Stop Spreading Fake Heroic and ‘Red Meat’ Stories About Trump

trmpplnThere has been a surge lately of fake stories going around the internet crediting Donald Trump with everything from helping the military to championing Christianity. He has already said quite a few “red meat” statements to appeal to conservatives, so making up more stories seems silly and overkill.

Why are these false stories being spread? Perhaps it is a modern version of folklore, a way of spreading positive information about someone in order to make them into a popular legend. Notably, many of the satire news sites they emerge from just popped up recently, such as Fail Much News, which launched last year and hides behind the legitimate sounding name “Burrard Street Journal.” Do they have ties to the Trump campaign, or is it just another entrepreneur trying to make a buck off of a phenomenon?

Just because a good friend sends you a story over email does not mean it’s trustworthy — most of us have been guilty of not only believing them but then forwarding them to other gullible people who continue the chain. There are certain websites known for posting these types of fake articles; there is a list of the most common ones at the end of  this article. If someone sends you an article over email, with no website to check, please look it up on a site like Snopes which exposes these stories.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest stories that have cropped up portraying Trump as a hero to the right and the alt-right.

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