Steven Colbert censors Mark Levin’s “Unfreedom Of The Press” book cover

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Make no mistake, Steven Colbert like many in the major media both entertainment and hard news is an activist for the Democrat Party. Colbert like so many before him past and present comes from a family of Democrats. One of his brothers is a “Democrat litigator” and his father apparently was a big time Democrat who taught his children (as well as their mother) to question the authority of the Roman Catholic Church.

Now I am not a Catholic and I would go Eastern Orthodox before I ever turn Catholic, but too many Democrats who claim to be Catholic have been allowed to stay in the church if not be able to take the Lord’s Supper. If the Catholic Church really had the guts to uphold and enforce its values if not God’s Law; then I am sure that their would be lots of Democrats who would be rightfully denied Communion if not excommunicated and ran out of the church until their was honest repentance and lots of Democrats on their knees crying mercy to God himself and asking for his son Jesus to make them clean for once. Heck at least the Kennedy Dynasty would finally have been held accountable for once rather than getting away with murder as Ted Kennedy was able to do regarding ‘Chappaquiddick & Mary Jo Kopechne’ in the 1960’s. Sadly, big money talks when it comes the Roman Catholic Church then and now. Because of that, the likes of the Colbert’s as well the Kennedy’s (not the only ones of course) were able to question the church (as in UNDERMINE God’s Law) and remain a good standing Catholic.

Personally I could not care less if Colbert himself is a Catholic in good standing. What concerns me is when this punk decides to give a low blow to Mark Levin, and its not about twisting and omitting what was exchanged with the weekend crew of Fox & Friends (on Fox News Channel); but how Colbert and his own minions conducted another kind of censorship, which they can do but it shows Colbert and his team as the virus that they truly are.

Before I point out what was censored on Colbert’s show let me recap the segment on Fox & Friends Sunday. By the way if you subscribe to BlazeTV you can now watch that very segment in full with a few comments from “The Great One” himself on LevinTV episode 651 “Levin vs. Media” which was uploaded on October 1, 2019. Mark Levin lays out his knowledge on the how the impeachment and removal process works and up to the current present day in which Nancy Pelosi and other big city Democrats are doing what they can to not only impeach Trump but protect the Democrats as well by doing a run around so that the Congress does not have to vote on record to impeach or not to impeach. Levin also read about the Andrew Johnson trial and found the attempt to remove him turned out to be a joke. Johnson FYI was a Democrat and was Vice President under Abraham Lincoln…Yes Lincoln was a Republican and trying abolish slavery with the Democrats were all in for.

Afterwords Ed Henry seems tried to pull a fast one on Levin, and Mark was not going to let him do it. He held Henry to the fire as he should and who cares if Henry is leaning right himself. After all Henry got caught in a sexual affair…look that one up kiddies.

Levin demands the identity of the so-called whistleblower. He asks Henry to answer if President Trump broke any laws, and Henry can’t answer. Levin continues to demand accountability for the Biden men and believes that THEY are the law breakers in all of this which I tend to agree until I see otherwise…but I doubt it. Henry asks a dishonest question about a foreign leader with similar power to our President being able to dig up dirt on the Biden’s. Levin calls his bluff, and this is where the Democrat media Juggernaut (both the news press and entertainment media) use this as their cut off point. This is actually were Henry is held accountable for once…and if ever. Levin is demanding Fox News to actually do their job and go after the Democratic Party when its major competition not only does not, but actually supports the Democratic Party…which is anything BUT Democratic and rather; its really focused on their Cult of Personality, thus in my opinion and the opinions of many other conservatives and/or Republicans; calling them the Democrat Party is the right epithet to use regarding these cons and would be tyrants.

But Colbert really delivered a low blow to “Mean Old Billy Joel.” It was not about calling Mark Levin ‘Mean Old Billy Joel’ or mocking Fox News Channel and its popular breakfast show (“Fox & Hey, I thought we were friends”). The low blow that this punk parasite who calls himself a comedian and his crew of minons did, was to censor Mark Levin’s big cover of his bestselling book “Unfreedom of the Press “ over his left shoulder which exposes the progressive bias of many major newsrooms and newscasts in radio, TV, and print. Colbert has his guests who are like minded, that hawk a book whenever they have one that is fresh off the printing press, and it seems to me that Colbert has either allies or close friends in the Democrat Party press. Not even Don Lemon did this to “Mean Old Billy Joel” on his program on CNN…but who knows if “Dummy Lemon” or anyone else in the Democrat Party press is taking notes. These people abuse our First Amendment as they destroy it.

This is why despise Colbert…more so than ever. He too is part of the the progressive cabal to “question authority” as they fundamentally transform our nation and culture to something that will eventually usher in tyranny and downright misery, except for nobles so-called like Colbert. Yes Mark I am in agreement; Johnny Carson, Colbert is not. Colbert is no Mark Russell either…anyone heard of or remember him?

Still Colbert must be treated the same way as the major news outlets…as an advocate of the Democrat Party and progressive politics and worldview…which is anything but honestly progressive, but rather leads to statism and enslavement of the common people. Thank goodness for the Media Research Center who continues to push back and thank goodness for “The Great One” not backing down from this either…not with Fox News, CNN, or the Democrats top jester of the moment.

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