Stop Empowering the Thieves who Steal your Money in Broad Daylight!

A review of Dick Morris’s new book ScrewedIt is time to start putting all these liberals and crooked bureaucrats and politicians in their place.

Screwed By Dick Morris. This book has one important premise we all should live by! 

Screwed is a great book. Its subtitle is: “How foreign Countries are ripping us off and plundering our economy- and how our leaders help them to do it.” 

The book covers an array of subjects. It’s a tough read because it has a great deal of detail. But once you get through the first hundred pages it seems to pick up momentum.

But at the end of the day or book which ever comes first there is one bold principle which should be drafted right at the top of the US Constitution.

Remember our patriotic founders knew this rule. They just didn’t write it in bold print in the preamble and every page thereafter.

And keep in mind that the founders never envisioned an economy the best in the world with trillions of dollars to spend and steal. 

The rule is simple. Where ever there is money, it will always and I mean always attract thieves, con artist and sting professionals. And the good news is that most governments in the US are so large that there are folks robbing us blind each and every day. 

And I believe what Morris is elaborating on in great depth is that now they have expanded the economy to encompass this thing known as global. Everything is global and international. So now you are faced with not just the home bred thieves but we now have international thieves. But these guys are very bold and do it in the daylight and they don’t wear masks. 

Morris takes you through many phases of corruption. In some cases we have our own former congressmen and former elected officials taking money from foreigners and stroking the pockets of our elected officials to gain monetary windfalls. And in most cases these monetary gains are not good for you or the United States.

Morris discussed the UN and how we throw Billions of dollars at them.  And international thieves just suck that money right up. There is no accounting. There isn’t even an Eric Holder to deny it. 

Foreign investments may be the largest scam. We give charity to our enemies. It is not an investment we actually are paying off their leaders to do what? Who knows? But we don’t see any results from the trillions of dollars that have been paid to these foreign countries.

And in all cases the countries receiving the charity have not improved the poverty levels or human rights of its poor people. 

And Morris also exposes the international organizations that want the US to be part of them. Most people don’t realize that we have the greatest economy. China isn’t even close. Yet these countries want us to give up our sovereignty so that we can be told how to live by their standards. 

And these standards by the way are basically liberal standards that the majority of Americans do not want. So the thieves and liberals want to control your life by giving your rights and your country’s sovereignty to leaders in countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Russia and China.  Where is General Patton when we need him? He didn’t trust the Russians and the Chinese then, and it makes no fiscal sense to trust them today. That is unless you want them to steal from you? 

So Morris as I see it wants us out of the UN, and all these international courts and organizations that don’t give us our fair share of our own sovereignty. He wants us out of any treaties that render to foreigners our rights and revenue. 

And if we are going to give Billions of dollars to countries for social reasons then let’s do it as an actual investment. Build a factory. Build something. It makes more sense to do that then to make the dictator fifthly rich and then they don’t vote in our favor in the UN. They actually vote against us after they take our money. It is time to tell all these blood suckers to take a hike and if the liberals don’t like it, they can move to the country of their choice as long as the dictators let them in. Bring plenty of cash! 

What should be written across the top of the Constitution are some pretty simple thoughts.

First off if you are dealing with large sums of money, don’t. It attracts too many professional thieves. Lawyers and all sorts of formidable thieves come out of the wood work to claim their “fair” share. Is this what Obama envisions as fair share? 

By the way Hillary and Obama seem to be in favor of surrendering our sovereignty to these international thieves. They have the Clinton attitude… Can’t we just get along”? If getting along means paying trillions in jobs and money… tell them to go shovel it. 

So the rule becomes simple. If there is any measure in a bill or law that effects billions of dollars it should not be run by the government. Our government has become too accessible to the crooks. Let’s face it, if you were a crook and you could get away with stealing billions, wouldn’t you line up for a shot?  For your Obama fair share? 

That is why we have fraud in almost all our liberal programs. People are being paid to give out the money. The more they give out the better. It becomes obvious today that the government can not be trusted with our welfare and our money! 

Remember the old Abbot and Costello routine. Abbot gives Lou one dollar. And then he gives himself one dollar. Then says two and gives Lou another dollar. And he gives himself one two more dollars. In other words Abbot took Lou as a fool and stole money from Costello right in front of his face. That’s what the bureaucrats and politicians have done for years. Look at their healthcare and benefits and salaries. How come you can’t buy their healthcare at the same price? 

It is time to start putting all these liberals and crooked bureaucrats and politicians in their place. As my book says, its time for a peaceful revolution to put the money and sovereignty back where it belongs… In the hands of the people! Obama won’t do it. You have to do it. Start electing folks who will at least shrink the government. The more the government grows the more thieves that it attracts, and the more of your money that they steal. And even if you are poor, they steal money from the pot that would actually go to you … That is if you want to get out of the poverty revolving doors? 

Now that’s the statement that should be written across the US Constitution. So stop growing the government and weakening our US sovereignty and giving our hard earned money to thieves! Please vote the liberal Democrats out!  Once and forever!

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