Students Offended Again

There has been a lot of news coverage of both the University of Missouri and the events that have led to what is happening now, and a video of Yale students going ballistic over Halloween costumes and the naming of a building.
The conflict over Halloween costumes was started when the Intercultural Affairs Committee sent an email telling students to avoid wearing any costume that could offend minority students. No turbans, no blackface, which could be considered culturally insensitive. Whether they were talking about young children or students was not made clear. A member of the faculty, Ms. Christaki, wrote an e mail to the students of the residence where she was an administrator stating that students should be able to wear whatever they want. This email started a firestorm of indignation from Yale students, who believed that free speech and tolerance could not take precedence over hurt feelings or being offended. Black students felt they were being marginalized and couldn’t expend energy to tell others that they were offended and to discuss why.
Ms. Christaki’s husband was forced to endure an encounter on campus with a large group of students who surrounded him and demanded that he apologize. They demanded that Yale was their home, and safe spaces that they were entitled to. Not willing to apologize Mr. Christaki was cursed and it was suggested to him that he should step down. He was told Yale is not an intellectual space, but a safe space created for the students.
This event was on top of a long running contention at Yale that the portion of the college named after John C. Calhoun a member of the class of 1804 and an avowed white supremacist should be renamed.
Also, during the past week, a black woman claims to have been shut out of a party by being told it was a “white girls only” party, an accusation that the Dean Jonathon Holloway took at face value, but has yet to be proven.
In Missouri, Tim Wolfe, University of Missouri president was force to resign because of what was called an inadequate response to alleged racist incidents on the campus. These include someone yelling racial epithets on the campus while driving by a group of blacks, feces being smeared into a Nazi symbol in a residential college bathroom, Confederate flags being flown on a vehicle past where students had gathered to protest. These 150 students standing there watching the truck go by with the Confederate flags flying said they felt “Intimidated.”
One of the main organizers, a group called Concerned Student 1950 has made demands of the University and called for President Wolfe to denounce his “white privilege”, a politically correct fascist definition with no real meaning. President Wolfe may have found himself in positions in the past that he may have handled differently, but trying to convince others that he was guilty of thought crimes is a effort that will not ever reach fruition.
These events have taken place in an atmosphere of racial tension brought upon this country by groups such as “Black Lives Matter” and liberal professors whose intent is to make every student toe the party line of political correctness. The students who fail to follow the proscribed thoughts are there to get an education , not to be coddled and be told whatever happens is someone else’s fault. What is taking place only reinforces the mob mentality that pervades academia today. The tactics being used on today’s college campuses are straight out of the socialist playbook, where small unruly mobs can change the environment for those who want to learn and to think for themselves. All aspects of critical thinking, of talking about differing viewpoints, and even the possibility of agreeing to disagree are no longer taught. It is now easier to be an angry mob, to use those mobs to crush the enemy, to listen to no dissent.
An aspect that I found to be silly was the Concerned Students 1950 put up signs that claimed there was no safe space for reporters. I find it silly because the press is the biggest cheerleaders for groups such as this, How can you require safe spaces without giving it to others? Why mob around the husband of someone who said something you disagreed with and not allow him to have a safe space. This shows that all this talk of safe space is hypocrisy.
I want to be able to talk to these same protesters when they are out of college and in the workforce for about ten years. Will these precious little snowflakes still be offended by every little thing they don’t agree with? I would love to see them walk up to their boss and tell them they are going on strike, and not working until the boss meets the demands they have. They want their work to be a safe space where nothing is ever said or done that offends them. I give them about six months in any job with that type of attitude. Although, I must admit the thug tactics and mob mentality is a perfect fit for the unions, maybe they can become officers for the unions and still feel superior to those who just want to work.

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