Spying on the Progressives

Republicans need to start highlighting internal feuding on the left, in order to put the left on the defensive and stop them from being allowed to dictate what the most important debates are.

Republicans have been so busy attacking each other lately that little attention is being paid to the antics of the left. The far left activists, including the Occupy movement and Anonymous, have been quite busy.

The Occupiers are helping fast food workers strike for higher wages and a union. Their targets include Wendy’s and Burger King in New York City. If they really wanted to help those workers, they would encourage them to attend college and find higher paying jobs. The founder of the Occupy movement, Adbusters, is organizing Occupiers to protest Goldman Sachs banks around the world. They would be better off targeting the politicians who created the arbitrary laws that banks must operate inside of; running one bank out of business won’t change the status quo.

Anonymous, the shadowy, unorganized group of hackers and anarchists, has been threatening vigilante justice in sexual assault cases. One of the main problems with this tactic was seen in the case of Amanda Todd. The teenager committed suicide after relentless cyberbullying. Anonymous outed Kody Maxson as her attacker. It was reported later that he was the wrong man. By then he had received over 50 death threats. This month, Anonymous is demanding that police reopen a closed investigation into four young men who allegedly raped 17-year old Rehtaeh Parsons and bullied her for two years. She committed suicide in early April. Anonymous threatened to release the minors’ names if the case wasn’t reopened, and coincidentally the police have now reopened the case. Parsons’ mother is concerned and says her daughter would not have wanted more harm to come to anyone.

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