Swaggin’ With Trump

I have read a few articles recently that attempt to psychologically analyze Donald Trump and explain what motivated his decision to run for President after several past flirtations. I’m not going to link to them because they’re hit pieces, but that doesn’t mean they don’t contain some insight. Just so you know, I pointed out in one of my first major articles on Trump soon after he announced that he seemed to have a chip on his shoulder related to the fact that he was an outer borough kid who made good but still wasn’t really accepted as part of the wealthy Manhattan set. I also pointed out in at least one article that there was a definite old money vs. new money dynamic going on in why a certain element had a particular disdain for Trump, both observations confirmed by the hit pieces. So if you were in doubt, the old boy does know a little sump’m about sump’m.

But this chip on the shoulder aspect didn’t bother me. In fact, it reassured me that there really was some emotional substance to Trump’s sympathy for the working class and hostility toward some of his own class. Many Trump voters have a collective chip on our shoulder, as well we should. Awake Middle Americans realize that the donor class is selling this country, us, out on trade and immigration, enriching themselves while we live with the consequences. Trump critics say “But Donald Trump is this” or “Donald Trump is that” or “Donald Trump used to be for that,” but these people don’t get it. It’s not about that. Donald Trump is a representation of our collective chip.

Watch the epic Vince McMahon inspired entrance of Donald Trump last night. Note the swagger as he enters the view. Note the swagger as he walks to the mic. That was an outer borough kid with a chip on his shoulder extending the middle finger to the wealthy Manhattan and Palm Beach set that never accepted him as one of their own and to the political and pundit class who said he would never run and could never win. “Hey Manhattan! Hey Palm Beach! Hey political and pundit class! I’m going to be the Republican Party nominee for President! Who’s laughing now?!” And as Trump swaggered out there, his supporters swaggered with him. To all those who look down their nose at us yahoos in Flyover Country, Trump is our collective middle finger. “Hey elites, who’s laughing now?!”

I have tried to point out to Trump critics all along that there is a visceral and aesthetic element going on with the Trump phenomenon that goes beyond policy so policy nit-picking is not going to sway people. Many of them still don’t get it, but those of us who watched that walk out last night and pumped a fist in the air understand better than all the know-it-all pundits and policy bean counters ever will. You tried to knock our chip off, and we punched you in the mouth.

Also published at Time for Trump 2016.

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