, Hispanic and LBGT votes than any other Republican in history. It would appear that the groups that the Progressive socialist have taken for granted for years are starting to wake up to the lies being told them for the past 70 years.
At the meeting of the Democracy Alliance, another Soros organization, plans were discussed to disrupting the first 100 days of a Donald Trump presidency. Attending the meeting were such political luminaries as Nancy Pelosi ( you have to pass it to see what’s in it), Elizabeth Warren (fauxcahontas) and Keith Ellison, ( a Louis Farrakhan and Muslim Brotherhood supporter). They have declared that there must be no attack on Obamas achievements, including the unconstitutional Dream Act and Obamacare. The socialist pen and phone attacks on the national psyche must be preserved if the progressive/globalist elite are to continue to make progress on the agenda they have for our country.
In order to continue with the agenda they have for our country, they must have the assistance of the media, the socialists in our midst, and the Hollywood types who even today do not realize that under the system of the globalists they would be the first to go. Because they do not agree with the twill of the people, these people will resort to violence, Trump supporters have been beaten in the streets, the cars they drive have been torched, and yet the mainstream media, starting with the New York times have ignored these events. The Southern Poverty Law Center has released a report of hoax attacks against all various types of minorities, and along with the New York Times, the Washington Post and other liberal spokespeople to ignore that the violence being done is of a liberal mindset. Twitter has allowed the hashtag “#assassinate Trump” to flourish. Cher and Madonna amongst a plethora of celebrities voice the opinions of leftists with the belief that the opinions they have are important to most people who have to work for a living.
It will all culminate with the inauguration of Donald Trump. The radical left is calling upon all anarchists and activists to descend upon Washington D.C. on Inauguration Day January 20th, 2017. At the forefront of this assembly is Facebook, and Twitter under the hashtag : #Disrupt J20”. The objective is to disrupt the ceremonies and force the swearing in of our duly elected President to be done out of sight of the people who elected him. They feel that the direct action against not just Trump, but in their own words “Neither the Democrats or any other political party will save us. If there is going to be change, it must be direct action”
If they believe that it will be possible to create enough chaos upon the people of this country that our government will collapse, they should understand that it is precisely that type of thinking that has their party of choice floundering. The ideas of the globalists, the socialists, and the corporatists have been tried and have been found wanting. Violence and trying to instill fear in the populous to cause them to keep the ideas that can make this country great again to themselves is a effort of futility. The genie is out of the bottle, the American people are standing up, they will take this country back. You names you use to shame them into silence will no longer work. The ideas of your socialist/globalist fantasy world have been found wanting.
More to come. Be prepared, Inauguration day is the day. If violence occurs, they will be a backlash, and it will not be the fault of the American people, but people like George Soros, Obama, and the globalists they have worked with for all these years to force “Fundamental Transformation”. The good news is the “Fundamental Transformation “ of the country is arriving, and they won’t like it.
America is ready… lock and load patriots.

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