Solar Tax Hikes for South Carolinians Loom Unless Legislature Takes Action

slrAt a time when South Carolina lawmakers are having trouble getting bills passed, they have an opportunity to prevent tax hikes, unleash the potential of solar power and make those on both sides of the aisle happy.

In 2014 the South Carolina General Assembly passed landmark solar legislation,​ ACT 236, which was signed by Governor Nikki Haley. It eased restrictions on solar energy that had been holding back the industry preventing competition in the energy marketplace and holding back ratepayer efforts to put solar on their own roofs.  Here is some background.

But the battle isn’t over. Currently, South Carolinians that choose to adopt rooftop solar may face tax hikes, which would cut their savings from solar by 50%.

Proposed legislation solves the problem by preventing tax hikes and ensuring the goals of the Legislature and the Governor of establishing consumer choice and competition are actually carried out. And while thwarting tax increases and stimulating business is a no brainer for conservatives, those on the left get the benefit of passing legislation that’s good for the environment.

Right now there is a bit of frustration because the South Carolina General Assembly has been slow to deal with a backlog of legislation.

This legislation gives lawmakers a rare chance to make those of us on the right happy, while winning a few friends on the left. More importantly, it gives consumers the chance to truly benefit from last year’s legislation. In fact, a recent poll of SC voters found that 75% of respondents believe solar is an important part of providing energy choice and competition in the electricity market. It’s clear the public is behind is solar energy.

Seems like a slam dunk.

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