State of Obamas Disunion

I sat through the State of the Union speech by President Obama tonight, and I was impressed. Not with Obama, but because I didn’t throw anything through the Television. So many of the things that he mentioned were just plain lies. Obama declared that the partisanship is worse on the Hill, but with a President that takes no advice, and allows no one to disagree is the main reason for the partisanship. Obama has been the most divisive politician that I have ever seen in this country. This is the man who after elected, spent the first meeting with the Republican said “I Won” and that was the end of working together.
He patted himself on the back for the Iran deal. Not mentioning that missiles was fired in close proximity to an American aircraft, 10 sailors are being held by Iran, they have shown us an underground ICBM storage area. None of this was mentioned, the failures were ignored to make his legacy look more forward thinking.
Obama declared that the citizens are polarized, and that it concerns him. Not mentioned was his white personnel who are almost 50% Muslim, some with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. His willful ignoring the black on black crime. The fact that this administration has always sided with the black people in this country. From the voting in Philadelphia that were interrupted by the Black Panthers and that this administration refused to prosecute, to a Boston Professor where Obama called the police stupid, and so much more. Trayvon being like his son. Couple this with the whites severely injured in the knockout “games” and summarily executed by blacks that this administration refuses to discuss.
And then there is immigration. We have been told that the economy is doing fine, and the unemployment is only 5%. Not mentioned are the 97 million that have given up and stopped looking. The President has done his best to praise the Muslims to the American people. Pretending that Islam has nothing to do with the terror and challenges with the immigration of these people are not of a concern to this President. America, under Obamas plan will become Germany, and all Obama will tell us, like Germany, will be our fault. The contempt that Iran treats us with is firmly placed at Obamas doorstep. And yet, even with our soldiers being held hostage, Obama has every intention of giving them $150 billion in blackmail money that they will give to Hamas and Hizbollah.
Another straw man that Obama delivered was that we should not fear immigration. Illegals are flowing over the border without stop, terrorists are being invited into the country, and we are told not to fear change. Perhaps Obama will feel safe in his new home in Dubai, or perhaps her Secret Service makes him feel safe, but none of the other citizens fell that their country is safe. Perhaps that is why over 60% feel that our country is moving in the wrong direction.
Short note, the man of the pen and phone who has ignored the law in everything from Obamacare, to immigration states that we are a country that follows the “rule of law. If George Bush had done any one of the unconstitutional acts that Obama has done, the Democrats would have called him Hitler and start impeachment proceedings.
The healthcare and energy sectors are doing so well because of Obamas leadership. Healthcare promises made were a total lie, and the Democrats knew it then. And how many alternative energy companies have collapsed after Obama gave them millions, most the Obamas cronies.
Just watched Debbie Wasserman Shultz criticize Nickey Haley for her rebuttal. She stated that she was picked because she was a woman, and Republicans have a diversity problem. Then explain why blacks are leaving the Democratic Party in droves. Why Mexicans are backing Trump of all people, and the Democrat Party is falling apart. But what could we expect from someone who even the Democrat Party wants to see gone.Shultz said it was a bad choice because Haley is not liked in her state. Megyn Kelly of Fox checked, Haleys approval rating in her state is 80%
Obama showed great concern about the citizenry of our country falling apart, that there is great divisiveness within the citizenry. Not explained is that it is Obama that has divided this nation. He has succeeded in dividing this country by color, economics, and even religion. Christians are still being denigrated not only in this country for the belief that same sex marriage is wrong, but internationally. This is the same man who had Christians sent back to the Middle east likely to be tortured and killed. Of all the refugees being forced upon our country, less than .03% are Christian even though that are the primary target of the Islamic State.
Our citizens are better off. Obama said so, it must be true right? Economic indicators show that the median income has gone down and the jobs that are available are going to illegal immigrants rather than US citizens because the Chamber of Commerce and their cronies have realized they can pay them less. Also under Obamacare, they don’t have to be covered, saving the companies hiring them about $3000. per year.
Obama once again brought up the fact that corporations can work anywhere in todays world, but neglected to mention that he vetoed a bill that would have lowered the corporate tax that would have kept more companies here.
Iran, according to Obama is being kept in line because the world is rallying behind the United States. None of our allies trust us, and our enemies from Russia to Iran and China hold us in contempt. They realize we have an administration with no backbone, and a liar for our President. He mentioned the success in Syria and Ukraine, both of which we have lost because our President would not take the necessary steps to ensure the freedom the people of those countries deserve. In Ukraine, Putin knew that Obama would fail to do anything and would use words to try to change the situation same as he did in Crimea. And Iran, they know Obama is a paper tiger counting on the Iran Nuclear deal to be a part of his legacy. When it blows up years from now Obama can blame whoever takes his place.

I could go on and on, perhaps I will write a part two. I think the main point that needs to be made has been done. Obama, in his final State of the Union speech was to be a diplomatic visionary of what our country should be. It isn’t what it could be because this narcissistic, self centered megalomaniac who wishes nothing more to be dictator stood in the way of what this country could have been. Perhaps he will have a better chance to push the tyranny he wishes he could have when he pushes his way into the Secretary position at the UN that he so covets. After all, pushing people out of the way is what he has done since he started his political career, why stop now.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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