The Untold Story: South African Land Reform and Farm Murders

The South African Constitution has recently been amended to allow for expropriation of farmland without any form of compensation to the farmers. The situation is bad, and it’s made worse by brutal farm murders and the fact that South African banks are informing farmers that they are liable for the note on the farm even if the government takes it. Plus, there’s the outright hostility to all whites (not just farmers) being touted by leading South African politicians:

Despite the massive progress made since that earlier “new dawn” in 1994, South Africa remains divided by race, ethnicity and class; confounded by impossible expectations and a lack of simple solutions. But as in a floundering 1930s Germany, we have one voice, Malema, who has a confident answer. And, as it was then, the supposed solution is the seizure of private property and the scapegoating of minorities.

Even by his own toxic standards, Malema is becoming ever more vitriolic.

Eighteen months ago, Malema declared “We are not calling for the slaughtering of white people, at least for now”. In the past week, he has spoken of “cutting the throat of whiteness” in the ousting of Nelson Mandela Bay mayor Athol Trollip: “We going for your white man we are going to cut the throat.”

As with other fascists, Malema is not picky when it comes to ethnic targeting. Also last week, he stated: “Chinese are like Indians. They think they’re close to whiteness. When they practise racism they even become worse than whites. There are even blacks who mimic whiteness. All of this needs to be confronted.”

To learn more about the situation in South Africa, see our guide about the Boers and ANC conflict.

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