Growing Socialism In America? Thanks, Millennials

In a radicalized America, the specter of mainstream socialism mounts. 

Once nationally vilified as the slipperiest gateway to communistic hell, firebrand names such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have inspired a far-left counter-revolution. 

The proof: in 2018, Democrat Socialists Of America-led primary upsets have shaken Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Boston. 

Tuesday, Ocasio-Cortez protege’ Ayanna Pressley (D) stunned Democratic Rep. Mike Capuano in Massachusetts’ 7th Congressional District election. 




Simply, America’s disenfranchised youth and shifting demographic pool are unafraid to uproot bedrock political and cultural values. Fox News states:

“Their victories have brought visibility to a growing appeal of socialism, which long carried a stigma, among many younger Americans turning their backs on establishment politics.”

In fact, per The Federalist, almost half of Millennials now support some form of socialism.  And when considering that just one in four Millennials attend weekly religious services, and 13 percent are unemployed (twice the national amount), the former number doesn’t surprise. 

Further, history shows that whenever staple Christian values —one such being gainful employment— wane in favor of servile state obedience, that society erodes, too.

Naturally, this tide of millennial entitlement, apathy, and contempt are nascent harbingers leaning toward more fatalistic trends. Think Nazi Germany, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, or North Korea. Such brutal regimes rose alongside imposed state worship and nationalistic discord. 

Along similar lines, Millennials, with their grating social justice crusades, another misguided form of secularism, are perhaps courting disaster for all Americans.

A pithy explanation of why ‘social justice’ crusaders wildly miss the mark and divide, courteousy of FEE. 

 “But in the effort to right these wrongs, the Social Justice warriors often commit the very evil they are attempting to erase.”

Doomsday scenarios aside, socialism’s fantastical, Xanadu promises are still risible at best. 

Of course, pragmatism doesn’t matter when impressionable minds which lack concrete logic and sound Biblical principles are the messages targeted audience.

Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are deluded charlatans peddling woo to an utterly misguided generation. 

And as that generation matures, especially at the polls, conservatives, libertarians, and all who love freedom have reason for anxiety. 

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